Spooky Scary Skeletons (Remix) – Extended Mix

Spooky scary skeletons Send shivers down your spine Shrieking skulls will shock your soul Seal your doom tonight Spooky scary skeletons Speak with such a screech You’ll shake and shudder in surprise When you hear these zombies shriek We’re so sorry skeletons You’re so misunderstood You only want to socialize But I don’t think we should Cause spooky scary skeletons Shout startling shrilly screams They’ll sneak from their sarcophagus And just won’t leave you be Spooky Scary x4 Scary x6 Shout st- Spooky sc- Spooky scary skeletons Shout st- Scary sk- Spooky scary skeletons Spooky scary spooky scary Spooky scary Spooky scary Spooky scary Spookyspookyspooky Spooky spo-spo-spo-spo-o-o-o *Beat Drop* Shout st- Spooky sc- Spooky scary skeletons Shout st- Scary sc- Spooky scary skeletons Spirits supernatural Are shy whats all the fuss But bags of bones seem so unsafe It’s semi-serious! Spooky scary skeletons Are silly all the same They’ll smile and scrabble slowly by And drive you so insane Sticks and stones will break your bones They seldom let you snooze Spooky scary skeletons Will wake You With a Boo! Spooky spooky Spooky spooky Spooky Spooky spooky Spooky Scary Scary scary Scary Sk- sk-sk-esk-esk Sk-sk-esk-esk *Beat Drop* Spooky scary skeletons Shout st- Spooky scary skeletons Shout st- Spooky Spooky spooky Spooky spooky spooky Spooky Scary scary Scary Scary Scary Sc-sc-esk-esk-esk esk-e-e-e-e *Beat Drop* Shout st- Spooky sc- Spooky scary skeletons Shout st- Scary sc- Spooky scary skeletons the subtible made by PatricX Punchers

100 comments on “Spooky Scary Skeletons (Remix) – Extended Mix”

  1. marin schindler says:

    i love this song so much its so goood

  2. Samuraimaster 360 says:

    And it was copyrighted…

  3. soulfire 'queen of demons' cary says:


  4. sofia muller says:

    It. Is. Time.

  5. Team TEMPÊTE says:

    The remix is so good

  6. Catseen XoX says:

    This song will never get old

  7. Eve Marie Post says:

    I remember when this was a Brony music channel now your a meme. Good job dude

  8. suzanna says:

    Me July 5th

  9. Its Ya Boi Sammy Mavas says:

    Who's ready for the skeleton war 2019?

  10. Kikis Vi says:

    Me ecantooo

  11. Werner Heisenberg says:

    0.5 x LOOL

  12. GØD MASTER says:

    @Ultimo sobrevivente

  13. AbyssFiend says:

    It's nearly time.

  14. kenny playz gamez says:

    Just 2 more months… please i beg you come faster

  15. Jakob Weidner says:

    Watching this at 3 o clock.

    First Lesson tomorrow is math

  16. Bob Bob says:

    I played this so loud that my grandparent came back from the dead and danced Infront of a security guard. He took off his headphones and understood

  17. Jack Rizzo says:

    73 days left

  18. Alexis says:


  19. Hwk3r says:

    It's almost that time again, boys.

  20. Cannon :/ says:

    Whoever disliked this video I’ll find you

    Not rly tho ily!

  21. Athena {Trisha} says:

    It’s August you know what that means

    Halloween is almost here 😌

  22. Leonardo Ramirez says:

    When Disney land announces their Halloween event…..

  23. budderowen2 says:


  24. Rock Hard Ashs says:

    💀 💀 💀 💀 💀

  25. Матвей Андреев says:

    When in 0.5 so cool?

  26. Batu Çankaya says:

    Spooky Scary Skeletons

  27. Batu Çankaya says:


  28. Ma Ri says:

    2019? Are all Skeletons Here?

  29. Jelly Tube says:

    𝓢𝓹𝓸𝓸𝓴𝔂 𝕥𝕚𝕞𝕖 𝚒𝚜 ᴀʟᴍᴏsᴛ ᕼᗴᖇᗴ

  30. עידן המלך says:


























































































  31. Milkyboy 204 says:

    I can listen to this over and over and over and over and over

    Like if u agree

  32. Milkyboy 204 says:

    Who else wishes this song was on iTunes

  33. Dystσpiα ღ says:

    My favorite things about autumn:
    – Chilly weather
    – Sweaters
    – Fallen leaves
    – H A L L O W E E N

  34. Xonnop says:

    Petition to have this as the Halloween anthem, lol

  35. Moucherif Zhour says:

    I l'lve spooky

  36. Tom Di says:



  37. 21 fandoms says:


