So I installed a mod for Half-Life 2… – “Research and Development”

so this is the first we’re actually playing something half decent for once yeah this this one mod of the Year award so should be good oh that’s it wait so I was just hiding in the corner like a bitch oh man this is a player character I can get behind specimen ginger radiation treatment is no taboo side effects decreased body weight plus fire retardant retardant carapace not retarded oh I didn’t expect to be able to pick this up oh my oh wow not only is it fire retarded but it can also magically put out fires meat it’s retardant in repellent hey I’m also retarded in repellent we have so much in common research and development everyone welcome to nerds do not feed the animals thank you think I’ll fit right in oh ha neat oh oh that an lines gonna try and how he’s just fucking off okay specimen analyst must carry for a moon plots oh hey bug balls swayed fuck him up fuck him up yeah we did it bug friend okay Nita hey friend what are we doing okay it’s a fun ride for me and my bug friend like the father Nana had special oh yes good bug friend oh you know what replace the know what happens why is he on fire rest in peace bug number two here be remembered it’s not gonna fall oh yes I avenged my bug friend hmm zero-point energy cells must be stored in a radiation shooting device but Neeta okay this looks confusing or five six seven [Music] one two two six nine or I’m sorry can we try that again two six nine four oh wait what 4 9 6 2 added backwards I headed back I’m not done I just heard it backwards my fault okay we were pretty ooh hey guys today we’re going to be putting a zero point energy cell in a microwave and filming what happens I’m gonna hit the like button subscribe okay I didn’t expect it to explode quite as violently as it did three I am here and I’m hot three more hours of stream is that how long this mutt is it’s how long you’re gonna make it rude absolutely right you’re probably not wrong though okay let’s let’s try this again right away stand next to these these will protect me look good the can of flammable gas protected us oh it’s still good remember to Like comment and subscribe to see more microwave experiments like this one what the fuck what but why isn’t this exploding this isn’t good YouTube content oh shit explode already explode please oh whoa it did its job but I didn’t get to see any of it that kind of fucking sucks I might have to scrap this YouTube video hey guys what’s up oh my eye drops danger high voltage don’t know what this does nothing apparently a longer power cable it needs to be longer but how do I make it longer maybe behind the crates I’ll give it a look not seeing much I think it’s maybe how do i how do I make the water level high enough where does this leave me up to nothingness brilliant put the crates in the water do you think that’ll raise the water level possible and give it a shot I don’t feel like I’m much closer to reaching our goal just don’t don’t pay me any attention ah god damn it I think we might actually be know enough we’re not getting any closer do I go throw the plug off to the silent or each oh it will fuck me I’m dumb I thought I had to raise the water level but no more cool experiments no matter all I could comment and subscribe oh oh oh it’s still yeah the water I didn’t I didn’t I’m flicking before I tried to walk into the water Joely really are smart hashtags sarcasm yeah you didn’t have to include the hashtag sarcasm there for me to meet understand you’re being sarcastic okay boys I’m fine I’m fine I I wasn’t scared don’t shit on my fun come on are you okay thank you zombie I know it just thinking don’t walk towards the red barrels is is what I was gonna say bit late now this does any of this do anything okay this is really pretty but I don’t know what it does what happens if I oh okay so I got the Blues right up to a point blue blue orange this is my type of puzzle see if if a small child could figure it out I can figure it out oh no we have to do another one and this is like like when you went to one of those like we had science places and they had all those cat sometimes I dream about cheese feeling smarter yet yeah I feel real smart like I just killed a small innocent animal it’s goddamn it look here we go oh oh I wanted to pick up the gun but the cat the cat will do like to order pick up the cat okay I can’t take that I got the colored lease right let’s go let’s go kitty what and where we go Oh more great adventures crispy the cat perfect name for him waiting