Spotlight: First Entertainment Credit Union

(upbeat music) – I’d like to think that we
are dream enablers as an entity and as being part of the
entertainment industry. That’s our role is to help
make those connections and make those dreams happen. If you look at what’s
changed over the last, gosh, five years, it has been
exponential growth in the industry. And it’s not just film and television, it’s digital arts, it’s gaming. It’s all individuals that come together and I couldn’t think of a
better model that would fit for a credit union, which is
completely membership owned. It doesn’t focus on the
needs of the shareholders, it focuses on the needs
of the members themselves. The history of First
Entertainment, it all started 1967, small office on the Warner Brothers’ lot. I think the story goes,
40 dollars in a cigar box. It did really have humble beginnings. Little did they know that
that small credit union would band together with
other like-minded institutions and form what now is a 1.5,
1.6 billion dollar entity that serves multiple studios,
multiple gaming institutions, the music industry, digital arts. You know, the one thing
that is always a challenge for people that are trying
to establish some level of stability from a financial perspective, is trying to demonstrate
consistency to those organizations. So if anybody’s ever gone
out to apply for a loan or tried to borrow money at any level, the first thing they look
at is your job history. And anybody that works in this industry, that is the one constant that’s not there. You tend to move around a lot. It’s a gig economy, you end
up working in a role to role and that doesn’t always show up as well when you’re trying to get credit. First Entertainment is
different in that regard. We get it. We understand
what it takes to make it in this town and we’re here to help you achieve your success. We want to be able to provide you all of the financial
services that you need as you make your journey
in the entertainment space. You know, we have upwards
of 83,000 members. But the connections
are made one at a time. And so, you have to be a good listener. You have to understand this person’s story at that moment in time. Nobody leaves when the credits roll. Everybody sits and
watches the names roll by because those are our members
that are showing up there and you’re seeing names and companies say, “oh yeah, we work with them, “we work with them, we
support those folks.” And you just have a lot of
pride in being part of helping those folks be successful,
so that’s what it means in my opinion, to be part of
the entertainment industry and we just happen to
offer financial services. That’s the part we play in
the entertainment space. Your story matters. It’s not
a tagline. It’s who we are. It’s how we connect with people and we wanna make sure
that we’re connecting where their story is going,
where their story has been and how we can help them on that journey. (gentle music)

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