Stealing $1,552,500 Worth of GOLD BARS in VIRTUAL REALITY (Payday VR)

(Every caption that doesn’t have a name attatched to it is MeLikeBigBoom.) I think if we recognize the problems that went last time, we can be more… …well equipped for this time around. So we need to rob the bank. Josiah: Yes. They’ve got gold in the safe. I want the gold. Josiah: Yes !!!!11!!1!!! …Jesus Christ. But last time what were the issues- So, I… I couldn’t grab the pager, that was stupid, that was just Payday Josiah: Ehh, no you just suck. And then there was the- the teleportation, well we fixed that. We downloaded this locomotion mod that makes the- (loses focus because the mod is so good) This is so much better. I cannot believe it. Okay… and ummm That’s it. That’s both of our problems! So I think we can just.. I think we can just run in and just.. rob the bank. Okay, so first thing we have to figure out where the safe is. There’s the safe And… There’s a security guard (beep) Shut up!1! Where’s the security office? Where’s… Josiah: Over there. uhp.. Hi.. Umm That’s the bank manager. Ummm There’s the Security office, that’s super easy, this door is shut. Okay Hi.. Umm Hello Umm And that means that this door over there must be open, so… We need to kill the manager and get the security.. card. Josiah: The card might be in his office, which is directly to your l- like right there pretty much -Card here..? Yes, it is! Josiah: Can- Do you have the skill to grab it? Try to grab it. Josiah: No you don’t have that skill- No I do not.. okay. Josiah: But you know where it is! Um… he left (Message from the caption person, i have no clue what either of them said, have a nice day) Josiah: Okay… just, you can try to sneak your way to the card… right now. Should I put the m- okay So I’ll put the mask on and then.. Josiah: Yeah Josiah: Put your- (Interrupted by H3H3 or Ethan): MaSk Oh yeah, I forgot I got a suppressed pistol which will make things a lot easier now Pew Pew Pew Pew *STRUGGLE NOISES* Police Guard: FREEZE *SHOOTING INTENSIFIES* *RELOADING* *EMERGENCY ECM JAMMER* *ALARM NOISES* Josiah: HahaHa- Dude the page- the pagers are on! Alright, we- we can- we can do better. We ca- *WHEEZE* Josiah: Security office is over here Dirty. Josiah: Just see, if the- oh wait, look, That’s the- that’s the guy right there Yeah the bank manager right there? Josiah: Yeah Josiah: Go see if the card is there. If it’s not, it’s on him. And if it’s on him just murder him. Josiah: It’s on him, MURDER HIM (Discovers something new) Oh, you click it. Do you hold it? Is that how you sprint? Josiah: Yeah Hold it, sprint- oh shoot Oh! Josiah: *GASP* Hello Josiah: (wtf does he say to begin this sentence) Josiah: Here’s what you do, you break the camera right now and then kill the guy (MeLikeBigBoom’s FaZe Clan montage) Josiah: You better hurry, there’s a guard coming (OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO) That was.. Josiah: Grab the keycard. Josiah: Ok now get ready there’s a guard coming. Alright come around the corner (translation: come fight me noob) Josiah: Grab your melee Grab my melee? Josiah: Yeah! Shank him! Stab and shoot. Stab shoot. Ssssstab shoot. Stab shoot- Or shoot stab? Josiah: Stab shoot Okay, stab shoot Josiah: Now STAB SHOOT That worked amazing! Wow.. ok Uncle Ethan: I don’t feel safe control. I think that we need to ditch our guns for swords… GREAT Swords… Wouldn’t that be badass? Radio Person: Ohh I see… I see. Radio Person: Okay, that checks out. Okay that checks out That was probably pointless to bag him. Josiah: No it’s actually good- no, nonono, but it behind it. Because if a guard actually does come.. Yeah.. I thought it would make a good ornament. But this guy, what should I do with this guy? Josiah: Ehh, leave him. Actually I have an idea. (?) (OH GOD WHY) Should I shoot the camera? Josiah: Nooo because then everyone in the lobby will know Josiah: You just- you literally- you have to walk up and use your key card on the door Josiah: As quick as possible Well i’m just gonna sprint in (BANG BANG SKEET SKEET) *HEAVY BREATHING* Josiah: *GASP* Now, now, go! Pop Pop Pop! Bang Bang Skeet Skeet! Uncle Ethan: Oh, I think my battery’s running low. I’ll have to replace it after my shift Radio Man: Oh, just a second, let me check that. Josiah: Are you not able to bag him up? Josiah: Yeah, you don’t, ok so go all the way around right now Josiah: You have to find the last guard. Josiah: And then you’re gonna put down an ECM and kill everyone. Josiah:But you have to find the last guard. He’s on the other side, I bet. Josiah: Go. Run around right now Josiah: Not that way. Josiah: Outside, boi Well, why would he be outside? Josiah: No, you run to the other side of the bank. But- then i’m gonna be leaving this guy. Josiah: It’s okay, but if you do this quickly Josiah: Oh shoot. Josiah: ECM NOW. Josiah: Go upstair- go around. All the way around. Cause that is the guard. Josiah: Get ready Josiah: Dude, you better get ready to just… get your gun and shoot all the way across this.. Josiah: Take the shot, take the shot now. Now’s your chance! Guard: STOP IT! *BANG BANG* Josiah: Get ready, the pager is gonna be delayed slightly. Josiah: Now Uncle Ethan: *Yawn* Aw man, I’m tired.. Josiah: Listen to what the guy tells you. Josiah: Listen to it, word-for-word. Radio Man: Man if that pager goes off again, i’m gonna have to sound the alarm. For real. Josiah: What’d he say? What? Josiah: What’d the guy say? He said, somethin somethin somethin… i’m gonna have to sound the alarm Josiah: One more time, that means that there’s no more guards. *HEAVEN MUSIC* *GASP* *GASP PT.2* Jesus Christ! Josiah: Yeah I know, it’s a heart attack. Josiah: But now listen up. Here’s what you gotta do, you ready? There’s no more guards! Josiah: Yeah There’s no more guards! I killed the bank manager, I killed that guard, there- there’s no one left! Josiah: Yeah, but no no no All I have to do is I have to just drop a grenade in the lobby and i’m good! Josiah: No, hold up. First, quietly kill the people in the back. So don’t go that way. Okay, alright. Josiah: Here, go down that stairwell. Josiah: Kill him. *BAYUM* Josiah: Now someone’s up behind that wall I bet *HUMMING NOISES* *BAYUM* Josiah: T- Kill the tellers, now. You gotta run. No they didn’t notice. Josiah: Go through that door and just kill ’em Josiah: Kill everyone, now (way too lazy to caption this whole part. sorry) HOW COULD I- *FRUSTRATION NOISES* I- Was there anything I could’ve done Josiah? Josiah: Not really *WHEEZE* Josiah: Not really anything at all! Josiah: Just get- Just git gud Just git gud *monotone* Where are the police officers.. Where are the police officers. Josiah: There they are.. Josiah: Wait are you surrendering? Josiah: Are you surrendering? Jesus Dragan! No! No! I’m sur- What have you done!?!?!?!?!?!?! Arrest me! Arrest me, it wasn’t me! It wasn’t me. You can arrest me! You can arrest me. I’ll just, I’ll get in the back. *BAYUM* Josiah: You killed them No I didn’t Huh, we’re done! We can just rob the bank now. Josiah: But- Dumbo? Bimbo? Boh Boh n’ Oh Boh Huh. What? *some sort of laugh* *GASP* It’s open! Doo do do Doooo (victory noises?) Well that’s simple enough Gimme! Gimme! How much are we talking here? Hundred seventy seconds, okay I can work with that Hila- every time, she just has to know what i’m doing! Why her? Why- Wh- Watch, if I walk over here.. And I start sniffing the flowers. Give it 20, 30 seconds and she’ll show up Look! LOOK AT WHAT I SAID. LOOK IT! What- what’s so special about the painting Hila? Hila? Hila? What????? I guess she just really likes the paintings here. Clearly, sh- *FRIGHTENED* I’m sorry- I can put it back- I can put it back. I can- I can put it back I can put it back… I’m sorry Hila. *HAPPY NOISES* AND AH BA BAAAA *Beautiful Singing* Come on Hila, let’s go! Get the HeCK back there Grab the money! That’s it? Josiah: Yeah $517,000???? Gosh, we’re talkin Lamborghini Aventadors, each and every single one of these Hila! Look at this! Look at this! I swear to god she doesn’t care about anything! Nothin but her stupid paintings. (Every caption done by Fly2Freedom. I spent three hours on this. You’re welcome.)

