[SPOILERS]Payday 2 – Offshore Payday (The Secret)

[Applause] you jobs you cannot be a cop you’ll fuckin lotta I tell you wankers Islands not ready for clover coming home there are good fingers then I’ll stone with a hail stone may not be more worried about him it’s not working los wolf what fuck you I got it you believe Duke went bought himself a fucking Museum still not fucking working chains I just got here man I’m on it broke dick piece of shit TV hey guys look at some fucking move that fuck yeah we do and zero will be fine arrange safe travel Sanctus went with him said he wanted to see Japan well that could be trouble hey can you believe Locke over there wearing full fucking fatigues in this heat 10g says he hits a fucking shock and a half of one of those golf balls I’ll take that bet you better not hit my fucking boat excuse me gentlemen I will need a couple of words with mr. fatigues over there lucky did good though I mean he really got us through that guitar Oh business ah he’s just doing it for the fucking gold I’m not so sure I mean things didn’t end smoothly and he stuck with us anyway he could have screwed us over at any time fair enough here we go damn I felt that shit from here I guess he never apologized for Alaska huh you know what this point good with it yeah of course here and this concludes our business gentlemen everything sir goes for the yeah b-but what the fuck does that mean no fucking clue [Music] [Applause] [Music] I said you fuckers would do this shit one day huh within bows the best fucking drinks but you’re up in Seattle advancing fucking Sputnik fuck the underworld I change so no Medina I heard about that shit I’m sorry in condolences and although yeah yeah yeah [Music] I don’t know any disco poison they just cover all the different familiarity although I don’t know you guys have told me about that huh it’s not good you know some people are not really happy about this those guys in Seattle with all the rain all the time you guys are I’m out to like eat some some maybe retire to Cuba or something me me coming down hey you guys no fun fuck you hey ladies recipe for cupcakes you know maybe this Beach thing wasn’t such a great idea punk is gonna get his ass kicked knocks right now yeah as usual in the Oval Office after a week of turmoil with suspected terrorist activity and even rumors of mass gunfire on Capitol Hill law enforcement officials have declined to comment on whether the rumored gunfire is connected to the apparent takedown of the notorious paid a gang by Washington Special Commissioner Solomon Garrett a bright spot in these days of dark news we take you now live to the White House where the president is about to present a commissioner with the public safety officer Medal of Valor for his service my fellow Americans it’s been a difficult time for our nation indeed for the entire world but after much dedication and perseverance we have triumphed mightily we’re here today to honor one of our best an officer who under the most difficult of circumstances did his duty with great skill ending a wave of crime the likes of which this country has never seen before commissioner you are the very very best our country has to offer we owe you a debt of gratitude that frankly can never be repaid because of your outstanding service it’s my pleasure to bestow upon you our highest commendation it is now time for our country to heal to come together as a people as individuals we have opened many doors to fortune now it’s time to open our hearts we must leave these trying ordeals behind us and follow our forbearers to make this country not one or two but three times as strong for future generations so that when we go to bed at night each and every citizen of this great nation will have earned their pay America let’s do this [Applause] gentlemen hey Finn’s filming what I miss her greatest heist of all okay where’s my fucking drink [Music]

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  1. Hoxtilicious says:

    Just taking up this space to shout out the entirety of the Secret Theory Thread for putting their Sherlock hats on and solving the Payday 2 secret. Special shoutout to Random Kenny (who's also part of the thread) for being the first recorded person to actually do the secret heist and finish it.
    RK: https://www.twitch.tv/videos/331407052
    STT: https://steamcommunity.com/app/218620/discussions/8/558754900070975667/
    The original file is 1280×720, hence why the quality only goes up to 720p

  2. Bolnareff says:

    faint dallas scream

  3. Lake Fish says:

    ..now thats how this should end.

    nnnah, i dont think so. Either more heists somehow or other, or a payday 3 or.. something.

    official payday 2 mod support?

    and was that fucking john de lance? Q is president? fucking hell…

  4. Дядюшка Олег says:

    Нормально, блять. Нормально, не беспокойся.
    Typical slavic guy.

  5. yunero says:

    See you all in Payday 3.

  6. sIyceth says:

    Don't upload it like this

  7. Richard de Bonn says:

    The greatest heist of all – stealing America itself

  8. Jude Kehres says:

    We finally found what our off shore money is for, good idea Dallas

  9. Larry Belenossi says:

    So yeah, Bain possessed the president's body, which made his speech make a lot more sense now. Specially the "Let's do this"

  10. The Dentist says:

    this brings a tear to my eye
    thanks overkill
    now I can see locke happy

  11. policia123352 says:

    All these hours of heisting & spent on DLCs were worth it to see this, beatiful. Im actually tearing up right now

  12. Angel Garcia says:

    2:52 "Fuck you gentlemen."

  13. Simon Riley says:

    Wolf, wolf?
    gives a middle finger
    Man, Fuck you.

