Spotlight: LendUp

an online direct lender that is a socially responsible
alternative to payday loans that makes loans online to
people whom banks and credit unions would normally decline. It’s really important to
us morally as a company to contribute the positive
repayment behavior that people are giving, that people are
doing as they use our products, and that we share that. Because that’s the
way that you reward people for the
positive behavior. If you talked to many
companies in the space, they will tell you
that they don’t want to report that information
because why would they want to tell everybody who
their best customers are? But the truth is, we just
think it’s a moral imperative that you be rewarded
for the right behavior. And it really ties in
with our first value here, which is ladders not chutes. We always want to be building
products that help people up on the landscape of
financial health. And we always think
about, when we’re building a product,
if someone uses it, whether they’re going to be
better off a year from now or not. And if they’re not, we don’t
want to build that product.

2 comments on “Spotlight: LendUp”

  1. Online Payday Loans Reviews says:

    Excellent and informative for LendUp Payday Loans.

  2. Hugo Hernandez says:

    They work with you and don't turn u over to the collection hounds the second you can't pay. Been using them for over 3 years now

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