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(lively rock music) – Hey guys welcome back
to Marketing Food Online. It’s Damian and today we
are going to talk about the top five small business grants for women owned businesses. And if you’re looking to
get into a food business, there are a handful of
fantastic grant programs for women based, women
owned small food businesses. So let’s get started. (lively rock music) Alright guys. Okay so this podcast I’m gonna get into. I’ve had a few ladies who are subscribers to our YouTube channel. They had requested some information about how to get certain loans or grants to fund their business. And I came across some
really great resources. So I thought I’d share that with you for women owned food businesses. Actually, just businesses in general. Of course we always talk
about food businesses here on Marketing Food Online. And really quick, if you
guys are not subscribed to our channel or our podcast, please do feel free to subscribe. We’ve got hundreds of
videos and tons of podcasts with great information on how
to start your food business. So what I’ma do is, I’m gonna
cover five of these programs. And again, they are for
women owned businesses. If you’re looking to start a business or if you have a small
business and want to expand it, these resources are also great. And what I’ll do is once I recap these, I’ll put them down in
the description below with the names of them
so you can check them out on your own time even more and get more in depth
information from each website. So number one. This is a wonderful database. A resource database
website called It’s a database of
federally sponsored grants. Including grants for small businesses, if you’re just starting out. If it’s maybe a small business that’s just getting up and running, but you’re looking for additional funds to expand the business. Now to apply you must
obtain a DUNS number, which is a Dun and Bradstreet numbers for your businesses. It’s a unique nine digit
identification number. Registered to do business
with the U.S. government through its system reward
management website, which is actually the And again, I’ll have that link down below. And then what you can do
in order to view the grants specifically for small business,
you just use the filter. Filter out the results on the left side of the
page, under eligibility. And that way you can
locate specifically grants and loan information in regards
to women based businesses. That’s one. Number two is the SBA. Small Business Association
actually facilitates two competitive grant programs, which provides grants
to small business owners that contribute to federal
research or development. Now this is something that may be… We have several of them that fall under the Department of Agriculture. So if it is a food
related type of business this could actually
still be applied for you. Its the Small Business Innovation Research and Small Business Technology program. So if you’ve got an
idea for a food product, potentially that would fall into the Department of Agriculture, this would be a good one for
you to take a look at, okay. Now our third one we
have is really unique. It was actually launched, if I remember right it was around 2014. The entrepreneur her
name was Sophia Amoruso. And it’s actually called
the Girl Boss Foundation. Which actually awards grants twice a year to female entrepreneurs. Each grant recipient
actually will get funding of $15,000 for these grants. Now the grants are exclusive to specifically female business owners who either work in a variety of fields. And you’ll hopefully check that out when I give you the link down below. There’s a huge list of them. Selections are judged by
creativity, kind of innovation, and things that are kind of
thinking outside the box, really creative ideas. And then you basically apply for that. And again, with two of them
being issued every year, 15 grand is quite a bit of money to help a small food
business get up and running. Now there are some federal
small business grants. Which are kind of limited
based upon the budgets. The federal grants are kind of limited in the number and the amount of them that they have available each year, but that does not mean that
you should not apply for them. And where can you apply for them? Well, the SBA sponsors about
a hundred of these centers. They’re known as Women’s Business Centers and they’re nationwide. And they’re actually designed to help women entrepreneurs with business development and such. There are, if I’m not mistaken there’s a couple of them in each state. And then there’s a couple of states that don’t have them just yet. And in these centers
you can actually apply for these SBA loans. And they’re based on
local, small businesses that start up from scratch
in the small communities. But they do lend money directly. Each center kind of helps
you find business grants and loans, but they’ll work with you. If you’re not familiar of where to search or look, they will actually help you out. It doesn’t cost anything,
its a free service. And of course when you get the loan, if it has interest or
anything like that sorts, that’s different. But the resource itself to help you is government funded, so
its a free SBA program. Now the other one is the last one. Every state in many
cities have what’s called an Economic Development Resource, okay. So what it is, its a program that helps to focus on strengthening local economies in certain cities or certain communities. For example, California
has several of these Economic Development Districts. And they actually set them up based on a district, so it’s a specified area. You would definitely want
to check in your own area, own town that has it. But you can go online, and again I’ll have some links down below. And it’s known as the Economic
Development Administration. And depending upon where you are they offer financing,
they offer tutorials, programs, classes, and that type of thing to help small business
not only get funding, but it will help women
entrepreneurs understand the world of entrepreneurship. And then also there’s some mentorships. There’s some women
who’ve started businesses who’ve become successful who
help you along the way too. So these Economic
Development Administration are fantastic for
helping women get a grasp and understanding of small business. So one of the things that
you want to keep in mind when you’re looking for funding. It always sounds good to fund it yourself. From my own perspective
and my own experiences, if you can do it in an intelligent way. Not that I did it in an unintelligent way, I could have done a little
bit more research on my part, but I funded it myself. Our business is growing and
it’s doing very well now, but there were some really kind of big bumps in the
road when I first started. And if I can help you avoid that, I would definitely say contact
some of these organizations and these groups because they really do have a lot of people who have
experience and who can say, you know what that may
not be the best thing. This may be the best thing. Getting funding, getting
grants and things sounds great. And of course, it’s always
good to get some assistance from the government with
these great programs. But definitely look at
all the different aspects. Contact these organizations. And a lot of times like I said, the mentorship is really great because connecting yourself with someone maybe who’s already been
in the food business, let’s say and that’s your passion. Finding a women entrepreneur
who you can partner with and they can help you
understand the hurdles that you got to jump over and the things you got to
do is really priceless. And if you’re able to get that for free, advice and information, like
with offer here on YouTube with our channel. Every bit of information helps and I would definitely
recommend you do that, go that route instead. It’s gonna save you a lot of headaches, it’s gonna save you a
lot of time and energy, and of course money. But check out these
five different programs. I’ve got five other ones that I’m gonna do on a separate podcast. Because I’m actually gonna
give you some more details about them in depth. And they’re fantastic grant programs. And I’ll have another podcast and I’ll link that up soon shortly to this so you can simply
just watch the next one. So with that being said,
I hope that those five kind of give you a good
idea of what’s available. Again, I’ll give you the links that allow you to delve a little deeper, dig a little deeper into
the programs yourself. And spend some time looking into them. They are great ways to fund your business. Especially if you’re starting from home, starting from scratch and you’ve got a small up and running, that’s a great way to start. So with that being said, I
hope this was very helpful. If it was can you give me a big thumbs up. And again, if you know
someone a friend or a family who can benefit from our YouTube channel, as always please do share
our information with them. And if you get an opportunity there is a fantastic program
that we have available on And that program is a
email consulting program. It’s a one on one program. So if you need help, kind
of helping you get through the idea of starting a business and such we have several different
types to choose from depending on the type of food business that you’re looking to do. And you can check those out
in the links down below. So I’ll see you guys on the next video or on the next podcast, take care. (lively rock music)

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