  14. VennHearts says:

    at 2:50 The Butcher says something in a Croatian, After googling it appears that translates to "Go fuck yourselves, Gentlemen" if I'm correct

  15. Bill Forson says:

    What the hell does everyone mean Bain is president?!

  16. The Asker says:

    I was hoping for "America. It's PAYDAY."

  17. SmacQ says:


  18. Dark Crescent says:

    This is nice and all but where is my boy jacket at???

  19. TheForgery says:

    Q from Star Trek is the US president? Now that's what I call a good ending

  20. neutral good says:

    wolfhox confirmed 🤔

  21. Yotsuba Enthusiast says:

    i need more of chains yelling at broken shit in my life

  22. E3kHatena says:

    I have so many questions, and the two most pressing ones are whether Hox's scar healed or they forgot/didn't feel like applying it, and whether or not they rented a Yacht and slapped "Medic Bag" on it or if it was just VFX.

    Also gotta love how the two guys they couldn't get for the trailer but kept onscreen just stay in their masks the whole time.

  23. Dead Fox says:

    I wanted to see clover <3 but hey I'm good with this happy ending

  24. zhen176 says:

    Damn, i wish my life is like that

  25. Deadpool says:

    The theory of Bain being the president it's so dumb

  26. Dribbleondo says:

    Locke playing golf gives me so much life.

  27. Matt Fox says:

    Jebite se gospoda = fuck you gentlemen

  28. willhamlink says:

    The Butcher says something along the lines of "Fuck you gentlemen" I think

  29. Gat says:

    I hope payday 3 is us doing heists for the heisters and the contractors, thatd be a pretty good idea (like someone said, stealing shit for dukes museum and shooting down rival casinos)

  30. Matt Fox says:

    The greatest heist of all, the fucking country

  31. Matias says:

    I love it

  32. wingassassinthe1 says:

    So Bain is the president of the United States so what happened to the dentist what happened to the elephant is the elephant going to be vice president now I have so many questions

  33. M3TA says:

    finally its over thank god

  34. Cyber Kinetic says:

    Murky went bankrupt… Best heists too…

  35. TheForgery says:

    Anyone else caught some of that additional news? Like Murkywater declaring bankruptcy?

  36. Antoine lol says:

    Nice thumbnail bro

  37. RapidStab says:

    Yu guise ar n0 fun fak yu.

  38. Ozymandias83 says:

    Hox could have easily shot and killed locke. Wanker!

  39. Fellep Jeanchev says:

    Gotta love the Butcher for blessing the crew with a message of love: "go fuck yourselves, gentlemen."

  40. LABXYR says:

    Glad to see Butcher again

  41. TheDevilEgor says:

    Overkill forgot that Hoxton has half of his face with a burn?

  42. Joshua Henry Maurice Pianzin says:

    5:59 Murky Water bankrupt? Wow
    6:50 Payday 3 confirmed
    7:08 (lets do this) Bain is that you?…

  43. TheShocker says:

    The End: I want the real Payday 2 ending
    Offshore Payday: Perfection

  44. Leon Ryu says:

    The scrolling news at the bottom:
    Oh but that's not murder, that's fucking justice.
    The Elephant switches from Republican party to Democratic party – his nickname is now 200% more confusing.
    We did it everyone!
    So the Kataru tried to nuke the Mexico temple too.
    The nukes at the Pacific temple and the Egypt temple caused those, the magical stuff is gone now?

  45. Nap Runner says:

    And wolf…still no voicelines


  46. Hatkid says:

    Dallas name Medic Bag for it's Yacht

  47. Анатолий Солдатов says:

    – Wolf! Wolf!
    shows fuck

  48. Анатолий Солдатов says:

    Want translate Vlad's words?

  49. Ozymandias83 says:

    Google says

    Jebite se gospoda = be jealous of the gentlemen

    I guess butcher meant i'm jealous of you…

  50. Genetic Tavi says:

    A couple things I spotted in the news ticker that wrap up some loose ends:
    Murkywater filed for bankruptcy
    They found the bomb in Mexico
    The Elephant changed his party affiliation, presumably to that of The President now that he's Bain
    A strange atmospheric phenomena dissipated, this was probably the rain clouds over Giza

    This means we still need to find the bomb in Iran
    Dragan's weird phone call and John's comments about him apparently went nowhere
    It looks like there's still that whirlpool open above the Dreaming Temple
    and I assume that there are still Watchers/Nephilim out there like we saw at Shackelthorne Mansion

  51. Alex Dobrzynski says:

    Wait what I'm confused

  52. Alex Dobrzynski says:

    Is Duke finding the holy grail or something

  53. Heitor Silva says:

    Hoxton at his best, DO NOT SHOOT MR.FATIGUES' STUFF

  54. lol1000gt says:

    but what about the sound track

  55. Unknown user says:

    Butcher at 2:53 – "Jebite se gospodo" translates to "Fuck you, gentlemen"

  56. DarthVaderReviews says:

    Wolf giving the audience the middle finger is absolutely priceless.

