[Spoilers]Payday 2 – Bain’s Hell Island Voice Lines

Guys… [Deep Breath] Kento… Kento, guys. I guess he’s dead. Oh well. [Muffled] Dentist you asshole! [Muffled] I’m going to drill out those glowing eyes of yours! [Muffled] Oh yeah, we gotta go. Hey guys, I’ve been waiting for you, how do I look? What the hell took you guys so long? [Muffled] Kento, you’ve got trouble coming. You’re gonna need… [Deep Breath] The gold… [Deep Breath] First World Bank… [Deep Breath] The Mayan stuff. [Muffled] Thanks guys. [Muffled] Hope you got a good extraction plan. [Muffled] Whats this, a gun? [Muffled] Oh yeah. [Muffled] Hey Dentist, you around here somewhere? [Muffled] Hey guys… [Muffled Breath] [Muffled] I knew you’d come for me. [Muffled] You got a way out of here? [Muffled] I punch, you die! [Muffled] There you are you bastard! Dentist… [Deep Breath] Elephant… [Deep Breath] Sputnik… [Deep Breath] Gotta worn… [Muffled] Here you go, motherfucker! The gol- [Breath] The gold, guys… [Deep Breath] The Mayan, gold… [Breath] You gotta u-, use… [Deep Breath] [Muffled] Murkywater motherfucker! Whoa, did I win?

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  1. Hoxtilicious says:

    "Kento […] I guess he's dead…. oh well" – Bain 2018, perfectly imitating the community
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  2. LTShokol says:

    We got our boi back :3

  3. Mr. Karim says:

    Forgive my ignorance, but what do you mean with lethal virus in him? :0

  4. Andrewnuva199 says:

    Wait, so do we have to do Overdrill again or does the gang have it stashed somewhere?

    Orrrrrr we have to find what Hector did with it, assuming the old PDTH lore is accurate.

  5. Jack Van Hoy says:

    I like how Bain was like did I win

  6. Skeet says:

    Can we breakout wolf 2019

  7. Hektor says:


  8. el scorcho says:


  9. Çağrı Bıkmaz says:

    I think Bain is so powerfull because of the virus.

  10. jwinturbo says:

    Bain reminds me of Neville from NFS Carbon

  11. Happy Heh says:

    Where's the track reeeee

  12. Vernon Locke says:

    Ovk plz nerf

  13. Henrique Biazotto says:

    Bain: (holding kento's lifeless body)
    Bain: g guys te thermal.. thermal drill go get it
    Bain: (collapses on the floor)

  14. DiodeDrake says:

    "I punch, you die!"
    Jesus how roided is this man?!

  15. Mill Rose says:

    “I punch, you die!” XD

  16. Cody D. Buni says:

    Looks like Bain will need more than just a medic bag.

  17. athomicritics says:

    now to see if theres any new safehouse lines , or do a video with the different new lines heisters say in the heist and lockes ones

  18. MEMDIC says:

    Da gold, huh…

  19. Igor Alencar says:

    Jesus, and I'm thinking it was going to have a mission to go after him, with Jiro kinda being the main focus. Nope, Bain BEAST mode rekt the mother fucker

  20. Xanaguy The Legend says:

    This is the only time dodge actually is viable. And it was basically used as plot armor for Bain's badassery. To the rest of the players, it will forever be known as the failure it will always be.

  21. MaxPlay says:

    "How do i look?"
    I don't know how to break down this to you…

  22. Major Blitz says:

    Yay! Bain-Sama is out of police custody!
    -Yandere Cloaker, Payday 2 Love Ru

  23. Handreaz TV says:

    Rip Kento

  24. 멀쿤 says:

    Jiro: Kento..

  25. Llama Momma says:


  26. Rachel Hughes says:

    Dang. Hearing his voice without the radio distortion is fascinatingb more than seeing his character model – it humanizes him on a different level. Before this he's just some all-knowing mastermind far away and now – now he's like…. real.

  27. 200.000 subs no vids moomoo says:

    ''How do I look?'' Good you look good…..

  28. Hoovy says:

    Jiro's gonna be pissed.

  29. Nauotit says:

    Hey remember when I said Bain was a badass running away with a gun and shit?
    I was right.

  30. Nauotit says:

    Murders tens of murkies with a gun found on the ground

    "Did I win?"


  31. Jason Blundell says:

    This bitch ass Nigga looks great.

