100 comments on “[SPOILERS]Payday 2 – “The End” (White House Heist Cutscene)”

  1. Hoxtilicious says:

    The original file is 1280×720, hence why the quality only goes up to 720p.

  2. I am dumb but says:

    Press R to Restart oh wait…

  3. I am dumb but says:


  4. Play For Fun says:

    john wick ????

  5. the officer Brad says:

    I will miss bain. Who is gonna tell me to get thermal drill ;<

  6. sBandit says:

    Can we have a moment of silent For Our Memories from payday 2?

  7. Hakkar says:

    Payday: The Heist vibes from that music

  8. Tony Montana Tv says:

    PayDay 2 son arkadaslar

  9. DanteTheCamel says:

    Ill still be playing the game.. But… How can i…. With hearing bains voice in those heists

  10. MrKawaii says:

    Something telling me the audio in reverse.. some one make it backward

  11. Muhammad Ilham says:

    Bye and I'm uninstalling payday 2

  12. Jv Wafu says:

    We didn't kill the dentist yet what the fuck!

  13. Jv Wafu says:

    First we got payday the heist then payday 2… So what is next Payday 3 The revenge?

  14. Medik is a meme says:

    It ain't over yet, BIATCH

  15. Infamous Auzie says:

    This sucks cuz I was gonna get the game as a self birthday present on my ps4 but there's no point now

  16. Not DevStar says:

    Bain is gone to the great thermal drill in the sky

  17. Lynizie - says:

    where is jiro's son ?

  18. The Mysterious Stranger says:

    Can someone explained to me what happened… Havent played payday 2 for like 5 month

  19. FBI Agent says:

    Its not the end of the payday gang 😉 update 194

  20. games56 says:

    somebody: whats the payday 2 community so quit recently were the medic bag memes
    me: there all kind of sad its the end of the story sniff sniff

  21. games56 says:

    0:40 jacket trew in his tape record thing Bains dead made gave him nothing to say

  22. StemSale says:

    Payday Season 2 has finally ended. May we all wait for Season 3.
    Its payday motherfuckers

  23. Zearth says:

    We have the secret ending, guys. Go over to Kenny's twitch, he completed the game and unlocked the other cut scenes…

    Oh also, Bain is now the president, so it makes sense as to how they are getting a pardon

  24. Lemonificent says:


  25. Jimbo Jim says:

    I’ve watched this like 8-9 times now and it still gives me chills

  26. Sombraros Sombraros says:

    PayDay 3: A young new crew reigns terror in the streets of D.C. Leaded by the criminal mastermind "Dallas" they will take down their enemies codenamed "Dentist" And "Kozak" just like they did in the good old Hector days. And avenge Dallas' mentor Bain.

  27. BASEKO. says:

    PAYDAY 2 was literally my life. I grew up with this game…
    I feeling completely empty now… What I'm gonna do with my life now ?

  28. Aqua311 says:

    I hope Dallas hunts down the Dentist.

  29. Roland Schvalier says:


  30. nem tudom says:

    I still can't believe it.

  31. Ahmed AL Yahri says:


  32. ZetmanAxel says:

    STay calm…..John Wick hasn't thrown his galsses in there…

  33. JCglitchmaster says:

    They killed what, millions of people during their heists? They were bound to lose someone at somepoint

  34. DeeKaze says:

    Wait, you can't play the game now?

  35. mizo groov says:

    I've never played a payday game, anybody wanna explain the lore to me?

  36. Barbara says:

    Alexa, play despacito

  37. 『A Hideous Cube: Requiem』 says:

    I've only ever played this a few times on free weekends and never actually bought the game or really went that much into it's lore; so I'm confused as to what just happened

  38. Durtyass says:

    Bain picked a weird place to get buried with all those statutes and what not

    Maybe one of us should check it out

  39. Kessler Magat says:

    Theory:Well atleast we have hope's for Payday 3 where Dallas will take Bains place because it seems that he brought the mask with him

  40. אברהם איסקוב says:

    who him

  41. אברהם איסקוב says:

    who kill him

  42. Vanquisher™ says:

    Would be nice if they added Keanu Reeves, the real john wick, into the cutscene. Man that woud've been a click magnet

  43. PixelHue says:

    I like to imagine that Jacket is still wearing his mask through this whole sequence

  44. Dangerdave21 Dumb says:

    In the White House heist you have to take Bain's criminal records I guess and after that he sounded like he's but to pass away like he's elder and this ending like represents the funeral of Bain. Well this is the end of Payday 2, so long live forever Bain.

  45. Pan rozpierdalator says:

    Love the background music i was thinking that dallas would be like new bain you know

  46. payday 2lover says:

    Payday 3 confirmed I hope to god

  47. Manliest ManlyMaleMailMan says:

    Welp see u guys in payday 3

  48. ferna2294 says:

    I haven´t played the game in about a year. This feels terrible.

    Weren´t they working on Payday 3?

