St. Louis Bankruptcy Lawyer-Refinancing & Chapter 13 Bankruptcy (St. Louis Bankruptcy Attorney)
St. Louis bankruptcy lawyer Frank Ledbetter-Many people don’t know that homeowners in an active
Chapter 13 Bankruptcy might be able to refinance. Call St. Louis bankruptcy attorney (314) 669-4529. Hi, I’m St. Louis Bankruptcy lawyer Frank
Ledbetter. I’ve been a St. Louis bankruptcy attorney for 10 years. During this time I’ve
helped hundreds of homeowners stop the Missouri foreclosure process and given them a second
chance at keeping their home. Many people don’t know that homeowners who
are in an active Chapter 13 case for one year may be able to refinance their home mortgage
with a new lender after filing their Chapter 13 cases. This applies even for homeowners
who filed their Chapter 13 bankruptcy case in order to stop a Missouri foreclosure sale. Of course, refinancing with a new lender will
make the remaining mortgage arrearage go away. Therefore, clients who refinance their mortgage
loans while in Chapter 13 will be able to reduce the amount of their Chapter 13 plan
payments and therefore reduce their overall monthly expenses. Chapter 13 bankruptcy clients who wish to
refinance while their Chapter 13 case is active must make their monthly mortgage payments
which come due each month after their case is filed, on time, and make their Chapter
13 plan payments on time in order to be able to refinance with a new mortgage lender.

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