  57. Scarletz Crystal says:

    When Dallas's ship got lost:

    Ahhhhhhhh, i need my Medic Bag

  58. Goorah Demi says:

    What did Vlad say in russian?

  59. BlackWACat says:

    man, i fucking love live action dallas, chains and hox
    sad that wolf no longer has an actor/va, but this was very in-character for him anyway
    cya wankers in payday3, hope we get to see the old crew one way or another (like doing missions for them if they don’t come back as proper heisters ig)

  60. 2weed4me says:

    1:31 You got some fucking muda muda muda

  61. Order & Chaos says:

    RIP Locke's Drink.

  62. illuminatedfamily says:

    What's that thing in the background at 0:42?

  63. curt raick says:

    I wonder which ending is the canon one

  64. Mihajlo says:

    She said go fuck yourselves gentlemen

  65. Mr. Butcher says:

    Muda means nuts.
    Jebite se gospodo is fuck off gents

  66. Diavolo Boi says:

    You guys missed the most important man of all
    Start with a letter B
    Where's my boi Bobblehead Bob overkill, 0/10

  67. Sir Jackal Studio says:

    Am I the only one who was expecting the ship to blow up or something to go wrong?

  68. MrJohnSon says:

    Where's my fucking drink?

  69. Blicz B says:

    Props to whoever at Overkill hired John De Lancie to play POTUS. This man really is a God when it comes to everything.

  70. Daniel Estevez says:

    Ill miss this game but this ending is epic

  71. Ruski Fgt says:

    im disappointed that jacket didn't make an appearance

  72. Jack Lander says:

    Did Butcher say "Е¥€¢$ь господа" in russian??

  73. happyelrich 7823 says:

    I love Jimmy xd

  74. Arthur T. says:

    Hoxton is fucking sex!. But where has his scar gone?

  75. lilgamerguy says:

    Thank you for uploading this, didn't want to go through the trouble of doing the secret.

  76. Miloš Stanković says:

    Jebite se gospodo = f*** you gentleman

  77. Chorgus Blorgus says:

    Rip Dragan I guess. Haven't seen him since the Biker reveal

  78. Revan The Dragon says:

    After finishing the stuff myself, I've come back to review the video multiple times, and I must say, this is the most confusing and most fucked up ending to a game I've ever seen.

  79. kawaka says:

    lol valeu pela legenda Hoxtilicious <3

  80. Martin Soto says:

    Maybe de the end be more awsome if gage shoot in the head to garret.

  81. Jorn Melvar says:

    I almost died from laugh when Butcher said:"Go fuck yourself, gentelmens".

  82. Hybridchicken04 Gaming says:

    What did the butcher say

  83. Uninstallium43 says:

    HRK: Jebite se gospoda.
    ENG: Go fuck yourself, gentlemen

  84. Kalvi Animations says:

    Makes the ending a little more cheery

  85. Shadowking58 says:

    So if Bain is the president now, does that mean he's going to return in PAYDAY 3?

  86. Prism Skull says:

    Now this is the end, Payday 2.
    Thanks for all the fun, I think this ending summarizes all the "out there" ideas that Payday has had and gives this story a satisfying ending.

  87. Nothing Unusual says:

    "Broke dick piece of shit TV"

  88. Nobody Famous says:

    that is why jimmy and wolf are my favorite heisters

  89. Nobody Famous says:

    me: wanna play payday 2 right now
    friends: imma play fortnite right now

  90. Nobody Famous says:

    oh the billboard update foreshadowed Bain

  91. Robert E. O. Speedwagon says:

    Payday is honestly just so fucking wonderful with everything it’s brought to the fans especially the fact that it’s connected with other universes such as John wick, Hotline Miami, Hardcore Henry, Point break, Scarface, etc. and like Jesus it’s been very great with the story and brought a tear shedding end for the second game and now we just all have to see what’s left in Payday 3 ;))

  92. Ian says:

    Damn Hoxton is SHORT

  93. Cozi says:

    Well, this is it, then. After all these years. And while I'm happy to see that the crew pulled it off, I have to admit it makes me kinda sad to see this game come to an end. There were some pretty rough spots for this game but in the end I gotta say that it holds a special place in my heart, and I'm glad I stuck with it.

  94. The All American Bad Boy says:

    god DAMN this gave me chills

  95. Templar Knight says:

    "Raising fucking sputnik!"

  96. GallowsFoo says:

    Kinda wish OVERKILL would release the new version of Flames of Love that plays in this video.

  97. Firebug says:

    And sadly ill probably never see this ending outside of youtube

  98. Michael Opnv says:

    Y O U C H O P S!

  99. Clayton Pactol says:

    Oh, Locke.
    How could you make your golf ball a SMOKE BOMB?

  100. Zin Lu Lin says:

    A whole damn country .

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