  49. SniperTheSwift says:

    Haven't been keeping up with the story. What happened?

  50. Keddiels says:

    Sounds like the music from Utopia! God I miss that show…

  51. Saint Rizla says:

    Time to go back and play some more PAYDAY 2!

  52. Rayshad Azzura says:

    did John wick threw his glasses away too?

  53. Kveite Arbi says:

    my house is white 🙂

  54. Nines&AKs says:

    Holy shit…

  55. Quilt says:

    Oh yeah i forgot this game was ending in october.

  56. Quilt says:

    Been a great run with you boys
    Many heists
    Much money
    And a whole lot of op cheese builds and sprint hopping.
    Much love boys.

  57. Zephyr KDS1 says:

    Does jacket just drop his recorder?

  58. Genaro Siles says:

    The end of a Era

  59. Flobster Banana says:

    Es lo mas triste que eh visto :c </3

  60. Generic Fresh Meme Maker says:

    Walking dead fucking sucks.

  61. Satoshi says:

    Press F to Pay Respects

  62. Od dacity says:

    Dallas hesitated because he was thinking: “Did we ever got that thermal drill back?”

  63. TV Controller says:

    “Guys, the thermal drill, go get it…….”

  64. Shadow Bladekiss says:

    It shows that the Laws had always win.

  65. Erik Allen says:

    For once I’m actually happy to be a console player, because Bain isn’t dead on consoles.

  66. TheBigH says:

    BAIN IS IN A PICKLE! I'm sorry this is really sad but I had to……

  67. lennex says:

    Should've brang a medic bag

  68. Beloved Monstrosity says:

    They're not burying Bain, just the quadrillions of dollars worth of Offshore they've acquired since 2013.

    Fresh start, but still, F to all that lost loot.

    That or it's Aldstone.

  69. kh2freak1337 says:

    does anyone know any more songs like the one that plays during this cutscene? I like the creepy unsettling vibe it has.

  70. Retr0 says:

    You hear this? 1:14 – 1:17 ,,No more" LOL

  71. Imperial Germany says:

    Why does the ending to this game feel like a horror games bad ending?

  72. CyrusX7「神龙兄弟」 says:

    Wheree jacket?

  73. CyrusX7「神龙兄弟」 says:

    guess someone will replace bain

  74. name surname says:

    Fortunately this ending is non-canon. The canon ending is the one where the crew retires at a beach.

  75. FATALzTo says:

    Wheres da jackets mask?

  76. Call me Texas says:

    Where is Jacket

  77. RobloxGamer says:

    While bain is in heaven the payday gang is trying to find the cloud drill to free him from Jesus, God, and other ones.

  78. Achtung Pokorski Dddja says:

    Wow jestem polakiem więc slabo zna angielski sprubuje cos powiedziec

  79. Achtung Pokorski Dddja says:

    for 2 years I like this game very much because it has an interesting story, and by the way I will say cool channel and ending, hold on to more movies.

  80. Mr Muppet says:

    Thank god thats not the true ending

  81. 5vqk RBLX says:

    was that bains grave?
    (i bet someone will comment/reply Yup it is)

  82. Matipoldi says:

    Albo żeby to zrozumieć muszę obejrzeć zdały film albo to jest głupie zakończenie nwm

  83. Matrixwave123lol Lol says:


  84. SpyKiller123 says:

    Me,as an intelectual:where is jacket?

  85. JukeBoxBro's says:

    so instead if his mask, jacket threw in his tape recorder, suprising since thats his only way of speaking, R.I.P Bain

  86. Xantain says:

    Such a haunting moment. Never thought I would see this in Payday 2.

  87. Российский медик says:

    This made me cry….

  88. Hyjaxxi says:

    This is sad, but the real sad part is when will the soundtrack be updated?

  89. alxuette says:

    damn this shit hurted

  90. Donkey says:

    Guys watch “The Secret” and you will get this.

  91. Blackfire 23 says:

    Dallas thought one more medic bag

  92. tornado4991/xXDiamondGamerXx says:

    Dallas’s mask.exe hasn’t been thrown in, would you like to continue the process?, if you do your computer will restart but all apps/data will be deleted, if you don’t, Dallas’s mask will not be thrown in on the end of payday 3 and he will continue heist’s. YES NO

  93. Alex Schmidt says:

    1000h. I couldn't think of a more sad and intense goodbye then this.

    Except, maybe it's not a goodbye? (1:25)

  94. gabsF uwu says:

    Nobody gonna comment about Jacket and Sydney being togheter while leaving the funeral? No? Damn, i thought that was fictional or "fanfics of Jacket x Sydney hentai" kind of stuff, gee…

  95. Mariel Zuleta says:

    Jacket dont throw his mask him throw a tape recorder

  96. BigFatBoi says:

    Got so scared for a moment

  97. NoobPlays says:

    Why did nobody have inspire or combat doctor aced?

  98. MR. Legend says:

    Jacket ???

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