my cat go nor fuck ah I just named him I just met everything I love dies and goes away where’s my bug friend I want him back acid test well level two huh am I really only on level two Oh No how much more of this is there okay that’s that’s a pretty neat acronym I like that one much less force to the Nerds was bullets and forwards we go hey guys thank god that’s a blooper boss really conveniently-placed hey oh ha fucking idiot I can’t even being stupid she’ll makes me feel less stupid oh don’t do that that’s very problematic for me oh ah oh no no no ah he was not as dumb as at first thought he was yeah that goes over there yeah bad zombies No and I’m taking away your toys no need to get angry now I actually brought that that one closer to my face okay there are a lot more than I thought they were just stop stop stop stop stop stop stop stop with the grenades ah yeah no that I wasn’t so having that one which state for fuck’s sake okay and he was drop this grenade and just grenades going everywhere grenades coming out my butthole think what I’m supposed to do somehow get that to explode but now okay I just throw shit right Oh slow down too fast stop oh oh right convenient click ok to upload and printed data termite resist net server sure buddy please wait oh hey I thought something bad would happen message from resistor net – it’s kinda scary coming gunship take it down ok – oh yeah I think the laptop might be sentient can’t believe my webcams eyes the one resilient boss Dave okay I know I’m supposed to be reading this but what the fuck is going on over here okay I’m not about to get shot at no I can’t can read this looks like your looks like the hunt chopper it’s using smart bombs too okay it’s the door open no oh no not another puzzle [Music] not even breaking a sweat just first try first try I can’t say that straight-faced escape velocity well that level was kind of short guess it’s because it didn’t involve puzzles and I can fuck up a thousand times okay there we go okay I every other thing has been rather straightforward that was some Rube Goldberg fucking machine bullshit that was ridiculous okay I know what I’m gonna do I don’t feel like that should have done that but I’m not going to complain interesting interesting physics at work also there’s a card over there with flames on it I’m gonna go have a look at that evacuation improvised self-constructed rotary action tactical offensive over Eviscerator it’s a fucking card with flames on the side of it I’ll the combine run by small children what okay can i let’s drive no I guess I have to assemble it right okay there we go like a glove sweet commercial it should help nice yes look at my baby she is beautiful uh he is beautiful mr. Ellie it’s a man how do i oh boy oh boy it’s now a good time to tell everyone that I never learned how to drive all the controls are inverted Oh No here we go bullets Oh God this way hello we go nope not that way backwards sorry headcrab zombie [Music] yep nope we good we good – look right left right stop I may have fucked up a tiny bit shits away we go oh shit oh hello don’t mind me oh shit Sten click gate closes automatically I think I can take these guys out go mr. wheelie win fight kill aah let’s go one for Australia get fucked oh yeah come on I’ll get a goal eventually the hole is right there oh this is fourth-grade soccer all over again some reason I was always picked as the goalie just because I was fat but I was also shit at scoring goals a victory yeah all right I think it’s it’s time to say goodbye mr. Willy mr. Willy hey I enjoyed the time I spent with you oh wait this isn’t the end oh all our adventure has just begun I don’t think I should be given this power considering how shit I’ve been at driving so far up it we must go faster now we have all the speed we could ever want speed fuck yeah away we go oh oh oh you’re no match for my car okay okay hey buddy surprise oh shit yes suck my dick come on up up and away oh no mr. Ellie you’re on fire no oh no that’s the end [Music] yeah yay oh what a happy ending driving off into the sunset it couldn’t end any better anyway No what’s the helicopter doing oh shit that was absolutely great legitimately really this is the best motive ever played I mean that sincerely look there’s any porn of Striders I should look that up later one exists it’s even better it’s gay straight up porn and there’s a little Gordon Freeman down in the bottom corner being like question mark oh that’s Wow I’m so glad I do with that the fuck you Pixies shit god damn it [Music]

