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We both were in former disaster services. I was an emergency manager and she was Red Cross. You deal with damage and destruction all the time One of these trucks come driving through my neighborhood one day and I said you know it’s time to lighten things up a little bit. And I was standing there going huh that’s interesting and he was going This is so cool! This is so cool! He actually got in the truck that night and finished their route with them and within two weeks we owned the franchise. Kona Ice is a shaved ice franchise. Flavors, fun, music, lights. We do all kinds of events. We have about 40 flavors from blue raspberry to wedding cake and then we have some more little Kona knickknacks. We’ve got slap bracelets and we’ve got leis. It’s just fun! We started out with one truck. We quickly added the second truck with Navy Federal’s help. Phone calls coming in, booking events. The next year we added the third truck and then this year we’ve added the fourth truck. We were shopping around looking at loans and looking at different options and we reached out to John Hopkins with Navy Federal and interest rate was great the terms were great we were happy. Working disasters and working emergency management situations we were always up always going, and really a small business and not that much different because you’re always thinking of things. You know, what can I do? How can I do this better? How can I do that and trying to find that balance. When do I step back a little bit let my people do it? Some of the work that we do with some of our nonprofits is really rewarding. We support a lot of different local charities in and around the area. We’ve led lives of service being part of disaster service and when we saw the franchise had that as an aspect of it, it gave us the opportunity to be part of our new community and still being able to give back.

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