100 comments on “SIAMÉS “The Wolf” [Official Animated Music Video]”

  1. Shawn says:

    I think that the fact that the video does not show us if they defeated the wolves is what really gives the message. This video is not a promise of "face your problems, and you will defeat them" but instead an advice that we all should try to face our problems even though we don't actually know if we will succeed by doing so. But, as everyone in the comments has said, we should help one another with our problems in order to truly be able to face them. Note that the girl at the start tried to hit her wolf, but failed and just ran away. They only were able to fight them when they were together, showing that being with other people makes your problems easier to handle.

  2. Gabriel Young says:

    make a animated series plz

  3. Rede Canais says:

    https://youtu.be/vOBoXe5ITVw 1

    https://youtu.be/CsggQpLPPeI 2

    https://youtu.be/oYBDJYwpR0E 3

  4. Carvichu says:

    Never hit a wolf in minecraft

  5. Dano says:

    Wolves are cool


    Loads of symbolism in this. Anyone noticed how the guy pays for his drink in wolf tokens (with the wolves representing problems the characters run away from) or how the girl sits on the corner playing a game where the character is a scared cat (cats being the stereotypical thing wolves or dogs chase after, just like the characters) jumping over obstacles? Sort of how like someone may try to use alcohol to take away their problems, or simulate an easier way of overcoming life's obstacles through a video game to escape life itself. However the problems we refuse to face head on will always end up catching up with us, just like the wolves themselves do.

  7. Laney Ruiz says:

    News flash mf that aint a wolf

  8. Genevieve says:

    One of the things I love about Siames' animations is the combination of very smooth and fluent movements and an angular, hard-lined art style

  9. The Masked Singer says:

    God damn this is awesome. The animation is 👍👍👍

  10. Lobonek says:

    okay si it took me a reaaaly long time to notice this, but i´ll say it anyways

    Now that i have clear that the wolves represent problems i think i understand now why there were more behind the motorcycle guy as time went by, i think that it meant that if you try to run away quickly from your problems they only turn into more and more

  11. Pixlated Pancakes says:

    The first time I saw this
    Me:hmm wonder what this is
    plays song
    Holy shit this is amazing

  12. Jestersarecool N_ says:

    I love the art style and the characters problems and all about this animation is so cool and beautiful!😊

  13. Rory Cannon says:

    Kind of Ironic that I'm watching this video to procrastinate on Homework

  14. Sunset Lemon says:

    You can run from the beast.
    You can hurt the beast.
    You cannot hide from the beast within.

  15. Arpit Kaushal says:

    This makes me wanna go out and run. <3

  16. Arpit Kaushal says:

    Making of the video – https://vimeo.com/214935833

  17. p0ppy penguin says:

    1:08 egg mayo egg mayo egg mayo egg mayo egg egg egg

  18. Moonwolf says:

    Some serious Heavy Metal vibes going on up in there, great animation!

  19. Dead Bone says:

    This is beautifully animated

  20. LeBlanc says:

    Idk why but the chorus reminds me of a very sad event.

  21. Anonymous Anonymous says:

    I think the motorbike dude had some serious shit going on in his life for that many wolves to be after him

  22. The Hokage says:

    When the wolf broke the guys bike this man said YEET

  23. ReModer Remi says:

    спс за музон!

  24. HP ND says:

    Please a round of applause by that I mean like the video

  25. Anima Series says:

    This is Awesome

  26. ElBoboMan says:

    This is why people are afraid of the dark

  27. poco- brawl stars says:

    Wowww im like this music 😉

  28. Adelina Xu says:

    it funny how the wolf breaks half of the wall and the wolf bar sign is llike STILL WORKING AND UNBREAKABLE

  29. Bolivar Cisneros says:

    I m a GIRLcan u make me in that versión with long hair

  30. Flowerpatch 343 says:

    Damn dat animation doh

  31. SuperNate G says:


  32. SuperNate G says:


  33. fudge lee says:

    Just waiting for that one guy to post lyrics in the comments.

    It's been two years, nearly three. Only two more months and it'll be three years.

