Staying Alive Trophy Safehouse [Guide] [Payday 2]

Hey guys, Unknown Knight here. Today will be a quick video guide for the Staying Alive Trophy from the new
safehouse. I myself took about 3 minutes to get it. And to unlock: “Complete the Nightclub heist using only
tripmines to kill enemies.” So here’s the quick breakdown of our plan. No difficulty is mentioned so we’ll do it on normal and loud since stealth doesn’t work as far
as I know. No kill count is mentioned as well so 1 kill is enough (well that’s what I did anyway). Quick note here, you don’t have to wait for the trip mines
to be triggered, you can simply detonate it by shooting it. And for our equipment, we’ll need 4 shaped charges so just skill “More Firepower” basic from
the Tech tree, bring a saw for our primary and just before we start the heist we will
need the Loot Truck asset. And for the execution, just set off 1 trip mine for the bouncer (poor fellow) and proceed to find the safe. Our saw is then used for quick entry and the shaped charges for the safe itself. If you do encounter the coke safe, just do a quick restart since we don’t have
enough charges. And when we have the cash, just secure it into the loot truck and get
to the escape. There you go! Quick and easy, just like instant noodles. The full game play video will be playing right
after this but I’ll say my goodbyes here. So stay tuned and I’ll see you in my next
video. Unknown Knight here, signing off.

10 comments on “Staying Alive Trophy Safehouse [Guide] [Payday 2]”

  1. Sway says:

    Jeez… so fast to get to get that achivement. Might as well try it 🙂 Keep up the good work <3

  2. Kiran Amuthan says:

    What hud are you using?

  3. Hugh Johnson says:

    aay thanks man

  4. Achuverz says:

    can you do snipe it thropy ?

  5. Nolukas says:

    well, So its soo easy! Thanks 😀

  6. Angelo S says:

    Annoying achievement. First time the cops came through the window and then the money was in the wrong safe 5 times in a row.
    Your video did help though.

  7. Mr.Bubble says:

    My friends gonna be like WHAT THE FUCK!?

  8. K1ro Extophia says:

    I will show you how to get the right computer in Car shop heist
    in the normal to get trophie
    to get trophie you must get 70 detection or above
    you choice normal for get more time escape
    when you get keycard open room manager look on the board write: New employee (name one manager)
    for an example: New employee Steven Jordan
    find the computer owner's Steven Jordan
    and you hack without alarm
    trust me!

  9. alexkg1 says:

    "Quick and easy. Just like instant noodles"

    LOL! 😀 😀 😀

  10. Unknown Knight says:

    **NOTE** Tripmine kills are oddly unclassified but fire from the Firetrap skill are considered weapons so don't skill it for this trophy. Credits to Wolf for the discovery.

    We don't have to kill using tripmines at all, just bring it. The kill check is also a personal one, so bots/converts/other players works. All players have to bring tripmines though.

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