SPIRE Credit Union – 2018 Annual Meeting & Member Appreciation Event

[Music:] It’s a beautiful day! Whoa, whoa, Oh, oh! It’s a beautiful It’s a beautiful day! Whoa, whoa, Oh, oh! It’s a beautiful Such a beautiful day Whoa, whoa, Oh, oh! It’s a beautiful Such a beautiful day Whoa, whoa, Oh, oh! It’s a beautiful>>[Dan Stoltz:] You know Circus Juventas was chosen
this year to really help us inspire and celebrate. We know that we’re gonna have
a phenomenal year. We’re gonna go over a billion dollars in assets, we’re gonna go
over a 100,000 members and we wanted today’s really featured speaker
or performance to be inspirational energetic and this is all about
celebration so we’re super excited about Circus Juventus.>>Circus in general but Circus Juventus especially because our performers are so young –
it shows audiences not only what the human body is capable of but the human
spirit and the spirit of bravery and confidence that these kids bring to a
performance I think it can inspire anyone young and old to say – wow that’s
not something I even physically knew a person is capable of. What does that mean for me? What am I capable of that I assumed that I couldn’t do? And so for me
when you watch a person do a flip on a Russian bar and stick the landing, it’s
not just about – wow he did a flip. It’s about – wow look what hard work and
determination can lead to that’s pretty amazing. [Music]>>What I love about performing is the
feeling I get on stage while performing like after doing a trick and styling to
the audience and having them applaud you really gives me like a sense of accomplishment and it’s an indescribable feeling.>>I love how circus builds so much teamwork and trust because when you’re like – on a
trapeze really high up in the air and you’re doing a trick where you’re just
hanging by your teammates ankles, you really need to trust that they’re not
going to drop you and that you need to trust yourself. You need to have self esteem in yourself.>>Values that we instill in our young people at Circus Juventus, the values of being compassionate, of communicating, of teamwork, of hard work, of perseverance, of sweat, of falling down 100 times and getting up again – I think
that those are life lessons that you can bring to any arena, any field, any
situation and I’ve seen that in our graduates it’s been inspiring to watch
our young people go out into the world and make the world a better place.>>Yeah, our hopes and dreams for 2018 are really quite simple – we’re all about taking the
hassle out of banking and really moving people from stressful banking into
successful banking and really we do that one customer at a time, one member
at a time by caring. Our core purpose is all about improving lives and our core value is we care.
If we do those two things and really look at people not as a
transaction but as a relationship, we are really excited about the future. [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Silence]

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