  32. Linky Dinky says:

    Dude Bains a bad ass

  33. Hatkid says:

    Bain voice is 10/10

  34. ricardo martinez says:

    John wick has some competition with bain. But its so weird hearing bains natural voice

  35. whatismyname says:

    guys intensifys

  36. #Ummagamanden Bullgougi says:


  37. In The Mind of Kibara says:

    It feels weird listening to him without the filter on.

  38. Silver Beast says:


    Overdrill is canon?

  39. TUZ KRALI says:

    wait a min.. he says gold a-and first world bank.. does he mean the overdrill?

  40. Mr.meowmeow says:

    I think it’d be really cool to have Bain as a playable character

  41. vladymir von rootintutin says:

    Damn question……Is he still voiced by simon ??

  42. nahasapu bkb says:

    jiro have any Voice Lines about kento? DX!!!!

  43. Curbb says:

    Wonder what will be Jiro's reaction to Kento at that moment

  44. Hadez43 says:


  45. E3kHatena says:

    Why is the first line edited like a YouTube Poop though

  46. ChrisFireFriend says:

    The gold from first world bank? No fucking way! I bet he is talking about overdrill! Fucking awesome!!

  47. Robert Hunter says:

    ok so. I use to hate bain for repeating stuff. But when he got abducted, I fucking worried like hell.

  48. Sombraros Sombraros says:

    Me after compleating Bain Breakout one down.

  49. Mikazuki_Augus says:

    We need to know what happens to Jiro after knowing Kento's dead

  50. MrRobinsonFamily says:

    It's weird hearing him like this

  51. - BigBoy - says:

    " How do I look?" "You look pretty neat, considering the combination of colours for both the shirt and th- NO BAIN YOU LOOK LIKE HAMMERED SHIT HOW THE FUCK ARE YOU STILL ALIVE?!"

  52. Axel Nosferatu says:

    Give this man a radio intercom. Filter…

  53. Ernesto León says:

    could you upload Locke's final monologue after you succed the mission?

  54. NemesisWesker says:

    For all those who thought Bain was just a useless computer nerd

  55. Masterspider5 says:

    sounds kinda… Houston-ey

  56. Jv Wafu says:

    I thought bain is fat.

  57. Handreaz TV says:

    So Bain know about Overdrill?

  58. Gemdowner says:

    Bain is like John Wick 2.0

  59. EXCALİBUR says:

    thanks guys you saved me NOW GO GET THE FUCKİNG THERMAL DRİLL

  60. Smooth Operator says:

    there he goes,free once again
    Bain is civilian once more.

  61. mrFlamist says:


    Bain is one tough motherfu*ker… He kills few murkies with bare hands (could be crowbar or hammer, idk but still), takes their gun and kills more murkies, 2 dozers, taser and a cloaker- all of that under 1 minute.

    Oh and btw, he takes out cloaker by smashing his head through a fuc*ing sink. I mean, when it comes to cloakers they kick my ass before I even press MB1 xD

  62. Wolf043 says:

    I never thought I would read Bain's name in an objective.

  63. XxX_FATLOSER21_XxX says:

    Bain: hey Jiro, come to America so we can help you find your son.

    Bain: kills Kento

    Jiro: Nani ga fakku

  64. Opposite King says:

    Rip Kento

    Press f to pay respects

  65. smurffi says:

    So bain want's mayan gold from fwb? And dentist+ elephant? Are they on same side? And what virus bain got?! Too many question's!!!

  66. TheEPICpr0z Gaming says:

    He killed bunch of murky by himself. I guess he's using dodge build

  67. Monkey Killer says:

    is he still voiced by Simon Viklund?

  68. MR. TROLOLO says:

    i find sumthing strange about these lines
    -the gold…first world bank : bain prob talk bout the overdrill in first world bank(duh) but why. my theory is a room that u hav to solve the puzzle on the tiles i think there must be sumthing supicious bout it
    -im going to drill out those glowing eyes of yours : speaking of glowing eyes it reminds me of THE DIAMOND trailer where there is a guy wit glowing eyes in hitler bunker in the newspaper and the reflection of diamond (im not sure) i think that dentist hav ability to travel tru time and space(craziest theory)
    -mayann stuff : prob those boxes and that tablet

  69. lucas says:

    when are these shit voice lines even played

  70. Ravenous Neptune says:

    Bain was tired from exercise
    Why are people worried about him

  71. Zerox The boi says:

    so Overdrill is not just an easter egg anymore?!