100 comments on “So I installed a mod for Half-Life 2… – “Research and Development””

  1. A Jolly Wangcore says:

    I know this isn't my "normal" type of mod video but I enjoyed this too much not to feature.

    It's honestly one of the best mods I've played. I strongly recommend it if you're looking for something fun and portal-esque to play.

  2. 3hard_Lemon says:

    12:59 No. ABSOLUTELY NO!

  3. Eclipse Beats says:

    4:41 epic voice crack jolly ;P

  4. El autismo retardio says:

    I like my Jews how I like that cat

  5. Shy Abi says:

    11:48 PCs have feelings you know?

  6. Shy Abi says:


  7. Sleelan says:

    I want to see you play Portal 2

  8. Scumbagpat 320 says:

    I love your voice no homo.

  9. Монта Жоп says:

    Nice mod man. Thx))

  10. NieogarniętyCzłowiek says:

    happy bug noises

  11. Fattie says:

    Half decent “drum noises”
    Get it half life

  12. Pennapaporn Koo says:

    6:42 read this and pause

  13. The Mooshroom says:

    Now we need a mod of half life 2 episode 3

  14. Dot. says:

    99% of jolly's streams are people being concerned about his intelligence lol

  15. Jango Yifftail says:

    fights giant bugs "Score one for Australia." Yeah, that sounds like an accurate representation of Australia to me. lolz

  16. Problems says:

    10:20 civilian_hurt.mp3

  17. guy with fence says:

    “I like this bug friend.”
    a second later
    “No! Why is my bug friend on fire?”

  18. BalticBlin YT says:

    So bad mods and good mods are the same I guess

  19. UMBRELLA CORP. says:

    Rip crispy the cat

    Press F to pay respects

  20. DEVGRU bois says:

    Can we get an F for crispy

  21. GamersOnVideos says:

    this mod is amazing.

  22. Tristen Arctician says:

    Ay het teh leki betton and subscreeebed

  23. dacharalover alsofrisk says:

    Bottom right 18:38 that zombie will crawl all the way

  24. Michael kinney says:

    Hmmmmm, would hat mean a strider fires kidney stones for bullets and urine for the laser? 🤔

  25. Níðhöggr says:

    R.I.P Crispy The Cat he was always warm like charcoal

  26. Tom Hall says:

    Crying with laughter over crispy the cat, breathing was a serious issue during that. Well done you!

  27. N Roberty says:

    "I wonder if theirs any porn of striders, I should look that up later."
    valve wants to know your location

  28. Alan Decowski says:

    One of the folders on the laptop is MS Paint crack and keygen

  29. Tanner Lilley says:

    Mr Whirley is literally a Citicar on Meth…I like it

  30. deqnq says:

    I've seen desinc being smarter than you

  31. DaFish 28th says:

    We Need- NO ! I NEED a Survival mod( or adventure shit like that ) in Half Life universes with no connection at all toward all this main story, just normal random people in the world who just caught up in that apocalypse and trying his/her best to survive…

  32. Austin Slaughter says:

    Gay strider half life porn? That's so bad, you can't even blame furries for it.

  33. Vanilla Salt says:

    barely touching the…FUCK YOU . PIECE OF SHIT….🤣🤣🤣

  34. 89BlackGatomon says:

    What a funny adventure. Amazing mod and brilliant comments

  35. Baron says:

    I am so glad this was on my recommended page, I subbed 🔥👌

  36. MR. Noob says:

    RIP bug friend number uhh 2?

  37. Bucketroo says:

    Mr. Whirly is awesome!

  38. adirty brick says:

    Is this half life 3?

  39. Daire Smith says:

    "I didn't unflick the button."

  40. Crispy says:

    Since when did I became a cat of yours? :<

  41. Evan Jay99 says:

    Is it bad I’m making mac & cheese while watching this?

  42. MslanggamGT says:

    R U seeeing wut im seeeing. The crawling zombie followed until the end.

  43. MslanggamGT says:

    18:40 so creepy.. man he just crawls.

  44. Gavin Dillon says:

    Mr. Whirly forever

  45. illegal memes son says:

    this just reminds me of the batesee

  46. d0ugl4s_m0 says:

    I'm SO disappointed that you missed the message posted on the Antlion's cage. HER name was Brenda. And it's HILARIOUS. …and she will be missed.

  47. Relaxing Nature Squad says:

    Fuk I played this one too

  48. Generic User says:

    "everything I love dies and goes away"
    Looks like he doesn't love us fans. 🙁

  49. Tímea Medveczki says:

    3:52 when the popcorn is left in
    The microwave for too long

  50. king_ gaming says:


  51. Saäf says:

    The sheer intellect dipicted in this video is too much for me to handle

  52. erik kästner says:

    is your name "jolly wanker!!"" ??

