Stealing $12,340,647 from a Drug Kingpin’s Mansion in VIRTUAL REALITY (Payday VR)

[panicked noises] Well, this, I – Dude they
both like shot their guns. Can, can we go in here and just talk about what we’re doing here please! Fricking, well, it’s pretty simple. Ernesto Soza’s the guy who basically took
Scarface’s mansion. So what we have to do is go inside, infiltrate
his base, murder him, and steal all his coke. Without anyone noticing? Without anyone noticing. Okay, and we just killed about like 5 or 6
people. Yeah I know these guys outside they’re just
the guards keepers. Percentage-wise, how much – how complete are
we here? Shhh. Wait hold on! We’re going way too fast, we gotta get a plan
going, Josiah. The plan is… we kill them all! Also, I forgot to bring body bags. Well, should we be approaching this at different
angles, or. Nah, nah, we should just kind of walk together. You know what I mean? Jeez! Make sure that none of the cameras see them. You know what I mean? That’s just kind of the main thing. The cameras, well where are the cameras? I don’t really know. It’s useful information. Can I kill this guy with a pitchfork? Go ahead. Run at him. Here I go! Ya! Ya! Ya! Ya ya ya ya! I like – I’m really liking this! Oh by the way, everyone is dead around the
whole entire building. Really? Seriously? We got everyone? Yeah. No way, dude we’re so good! Yeah we’re set. So, wait, how much cocaine are we talking
about here? We’re talking, like, literally a beluga whale
amount, okay? It’s a ton. So, in monetary value that means…. I mean, approximately $9,000,000. Nine million? Nine million. Like, nine. zero zero, zero, zero zero zero? Yes. Nine… million. And it’s in there? It’s in there. So… are we gonna get it or what!? I mean come on here! Boy, we can’t just run in, okay? Look, okay, so you see these doors? Uh oh, well the power grid is kind of keeping
the doors up, so we have to shut it down. So, these are doors, and they’re held up with
the power grid? Yes, so we gotta kinda just shut them down. No don’t worry I got this I got this. You got it? Okay. Yeah I know what I’m doing. You’re an electrician, yeah. Yup, alright, it’s finished, what he said. So once those doors are open, we have to go
sneak inside and, wait – huh? You know what I just realized? What? If the doors are open, the guards that are
inside the house are probably going to see all the bodies that… okay listen, bag this
body up right here. Okay, bagging, bagged. And then after that, hide it. In the water. Yeah, I mean if you can see it by the door
then probably not. Lemme check, lemme check. But we should go hide all the bodies that
can be seen – line of sight is good to go, Josiah! Okay, well when we get in the building, the
cocaine is going to be… in the kitcheeennn?? In the bathrooomm?? I’m talking like, it’s somewhere in the house. We dont know where it is? We don’t really know, it’s probably with Ern.
estos. Soza. Ernesto Soza. So it’s probably in his… office? Yeah! Okay, and his office is… second floorrr? First floorrr? I mean like, we’re talking I mean I don’t
know. On the ceilinngg? I don’t think it’s gonna be in like, the front
area. So we gotta – In the basemeenntt? You know what I mean? You know, we’re talking about $9,000,000 worth
of cocaine here, it would probably help to have a little bit of strategy. I mean the doors are fricking sealed, do you
think that I know everything? I think with them sealed, now is the perfect
opportunity to *create* a plan. Okay, here’s the plan, we’re gonna go inside,
we’re gonna go look for a fricking switch – go inside which door, we’ve got one two three four five we’ve got six doors,
And we’ll open up all the doors – Josiah we have six doors! Which door are we going through first. We’re gonna go through this one. Okay, and then… [doors open] Ahh! Ohh!! Initiate plan! There’s people, there’s people everywhere,
we gotta be careful. We have to try not to kill any of them. Should I just get down on the ground, maybe? Just take it – No, just come follow me. Pitchfork or pistol! Sorry, I should be whispering. [whispering] Pitchfork or pistol? Get the pistol out! Okay, sorry. There’s a guy up here. Should I kill him? Or should I – Okay, now we have to go through
the yayo. Can you slow down? I can’t move that fast. Wait, follow me follow me, go backwards. Okay. Cocaine package! There’s a special cocaine package that has
a password. Alright, run back, we have to run back. The cocaine might be in the front. What’s that? Is that cocaine? Run back! I think that’s cocaine! Dude, that’s not the cocaine we want it’s
fake, it’s flour. What if the cocaine in the safe is flour? The, that’s not flour, it’s okay. Why would they lock up flour? Tell me this right now, why would they leave
out cocaine? In the safe, as a distraction, so that we
get home and realize “oh my god we just did this for nothing.” Boy, we’re breaking into his house, taking
down his security, and you think that he will actually have flour in his safe with all the
money! I would do that. I would hide all the real coke in the, between
the walls, and I’d put fake cocaine in the safe. [card hits wall] Jeez. Uh, I think I found the coke we wanted. No, that’s not the coke we wanted. Is this the coke we wanted? I found it! The phone is downstairs. Oh look, it’s right there. Alright! [burps] Now we are going to kill
Ernesto Soza. That’s it? Well, we have to secretly, and quietly, enter
the office. Now here’s the thing, we gotta go upstairs – hold on. [violently sneezes] Oh god. Alright I’m ready to go! Follow me, follow me. Oh god, no no no it’s okay! So, follow, or not follow? Okay following, are you sure? Okay, one guard. Two guards. No it’s okay! It’s okay! We’re gonna break in here! Uh, no, this is not going to work! Kill him! Where is he? Oh my god he’s dead. What do you think we’re gonna steal fifty
pounds of cocaine and then just… Go! Run with the loot! Run with the bags! Uh, no! This is not going to work Josiah! Yes it will! No it won’t. I have a ladder, let’s go. What? Go! Go! Just run the loot. Put another – I put mine, I put mine. Oh my god. Hold on. Just jump down! Jump down. Get ready to put down another, okay? Okay, tell me when. Where, where do I – oh up there? Oh jesus, no this is not going to work. It’s gonna work, we can do it. Put down another now! Put down another now! Okay. We got this. We can do this. Josiah, on a rating scale from to ten, ten
being “this is not going to work” and one being “this is not going to work” it is any
of the numbers between one and ten. We are going to get this! I’ll tell you when to put down another, okay? Now! Now! Now! Okay. How many more bags do we have? Just keep running them! I don’t – Start running them to the car!!! The alarm is gonna go off! I have to walk around! No, just! Just run for the van! Get the money in the van! Well you keep throwing them here! No it’s okay, the alarm is gonna go off, we
gotta run! Oh no. Oh no! I need the skill to throw the bags further! Oh no! Oh no! [alarm sounds] Josiah I need help! I, I almost have all the money! Uh oh. [impact] What? Oh Jesus! Oh my god! Josiah help me he came out of nowhere! No!!! I got down too! Oh my god, no no no no nononononononono. You’re going up! You’re getting up! We’re gonna get this! No we are not! Start running! We gotta! We’re gonna run away! No we’re not. Yes we are! This is it, this is the home stretch! All of it, it’s out! This is all of it? This is all of it! My guy. $157,000. You’ve gotta be joking me. You have got to be joking me. I’m not kidding. Oh no, they’re almost here. Oh no, they’re right behind us! Oh, Jesus. Oh no, get the money in. This is the last one!? Yes. This is the last bag! Josiah are we gonna go? We’re going. We’re going!? We did it. I can’t believe it! I can’t believe it. We just did it. Are you serious. Do you know how much money we actually made? Oh my god. [music]

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