  38. DragonBlaster8 says:


  39. DragonBlaster8 says:


  40. Jaden Rintharamy says:

    Every roblox game from 2015:

  41. bor hacker says:

    spooky spookyspooky

  42. Godzilla King of the monsters says:

    Hard to believe that an undertale animation introduced me to this remix and undertale it's self

  43. Amber Denney says:


  44. robbedpigeon says:

    Who else is here from friends (yeah da show)

  45. [ DBW ] Naty Eve ÒwÓ says:


  46. Tthemoney15 says:

    Alfred play my jam!
    [This plays] Batman: hehehehe hahah- Ow!! (he then proceeds to beat multiple Talons)

  47. DHGFocalParsley says:

    Put this back on Spotify

  48. Corissa Tipton says:

    So I love it’s the best is spooky scary times I love it it’s so cool that it’s scary

  49. Tio Klonoa says:


  50. MelonWizard says:

    Is this the original sksksksksks? (Dont worry I hate myself already)

  51. Memes are what I live on lol says:

    Anyone here in August??

  52. luke 17 says:

    Found this while loking for Christmas music in august

  53. luke 17 says:

    Any month can be spoopy month

  54. Teutonic Knight1190 says:

    2 more months

  55. spaghetts not hot says:

    Literally Nobody:
    Me at pumpkin farm: Aww shit, here we go again

  56. Miss Juicy says:

    It’s time again.

  57. denat plugar says:

    This is the ultimate cure for depression

  58. Umaru Chan says:

    When dad told me I'm 100% bones

  59. FoxygamerX says:

    I showed this to a skeleton…And now hes dancing

  60. Yoshy the Magician says:

    Every now and then I come back to this remix. It's so good. SO good!!

  61. Springtrapped says:

    Spooky scary skeletons made by skrillex

  62. tea and pizza says:


  63. Toan Nguyen says:

    damn so great

  64. Ultimate MIF says:

    This song is still relevant!

  65. Tsuki_ says:

    Me: *this song*
    Someone: IT IS AUGUST
    Someone: AUGUSSSTTTT

  66. mohamed roblox and minecraft says:

    What the fuck bro is nice

  67. Aminator [FlipaClip] says:


  68. s70rk says:

    Timeless masterpiece

  69. Omega Sans364 says:

    Skeleton It's ME(o‿∩)

  70. DeineEhre says:


  71. pewdiepie 9 year old army says:

    A W W W W W W W M A N

  72. silly goose says:

    I can't wait for spooky month.

  73. Malibu Plays says:

    When you listen to this song and don’t know what you want to be by the end of the song u figured it out

    Before song: Me- ????
    After song: Also me- I’m gonna be Chara from Undertale

  74. Shadow Gamer says:

    Others:Good bye summer
    Me: wooo Halloween coming
    Also me : starts put Halloween decorations

  75. Levi De Roest says:

    fave song

  76. Noel Costa says:

    Mr living tombstone I would like if you put animation in the video

  77. Gxcha _ Demon says:

    ☠️spoopy is coming children

  78. Aztecelotl says:

    Mr. Tombstone, can you please make a remix of "Move Your Dead Bones" for this year's Halloween?

  79. Eliza Beth says:

    Pork chips. Cookies. Cassandra

  80. Ant1 H3r0 says:

    Any poor kid showing up in a fortnite costume is about to find how one DOOT is a weapon

  81. Vasilije Soskic says:


  82. · Dilloninator · says:

    When the calcium starts to kick in

  83. Hannah Greger says:

    70 DAYS

  84. Gracie Gacha says:

    its only 71 days, fam

  85. Sapphire Gamez says:

    Bruh this is like an unlimited money maker because every year people watch this

  86. Hulk says:

    Тут есть русский ?!?

  87. Duce Dude says:

    i need to go market with some spooky skeletons

  88. Heneral Antonio Luna says:

    Worlds historical meme

  89. Heneral Antonio Luna says:

    Imagine,your going to area 51 and you saw many spooky scary aliens and skeletons

  90. X Racer says:

    Best song ever

  91. Jackie Lim says:

    not spooktober but still

  92. Sixto Mercado says:

    Welcome back everyone.

  93. Cliff Cook says:

    Don‘t like this comment.

  94. snickers victor says:


  95. Super Mario says:

    I think this song is why it took too long for me to be rescued…

  96. Blue R says:

    Who’s hyped for Halloween?

  97. Em Rae says:

    It’s still August but I’m already here 😌

  98. Devon Mike says:

    i Showed this to A Skeleton

    Now He's Feeding Me Ketchup and Telling Bad Puns

  99. Lama143 says:

    My birthday is on the 31st of October, does this mean im born wiht a pass to beat up kids that go as Fortnite Characters on Halloween?

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