  34. Twox says:

    I suddenly have tears in my eyes

  35. MusicOnGamer Official says:

    this place where the car blow reminds me the GTA San Andreas beach side

  36. Pixlated Pancakes says:

    Imagine this song over a minecraft battle royal vid

  37. Cneq says:

    fucking hell that is some good animation

  38. Isabella Hardy says:

    OoOoOo SpIdEr WoLf PeOpLe Lmao

  39. Lie Maker says:

    Not too close, not too Far . The tour is comming

  40. Zach gameing says:

    My sister made me

  41. Zach gameing says:

    My sister made me

  42. Lunar Night says:

    Am I the only one thinking the wolves are like grim reapers of sorts, coming to get each of them but they are running away to try and live a little bit longer and enjoy their life?

  43. Haunany Hádma says:

    Musica perfeita

  44. Inn Daydem says:

    This kind of reminds me of the opening of GTO, I LOVE IT!! 🖤

  45. Jefferson Le says:


  46. SilentMaggot says:

    well rip those guys lol

  47. MysteryAnimations YT says:

    Brought to you by hitting a dog in minecraft

    Edit: wolf to… wolf with a million babies?

  48. PAIN -NAGATO says:

    Me enamoro esta cansion

  49. Starbyt the Doodler says:

    i feel like wolves are the people’s problems, like alcoholism and cigarette abuse..? and that they’re easier to deal with when you have help from others? either way this art style is the one true god in this world

  50. Elly says:

    This deserves more appreciation.

  51. Teal- Girl010 says:

    When you accidentaly hit your friend
    His 100 wolves:

  52. Álvaro LH says:

    1:48 I am the only one who thought of the demon boar in princess mononoke??

  53. Soldat Daniels says:

    There's so much to take from this. And that. Is beautiful. Kudos to you guys. This video's earned it's popularity.

  54. Soda Squid says:

    If you keep running from your problems, they'll only get worse… they'll turn into the demon boar monster from princess mononoke!

  55. Andromeva says:

    I can't help but hear the background at 00:00 go "één tegen één tegen één tegen één …"
    Which would be Dutch for "one against one against one …"
    It's probably my mind just filling stuff in but it's pretty cool!

  56. 《Blueberry Lollipop》 says:

    I love this music because my favorite animal is a wolf

  57. Bald Martin69 says:

    0:48 – 1:28 YES

  58. Arpit Kaushal says:

    Do you know what is this kind of animation called? What should I search for to get clips of this kind?
    Can someone please make a playlist of such videos on YT? Thanks.

  59. Tatiana Frolund says:

    I luuvvveee thiiiissssssss

  60. Orlando Pena says:

    Man you guys need to make more music this is so good

  61. Chance Lucky says:

    It’s very cool!

  62. Esteban Lara says:

    Es una súper canción!

  63. Rosangel Aquino says:

    I can't stop listening to this song, I love it ♡♡

  64. Amber Animations says:

    This looks like the kind of animation that would be on adult swim.

  65. Blake Mills says:

    When you watch the ring and your times up

  66. TheAdvertisement says:

    I think “Out of my head, my heart, and my mind.” Is a metaphor for how if you’re addicted to something you become someone else. You’re out of your own head and just give in to your urges. You’re being controlled by chemicals, not yourself.

  67. Ic3B3ar says:

    so wait if the song is about facing your problems and not running away from it, what is the motorbike guy's problem? 1st guy has a drinking problem, girl has a smoking/phone addiction(lol so me tho, haha kill me) then what is the motorbike guy's problem?

  68. ༺Fresy XD༻ says:


  69. Delpover says:

    Хочу продолжение этой истории

  70. Carl Playman says:

    What we all used to imagine as kids during car rides

  71. One running says:

    series when

  72. 2Kids Gaming says:

    Am I the only one who hears EGG MAN at the begging?

  73. Hurricane says:

    I thought that by now the police would’ve pulled him over and asked if he knew how fast he was going

  74. ThatQaz says:

    s a k u g a

  75. legend says:

    Song's way better at 1.25

  76. coleslah says:

    I swear ive heard this song on Flipnote like 6 years ago

  77. deni saputra says:

    when you hit a wolf in minecraft :

  78. Dead Bone says:

    19k dislikes pfffff

    Those must be wolves

  79. hugo sanchez says:

    adoro suas produções!!