  72. Nihud Ripper says:

    the gold? why is he talking about that?

  73. Nagy Balázs says:

    Hey Hox, can you make a montage of Jiro reacting to Kento's death? He says something when we meet Bain and another thing when we escape.

  74. CrazedSpace says:

    WAIT, the first world bank gold, we did that ritual to get it and the puzzle to obtain it , I always wondered why there was gold in that bank, Bain actually NEEDED THAT GOLD, FOR THE THING HE WAS WORKING ON.

  75. Retro_ says:

    Bain character pack when?

  76. Idiotinfront ofadesk says:

    I didn't even know Bain had lines in this heist. I couldn't hear any lines being said because of how loud the gunfire and music is.

    Overkill, please put Speech as a separate audio track and not just cram everything into one "SFX" slider. overkill pls

  77. A. Theil says:

    Sounds so weird without the radio filter, but I love it

  78. Kaito Shion says:

    Me: Maybe the Green Flu has some similarities to Winter Soldier special dose, although this one actually kills you slowly and revive you as an zombie.
    Everyone against Green Flu theory: Its not canon!
    Me: BuT iTs NoT cANoN!!!

    And we still have chicken guy (Jacket supposed to be dead by nuke in Miami), Mr. Montana (Tony Montana aka Scarface supposed to be dead at the end of his movie on his mansion), surf guy (Bodhi apparently dead on his film) and more.
    Jacket story line: Maybe at some point decided to choose a different path and decided to join the Payday gang; half of the first game and second game never happened, maybe on his arcade game is just an IF he didn't went with the gang.
    Scarface storyline: Remember that PS2 game of Scarface? Yeah, maybe that was the real ending, he survives and escape before both Sosa's minions and cops could get to him. Instead of going from zero back to the top, he decides to come with the Payday gang to kill Sosa and get his mansion back, after that he somehow rehabilitates and decides to stick with the gang to do more heists.
    Bodhi storyline: (Not sure where he actually comes from so . . . I'll try my best) Whatever happen on the movie that leads to his death, either he escapes his demise or just survives; looks for another chance in his life and decides to keep being an action-guy leading to him to join the Payday gang to perform extreme stunts and big scores.

  79. Koala_Guest_RBX says:

    Gold… FWB… Something…

  80. Onur Celik says:

    "What took you so long?"
    "Kept you waiting ,huh?"

    Snake character dlc confirmed

  81. Uzay Acar says:

    First world bank golds WTF

  82. Lonely Potato says:

    Bain is Tommy Wiseau

  83. [RA] Flareon says:

    Bain dying so fucking much: I punch, you die! >:3

  84. proto4747 says:

    Wait is Simon still voicing him? I can't tell without the filter, it's all I've ever known Bain to sound like

  85. Dark Crescent says:

    The man the myth the mastermind baine in the flesh i almost don't believe it

  86. Bebetofuman says:

    I'm not english so it's hard to understand without subtitles, can someone explain me what's happened since Bain was captured?

  87. TheMofoHeister says:

    He sounds roughly the same, didn't expect that.

  88. Wojenny says:

    0:59 You gotta use… MURKYWATER MUTHERFUCKER

  89. JoakoxxGaming says:

    bain repeats a lot of the "mayan gold" are we seeing some secret like the overdrill back in 2012,did we have a bad ending?, this shit really feels like we miss something

  90. Денис Никитин says:

    We will need the gold from first world bank? Huh…

  91. MasterBowler says:

    Sputnik? damn i need vlad.

  92. Flashbang Here says:

    Looks like the overdrill is cannon

  93. Rean Lambert says:

    The Elephant?
    Mayan Gold?!?!?!

    Dude is obvious the story is not over yet there will be more im sure of it

  94. Keizo Andhika says:

    That Mayan gold refers to secret in the white house

  95. Ryan James says:

    It’s so weird not hearing his voice on a radio

  96. Windy 25 says:

    I liked the last voice line

    did I win?

  97. 姫神啓一 says:

    One punch bain

  98. Piasek says:

    Dentist, Elephant, Sputnik. CYKA BLYAT XD

  99. griasti BG says:

    "This could have gone better, but it definitely could have gone worse"

  100. fright fulpath says:

    i'd be more shocked for his voice if i hadnt heard it before

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