Smash & Grab thieves steal empty ATM

all right Hank another day another smash-and-grab destroying a storefront here in Metro Detroit there’s the latest this one was in Warren at the corner party store near nine mile and Hoover and as you can see in the video there’s extensive damage to the store as Nick Monacelli reports the thieves walked away with nothing good evening you normally wouldn’t be able to see you right through here there was a half wall and some nice windows with signs all over but all of that obviously is gone they’re working on a temporary fix in the meantime and over here you can see the bolts or the ATM used to be on a picture and all this is that the owners of this party store we’re already thinking about doing something to prevent something like this from happening immediately when I go to jail for this frustration narrowly describes our owners and brothers Tom and Nick Salem are feeling after three men busted through the front of their party store and every second of it you see that white car there that’s another one that’s a getaway car was caught on camera at 4:40 a.m. the thieves used a stolen pickup truck crashing through the front window trying to steal money from the ATM but knowing it’s a hot target Nick and Tom already emptied it they see the box the money box is not there if they pulled it they look each other Oh Dumb and Dumber they got away with nothing but the damage they made it’s it’s too much and to make matters worse they were days away from having large cement pillars installed to deter break-ins like this I know it’s coming but thieves left behind the stolen pickup truck and left Tom and Nick with at least $20,000 in repairs do you have to I mean it’s a little if it’s a living that’s how I live in you know it’s a job so no you can’t just give up now I did talk to the Warren Police Department this afternoon and the Commissioner tells me that they are working on this as fast as they can’t effect they know this is a major problem not just in war but all throughout Metro Detroit they’re gonna get some Police Department’s working together on this to try to catch these guys in Warren Nick Monacelli local 4

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