Start Your Own Online Bank | Make Passive Income

Start Your Own Online Bank | Make Passive
Income How To Start Your Own Bank? And make passive income Whats good folks its yah boy DeVaughn
back again with another video and today we are talking about
How To Start Your Own Bank Ok wealthbuilderz
I came up with a way to start your own bank I know it sounds kind of crazy but hey
I never said my ways of making money is conventional First let me tell you what this is not going
to be I’m not going
to tell you to start a brick and mortar bank where people come into an establishment
and give you money or anything like that. But what banks do do… they give loans Personal loans and
Business loans So you do the same. You help people get loans
for personal needs and business needs Its done with crowdfunding loans
Through prosper or lendingclub This is what you will be doing
finding loans that are close to
its funding limit And
what mean is every loan has a funding limit so if you find a loan
that max’s out at $5,000 but its only been funded at about $4500
You can fund the rest of the loan starting from $25 to $500
depending on your budget. So once the loan is funded then
you will start receiving interest payments passively Now keep in mind of two things when investing
in propser loans you
have to wait until the loan is fully funded
and the person receiving the loan starts paying it back. but this is a
great way to increase your income passively and simple way to. Keep in mind All personal loans are made by WebBank, member
FDIC. Loans are unsecured, fully amortized personal
loans. Notes are not guaranteed or FDIC insured,
and investors may lose some or all of the principal invested. Investors should carefully consider these
and other risks and uncertainties before investing. This and other information can be found in
the prospectus. Investors should consult their financial advisor
if they have any questions or need additional information. Thanks for watching Its yah boy DeVaughn
signing off for How To Start Your Own Bank? Do remember wealthbuilderz
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28 comments on “Start Your Own Online Bank | Make Passive Income”

  1. corgidog says:

    You realize that the run a bank people have to actually trust you. Plus you need a license.

  2. United States of America Republic Moorish American says:


  3. Truth fears no scrutiny 123 says:

    What about the risk? What happens to your money when they default on the loan? I bet the little peoples moneys vanishes first!

  4. Dave Steffensmeier says:

    Nice presentation and keep up the good work. I subscribe. If you have a chance, please review my channel and subscribe if you like. Make it a great day. 🙂

  5. _N3pTuN31 says:

    Are you a Vulcan?

  6. Martin Jackson says:

    look up peer to peer lending. places like lending club basically do your ideal

  7. wowomg1032 says:

    U said 9 out of 10 u lose. I would dissagre. I idea is not to just gamble ur money away. There is way to take reasonable risk. ( you only get paid for risk) I like ur plan but for. Beginner I would say start safe and work your way up to something more riskier

  8. wowomg1032 says:

    U said 9 out of 10 u lose. I would dissagre. I idea is not to just gamble ur money away. There is way to take reasonable risk. ( you only get paid for risk) I like ur plan but for. Beginner I would say start safe and work your way up to something more riskier

  9. pnatgrendy says:

    Without a license, what happens if the people decide to just not pay you back? I propose you capitalize your own bank over time and then use it to loan to family.

  10. Hewan says:

    This is so interesting, I've never heard about this concept before, why don't more people know about this!

  11. Kirby McPhaul, Jr. says:

    Sounds like another ponzi. Good idea. Some work but most Dont. Nice warning…disclaimer. You will lose money unless you have 24 hour access to the account.

  12. lozko karamitev says:

    This is glorious, I have been researching "recurring income business ideas" for a while now, and I think this has helped. Have you ever come across – Qonmily Passive Formality – (do a search on google ) ? Ive heard some awesome things about it and my partner got excellent results with it.

  13. Logan Kane says:

    You are an idiot!

  14. Malik Benbrahim says:

    What I love about this guy is he always shares ideas. Whether you like the idea or not is up to you but he still just throws them out there to show you how anything can be profitable if you think about it right.

  15. Damnit Bobby says:


  16. Roberto Morales says:

    The best investment is your own investment

  17. Kenneth Krist says:

    and if they don't pay then you lost your money and have to sue.

  18. Newer Account says:

    Lol don’t know why I expected a 19 year old white kid but after the ad finished the description made more sense. You are awesome dude. Thankypu

  19. Newer Account says:

    Next week, how to harass small businesses until they pay you to protect them from the harassment 🤣

  20. Newer Account says:

    Seriously though if you borrowed 1M from 10 sources and just put it all in a bank account and don’t touch it the interest alone would be more than each would have made on that 1M alone

  21. Newer Account says:

    Main problem is majority of people make other things the main focus and money becomes a burden and those people start saying shit like. “ I wish we could go back to days before money”

  22. Newer Account says:

    Sir you know what you are talking about and should be investing in stocks


    u talking about an investment club … im tring to start that with my homies

  24. Konceited Kai says:

    2019 and this is old news – most of these crowd funding scheme websites have a minimum input anyway not $25 much more. You can still lose your money if the business defaults populous coin did the same and its gone to the wall.

  25. Dr. Remix says:

    Thank you 🙏🏾 the only challenge I see is the word (together) 😞. Beautiful info tho bro. Please don’t stop. My channel is dedicated to uplifting black people as well. Just In a slightly different way. My channel is “under fire” as a result.

  26. Ty Huck says:

    We need this…..put old Rothschild out of business. If everyone did this

  27. Brian Herman says:

    How do I get started?

  28. Tamara Hickman says:

    IS IT SUCCESSFUL…2019??????

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