Small loans, big difference – Robert’s Story

Because I had worked my whole life,I guess I never thought
I’d ever be in the position
of…of being where I was.My name is Robert Whitton
and I’m from Pascoe Vale.
I got to a point where, you know,after a long-term relationship
and that breaking down,
I walked away from the house
with virtually my clothes and a car.
Then I thought, “Well, I’ll get
an apartment somewhere,”
then found that I couldn’t
get anywhere, you know?
So then I started to look around,and I had five moves in seven months
and it was very, very difficult.
I thought,
“Well, where to next, you know?”
And then this apartment
that I was lucky enough to get
comes on the scene.The money had run out.I had the apartment to go to,
but had no furniture.
You know, how do I put anything in
there? Even like a bed, anything.
Nothing, you know? I had nothing.So I had to find a way,and through just luck
more than anything,
I got onto a group
called HomeGround,
and they put me in touch
with Good Money.
I was embarrassed, sort of down.Didn’t really want to ask.I nearly had to be prompted
for the questions.
But the help and assistanceGood Shepherd Microfinance show you
as you walk in the door was just…
..I found it quite amazing,
you know?
It wasn’t just the loan.
It was they cared.
For me, the washing machine
and the fridge were the two items
that I thought were
the priority items to get started.
It’s an enormous relief
to think you can buy food
and you can fill it up, put whatever
you like in it and it will last,
and you know that straightaway –as soon as you’ve got
the fridge there,
you know you can move forward.I was quite amazed what these
organisations have made available,
you know, for people like myself.Even though it seems a small amount,$1,200 at that time
is an amazing amount of money.
So it does give you
a feeling of worth.
Once you get that place
and you start to put, you know,
fridges and washing machines
and things like that in it
and you start to move forward,there is a future, you know?There is a future.

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