Small loans, big difference – Tracey’s Story

You can’t just, you know, lift
your whole life and your children
and move somewhereand then have no other way to keep
striving for what you want to do,
so I had to just find a way,and NILS was the way for me.My name is Tracey Milthorpe and
I’m from Corowa, New South Wales.
I was doing part-time work
with the boys to try and raise them
and I didn’t want the sort of
stopping and starting all the time
of doing basic jobs just to get by.I wanted something hands-on,a trade, basically,and for me, electrical was
one of those trades.
I looked up TAFE
and contacted GOTAFE.
They said they had
a pre-apprenticeship,
which was six months.It wasn’t till probably
a month or two into the course
that I found out the fees were gonna
be as high as what they were.
I nearly went to water, because
I thought that was it for me,
I wasn’t gonna be able to do
the course at all,
and it was something
that I’d pushed.
I’d moved my children,
my whole life,
over to Wangaratta
basically to do this course,
and it was a bit crushing.So then I spoke to
the student adviser there
and she put me onto, basically, the
NILS, the No Interest Loan Scheme,
to go and get some help,because I didn’t have that amount
of money just sitting in the bank.
I went home and gave them a calland I just filled out
a couple of forms
and just told them a little bit
about basically what I was getting
and why it was
that I wanted the loan,
and within the week, I had
a cheque basically for the TAFE,
and I took it in
and my fees were paid.
So that was a relief.It took a lot of stress
away from me,
and knowing that
when I paid that loan off,
I wasn’t going to be very far
out of pocket,
I wasn’t going to be struggling
to still raise the boys.
It wasn’t going to be a stress
for me because it was so reasonable.
I didn’t know there was anything
available like that,
and that’s the big thing
I think that people need to know,
that that’s out here
and you can get help.
I love my job. I love what I do.There are moments where
my stomach turns and I think,
“Am I really going to be able
to do that?”
But I can and I know I can.I have the support behind me.
Good workplace, good workmates.
Great TAFE teachers.Everything that I need
to get where I need to go.
I’m only halfway through
my apprenticeship,
and when I’m done,
the world’s gonna be my oyster.

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