  80. El Mapache says:

    Each and every day
    Hiding from the sunshine
    Wandering in the shade
    Not too old, not too young

    Every night again
    Dancing with the moonlight
    Somewhere far away
    I can hear your call

    I'm out of my head
    Of my heart and my mind
    'Cause you can run but you can't hide
    I'm gonna make you mine

    Out of my head
    Of my heart and my mind
    'Cause I can feel how your flesh now
    Is crying out for more

    Ain't no fairytale
    What I see in your eyes
    Awaiting your mistake
    Not too close, not too far

    Sneaking in the pain
    Every truth becomes lie
    I won't trust myself
    Once I hear your call

    I'm out of my head
    Of my heart and my mind
    'Cause you can run but you can't hide
    I'm gonna make you mine

    Out of my head
    Of my heart and my mind
    'Cause I can feel how your flesh now
    Is crying out for more

    I'm out of my head
    Of my heart and my mind
    Out of my head
    Of my heart and my mind

    I'm out of my head
    Of my heart and my mind
    'Cause you can run but you can't hide
    I'm gonna make you mine

    Out of my head
    Of my heart and my mind
    'Cause I can feel how your flesh now
    Is crying out for more

  81. Purple Darth says:

    We can overcome the wolf!

  82. Michael Atorn says:

    i have to write on my software for tomorrow, but this video is so fucking addicting.

  83. Atom says:

    The wolf represents addiction alcohol smoking and worst of all….riding a bike without a helmet

  84. Rainbows Dicks says:

    when finally spotify recommended me something REALLY GOOD

  85. tsundere gacha says:

    Verry good 👌👍

  86. MegaStone2000 says:

    In my opinion, this song is a wolf, because listing to it is an addiction!

  87. Akashi Demaria says:

    a song for the mentally insane no wonder I love it

  88. Maximiliano Cecilia says:

    sorry for my english: I thing "the wolf" means your
    thoughts, darkness and horribles ones(traumas, fears,problems…). When you try to shut them up(with alochol and some smoke), they appear with his claws and fangs, searching you. Run, jump or drive represents the magnitude of your negation. The video dont tell us-: "you can defeat the wolves" or "the team power", only show us a tall boy,
    sacrificing his bike to save oldman and dying in the fight, with tears in his eyes…magnificent!!

  89. sonic meerkat says:

    man though the animation of this is so insane, just the fluidity of the movement and the striking angles, actually difficult to turn away from the screen.

  90. smolesh bean says:

    We all need that "motorcycle guy" in our life but what we don't realize is that "motorcycle guy" also needs his own "motorcycle guy"

  91. vani stable says:

    Beste alter

  92. BarkingJester says:

    Made a theory a while back, basically just repeating what everyone else was saying about escapes and vices. But I saw another video recently using this song that sorta shifted my perspective. Not so much a theory and more just a thought.
    Picture: The song isn't sung from the view of two people, but is just one person who's abusive/manipulative, and can't stop. They won't stop. They're angry about their victim not following their every whim and command, and it's starting to show. They believe that their victim will want to bend to them and belong to them, whether they actually want to or not.
    The video on the other hand, is from the perspective of three of these victims. The biker's wolves are former friends and famil throughout his life who've manipulated or abused him on some level; there are many, but while they keep chasing him they can't quite catch up until the end. The drinking man's wolf is perhaps an ex-lover, or a boss, or maybe even a debtor; strong enough to push past all obstacles and appearing seemingly straight from the shadows to persue him. The smoker girl's wolf might be a parent, or other family member; the control over it's physical form, especially after she tries to fight back, seems to suggest that this wolf has the most power over their victim's perception and the constant close misses of the wolf's grab seems to suggest that the girl is barely avoiding some kind of punishment for her "insolence" too.
    The end is the classic "face our problems together and we might make it out alive" scenario

  93. 〘 LT〙EnchantedDiamond [TSDA] LCX says:

    the 19k dislikes are the wolves that failed to kill the people in the vid x3

  94. T-Rex Lol says:

    This is like people battling an addiction and them getting chased by the wolves is like them seeing how bad it is and the wolves show how dangerous it is by continuously chasing them and trying to kill them and the guy falling of the motorcycle is like when you are drinking and driving and how dangerous it can be

  95. 05-8 says:

    Un the girl its like fighting “you can run but you cant hide un Gonna make you mine “ her cant win cancer

  96. Braden Walker says:

    Face it head on and solve it..
    Head on…

    Solve it…

  97. sch1zophren1c :3 says:

    вот он точно в цирке не выступает

  98. simon maina says:

    its like the girl rehearsed it

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