  53. Marine Rusher says:

    this is probably a reference to the cat conversation in half life 2
    or im not getting it

  54. Asriel Dreemurr says:

    A very exciting while For Jolly, 17:58

  55. R M says:

    This game was golden, I don't know why noone played it I only tried the one that runs on goldsource and it was great.

  56. Artjoms Pugacovs says:

    Your comentary is very stupid. Thx there is mute option.

  57. AA L says:

    Mr whirly mvp

  58. sky Line says:

    Gay porn with the striders! clap clap clap only on twitch channel "Joly Wangcore!" The best twitch channel in universe!

  59. Pea - Nut says:

    16:49 Epic Victory Royale.

  60. Greg Recovski says:

    Stop-Stopstopstopstopstop-stopstop-stopstop. Are you lewis Hamiltons engineer ?

  61. Kekistan Shitlord says:

    Plays good HL2 mod,

  62. Erik Gerwik says:

    Kinda gets me mad how f*cked up and rude the twitch chat is to you, don’t let those people get to you.

  63. Al1K 667 says:

    1:37 )

  64. TcheQ _ says:

    An ending a million times better than the original Half-life/2

  65. Gordon says:

    Guess it makes sense that ‘Research And Development’ is pretty RAD.

  66. Maxi Mal says:

    That's R.A.D

  67. NPC 001 says:

    12:11 Laptop: "Shit!!!"

  68. jm2204355 says:

    jolly trying to think

  69. Fragaholik says:

    N E D M

  70. G0Z FANゴーズのファン says:


  71. Bria Weber says:


  72. James Robertson says:


  73. Tylerkmoore1 says:

    Half-life? More like Half-Decent:Mod

  74. M5 production says:


    Fuck MAN?

  75. Comrade Paladin says:

    E X P L O S huh I V E S

  76. WgoodT - with good taste says:

    "Crispy the cat" LMAO.

  77. RAZE says:

    R.I.P Bug Friend

  78. 1ochotnik says:

    That jumping from wagon to wagon reminded me of train level (Ord Mantell junkyard) in SW: Shadows of The Empire (although the trains were moving way faster in Shadows :P).
    Overall the RnD looks like a pretty nice mod

  79. PlainblockPlays says:

    Machine: has cool acronym

    Jolly: It's a fucking cart with flames on it.

  80. PlainblockPlays says:

    Petition for making Jolly and Mr. Whirly a cool car action movie

  81. gabriel noob says:

    victory F A P

  82. Dr. Gordon Freeman, Ph.D says:

    If I ever get a cat I will name him Crispy

  83. acid babymoose says:

    3:03 wow I solved that instantly I feel… smarter… than I have ever felt in my life for some reason…

  84. PhoenixGaming says:

    8:51 totally missed the "A cat is fine, too" plug

  85. sebashtun dakeng says:

    it's a zero point energy module , what did you expect

  86. Chiepwarp says:

    10:15 has bulletproof glass prop
    Proceed to shoot it against the deadly gas pipes rather than at the combine soldier.

    Truly a work of high IQ.

  87. Yareth Gaming says:

    oh god i'm back to watching those videos pls help

  88. Vulcome 43 says:

    you are not electricity retardent

  89. Al Pacinowitsch says:

    Crispyyyyy noooooooooooo

  90. Midnight Commander says:

    It's fire retarded. It retards the fire.


  91. Zsombor Udvari says:

    12:23 Umm… I think there's a logic fail, because looks like that laptop clearly not have any webcam in it…

  92. ⁢ ‎ says:

    12:51 music name?

  93. Plague Doctor Movies says:

    Where's my microwave giveaway?

  94. Zekiran says:

    It really is the very best mod. I know exactly where things went wrong when bits were cut lol.

  95. Ash King says:

    Crispy will be missed

  96. The Gibbs Guy says:

    I want to install Half-Life 2 just to play this mod now

  97. The Prepper says:

    18:40 the zombie following in the bottom right 😂

  98. Geo Gamez says:

    Bug Friend

  99. Channel says:

    Half decent life

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