[Spoilers]Payday 2 – Bain’s New Message (Jacket’s Tape Recorder)

Hey gang… Sorry to get all dramatic on you but, Looks like they got me, and… You gotta assume, I’m dead. Should have paid more attention in vegas. Locke has probably filled you in on some things by now I didn’t want to keep you in the dark about this secret society crap but…. There was a lot I didn’t know if we played it right, This would have been the end all. To give us everything we ever wanted and keep the cops off our asses for good. I figured things were gonna get easier when Duke came in to help with the missing lindenhurst pages of calgiostro’s book. And this watcher business. After all, His family has been knee deep in this stuff from the start, But… This is bigger than us.. A lot bigger.. So you gotta make a choice. Either retire to an island somewhere, Let the world sort itself out And hope this shit doesn’t follow you…. Or…. Keep going… Help locke finish what I started… Find Baldwins lament. Remember guys, Whatever happens.. Trust your partners… And jacket, Don’t you go hogging this tape… It’s not just for you..

64 comments on “[Spoilers]Payday 2 – Bain’s New Message (Jacket’s Tape Recorder)”

  1. IceMan768 says:


  2. Hoxtilicious says:

    Gonna be a bit of a dick with the title and put Bain's name in it. Let me know if you think it's a bad idea.
    Also read the description if you're wondering why I'm late to the punch

  3. Hoxatron says:

    well shit

  4. IceMan768 says:

    here lies BAIN R.I.P 😭😔

  5. Pongsapak Subpokatorn says:

    I miss the thermal drill so bad now.

  6. Seal Stealer says:

    RandomKenny did it first.

  7. Yunus Emre Akça says:

    Bain breakout confirmend

  8. el scorcho says:

    bit of a theory: bain is on death row, and that's why he's saying "you gotta assume i'm dead" in the beginning, if that's the case R.I.P BAIN

  9. Deimos 935 says:


  10. Happy Heh says:

    Did you find something else? Or just this?

  11. Koishi Komeiji says:

    wow… this is actually deep

    he sounded genuinely sad, and i meant from the voice actor prespective

  12. Omega Gaming says:

    Jesus shit. God damn now I only want MORE!

  13. Kolbo says:

    Something tells me that Bain is actually going to die.

  14. Samuel Smith says:

    I'm glad they used this to give Duke some backstory.

  15. Sebastian Lagomasini says:

    Wow just wow

  16. Christian EP says:

    Also, The Elephant was arrested.

  17. StarFox514 says:

    Why did bain trust jacket with this tape?

  18. Tristan Rombeiro says:

    Damn secret societies!

  19. Kazekage Gaara says:

    im literally crying right now pls dont die bain

  20. Bonafide Monafide'd! says:

    Maybe this whole thing is why OVK chose Duke in the 2017 spring break event…

  21. NoFlu says:

    "Retire to an island"
    >Islands are Offshore
    >Offshore Cash….
    Imma take the Billions of Offshore Cash to break Bain out of wherever he is with a fucking Zepplin….

  22. Issa DV says:

    RIP Bain… or not?

  23. icky001 says:

    just come back to us papa bain i swear i wont kill any more civilians..

  24. Peri says:

    Who is gonna cover the safehouse raid now?

  25. Abysswangs says:


  26. Mizphit115 1 says:

    Damn it not Bain……..fuck…………….Ill get the thermal drill one last time for you, Bain*cries*

  27. Aurexia says:

    oh god…

    well, Jacket will hog this tape im pretty sure

  28. L7vanmatre says:


  29. Daddy Dallas says:

    Locke is ok, but that they actually are going to kill off Bain really pisses me off. It's been him and the payday gang since the very beginning and I just don't want him to be replaced by Locke.

  30. nicktb1999 says:

    i hope we can save bain. but i dont have high hope's.

  31. hammer DMX says:

    New heist in vegas

  32. Snake says:

    why am i crying

  33. Mais Mehl says:


  34. Heitor Silva says:

    It's the first time i see bain saying the name of a dlc character (that menu with the story of the heisters doesn't count)

  35. Heitor Silva says:

    "Jacket, don't go hogging this tape"

    K i'll

  36. gabsF uwu says:

    And jacket, dont you hogging this tape, is not just for you

  37. Freddy R 204 says:

    How did jacket find this?

  38. whatismyname says:

    Payday 3: a heist against the states
    (also RIP bain)

  39. Анатолий Солдатов says:

    Bain is ALIVE!!

  40. bubberpenutbutter says:

    i suppose this means
    bain is on death sentence

  41. 病うつ says:

    Jacket has some new lines as well on the other tape recorder. Or maybe I'm just too late?

  42. Simply Toast says:

    He probably will die so we have a new guy or something in PAYDAY 3

  43. feverflowinacacoon says:

    Glad to see that Bain is still alive…

    …if only when Bain rescue heist is out.

  44. Darryl Conte says:

    After everybody got this message jackets gonna hog this tape for sure

  45. Jepcent says:

    Who are they the feds?

  46. Hoxtilicious says:

    Decoded FBI Files Memos: http://payday.wikia.com/wiki/FBI_Files#Internal_Memos
    FBI Files: http://fbi.overkillsoftware.com/
    Randon Kenny's Theory Vids: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qQvau_EgOAQ

  47. Syntholm says:

    Guys, thermal drill go get it

  48. a.k.a Madwick says:

    Remember in the web series when Bain said in the very first place that he was training the gang for the "greatest heist of all"? Prepare yourself for an enourmous heist.. An assault on the headquarters of the "secret organisation" (or maybe the FBI) to begin with to get Bain back.. He ruled Crime.net for years without getting caught and the Hoxton Revenge heist makes us take the proofs as extra loot to protect Bain's contacts so who can have killed him?.. If Locke is involved there will surely be new weapons too, maybe a new heist (in addition to the one i've mentionned before). Expect this for the next Crimefest or the next event.

  49. Tama negii says:

    Bain: "And Jacket, don't go hogging this tape, it's not just for you."
    Jacket: "how bout i do, anyway"

  50. Oh Yeah Yeah says:

    if Bain is actually dead….fuck man i dont know whats the game going to be like without him
    not hearing Bain in future heists will be weird and empty

  51. Испанец засранец says:

    I just today heard it in the game.

  52. Cade Miksek says:

    D E E P E S T L O R E

  53. Undead Unicorn says:

    So we're finally going to understand what the dentists loot was, then

  54. Payne_Madden says:

    Go on nice Vacation Or Keep Going And break Bain Out? choose

  55. Cahit Eren Can says:

    My theory:
    Y'all remember the mysterious man in Henry's Rock right? And there is a screen where a man looks like being kidnaped/tortured.
    In my theory, That dude is Bain. That dude kidnapped him.
    Wish you liked my theory.

  56. TheOgilvan says:

    payday 3 plot: fuck up and steal everything from this ''secret society''

  57. Kspeedylp says:

    In the new Mission Henry`s rock at the end the Person. I think it`s Bain

  58. Steamloco says:

    inb4 we use Baldwin’s Lament or whatever the hell it is to bring Bain back from the dead

  59. johnny_ quach__ says:

    So there was foreshadowing in Payday the web series where Bain said that the heists were part of a bigger picture, and I’m assuming whatever the payday gang is finishing is the bigger picture

  60. Oyun Tuşu says:

    He sayed pay attention to Vegas that means next heist Will Be in LAS VEGAS !!!!

  61. Payne_Madden says:

    Find Baldwin’s lament

  62. The Lost shadow says:

    Jacket this isn’t your tape

  63. Chris Steve says:

    Time to go get bain

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