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>>I like to have my morning cup of coffee
gets my mind ready and prepared to help all of my members.
There is a list of things that we do once we get here. My name is Tammy Kalkwarf. I work for SPIRE Credit Union. I’ve been here for three years and I live right here in Maple Grove. SPIRE’s mission is to improve our member owners well-being. We want
them to know that we care and we’re here for them and in each interaction, that is
what we strive for. Some of the main responsibilities as a teller is taking cash deposits and doing withdrawals. Aside from our member facing duties, we
do things like balancing the vault and organizing the CDM and making sure that
that’s filled. We are a member facing role but we do a lot behind the scenes
as well. My co-workers rely on me but I also rely on them so we help each other anytime we can.
Our bankers also help the teller line when it’s busy
so I think we are a team we help each other out.>>My name is Brandon Severson. I
am a manager at SPIRE Credit Union. I joined SPIRE about three years ago and
came from a big bank and insurance background and in a world of lots of
wrong I was looking for a place where there’s a lots of right and at SPIRE I
found that and we truly care about our members and we do right by them every day.
My role is being involved with all aspects and employees of our team and being involved
in the tellers – helping them join the team and interacting throughout the day
as they help members. My advice or wisdom for anyone considering working at SPIRE is what are you waiting for? It’s a great place to be – we are family
and we have fun together. You’re going to learn a ton and you’re gonna face new
challenges but we work together and we’ll get through those.>>I would say to someone who’s interested in applying for a teller position at SPIRE is to do it.
You will love it. SPIRE is like family you’re not just a number. You think you’re taking
the role and it’s just transactional but really it’s about creating relationships
and when you leave at the end of the day you feel rewarded.

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