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  1. E A says:

    One of the guys sounded kinda like h3h3

  2. Gardeddarkvader 2008 says:

    There’s a roblox version

  3. memetube 420 says:

    Can you like NOT kill the civilians?

  4. Crispy Bacon says:

    like every normal bank the vault is right next to the entrance….

  5. Jaquez Davis says:

    0:21 wait wait wait wait wait wait wait wait wait wait wait wait wait wait wait wait wait wait wait john wick?

  6. Michael Turner-Smith says:

    I literally clicked off of a video that just started just because this video showed up in my recommended videos. I'm currently beginning my binge.

  7. Tsuki Al’garun says:

    You suck at aiming XD

  8. Y0UKA1 ヨウカイ says:

    “Well Ecrypted”

  9. Not this guy again says:

    3:33 Ethan has joined the server

  10. Dorian King says:

    You guys live in Oregon? I live in Washington (Kelso to be exact) 🤣🤙

  11. HapcleTheAdvancedGamer says:

    also you can tie the manager up to get the key card too

  12. Matt Brannum says:

    You are so cool i love vi

  13. angry dogo says:

    Is that online game

  14. the one and only duck says:

    am i rhe only one that is infuriated cuz he killed the civillians at the start?

  15. Watching U FrMBhindU says:

    Just blender his brain

  16. Tomorrow is NOT just another day says:

    Something exciting could be happening and I'm just another Hila.

  17. Nicolai Perez says:

    I play Pay Day on my Xbox360 for free

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    Hila has found a forbidden love towards you!

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    This is gonna be super easy

    Dies in the first 30 seconds

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    you made your Bitcoin wallet fat

  26. Undertaker resa para que no te mate says:

    Now i want to play Payday

  27. The Dancing Watermelon says:

    Mom: Hey son, What are you doing on the PC?
    Me: Oh, I just kill people and rob banks for fun.

  28. ryan monahan says:

    Is the guards voice of h3h3

  29. ??? says:

    Why doesn’t payday 2 devs pay attention to console?

  30. The Facts says:

    When I play payday I don’t plan I just spray and pray

  31. Jackson Hackney says:

    I love your vids there so funny

  32. 4N0NYM0U5 #425 says:

    What character does he use

  33. I am Depressing says:

    When i play these type of games I literally have a panic attack and just kill myself. 😂

  34. Konijima says:

    My brain bleeds, your so bad. Haha

  35. Nate Cam says:

    Hahaha just run in

  36. Nate Cam says:

    Perfect aim amazing

  37. tlarson91119 says:

    I've always wanted to try out VR. For the guys/gals that have a setup, what would you recommend? I'd need a new video card too. my budget is $1,500

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    The game will y’all are playing is based off a move

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    Why are you stealthily doing this heist if the difficulty is only hard?

  41. BFGmaster says:

    I am incapable of doing stealth

  42. Kjca says:

    Why is Ethan from h3h3 the voice? 😂😂😂

  43. Kjca says:

    One of those god bars in real life would be worth $500,000 never mind a whole bag

  44. Sasha Kniazevich [BlockStrike] says:

    if you restarted the game and bank manager of the 2 guys:)

  45. Jose Lopez says:

    Shoot stab

  46. C4YKOCHER says:


  47. RCYBER_X04 says:

    You need to have Skillz to pick up a card

  48. supergami alif says:

    3:02 wth how the the manager do not see a bullethole beside her

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    I wish console had Ethan. I'd buy that shit so hars

  51. Your Fathers Cool says:

    Can u not just make them get down instead of killing them?

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    i remember his unturned videos

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    Why didn't more cops show up?

  62. Daniel Christie says:

    Its a vault not a safe

  63. 6lue Already Dead says:

    When they failed the first time his friend said "I know we can do better", what he really meant was "next time don't jump around like a f**** retard when you should be crouching you goddamn idiot" 🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️😑😑🤬

  64. 6lue Already Dead says:

    And please stop playing at that b** ass H3 H3 character it's annoying as f*** not funny at all and just plain f**** cringy and the only people that really use that character or no Talent f**** cheaters and hackers

  65. 6lue Already Dead says:

    5:14 ish. Wat a fuccin idiot🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️😑😑😑😑🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️🤬😭😭😭💀 he is really going to run through the bank in front of all those f**** people like they wouldn't see him or he was going to shoot a guard in front of 50 f**** people like they wouldn't see it instead of do what the guy clearly meant which is Brent around to the other side of the bank where the guard is in a kill him there and then Rush everybody in the lobby smfh

  66. 6lue Already Dead says:

    AGAIN what kind if FUCCING MORON drops a grenade in the lobby of a bank and thinks that they f**** stealth mission that f**** retard needs to stop playing this game if he's really that goddamn stupid I know it's for entertainment purposes but that's not entertaining to watch him to be a f**** idiot and f*** it up maybe some people think it's funny but he's clearly play this game enough time to know that's not how it goes and that's not what the f*** you do so he just being a f**** idiot at this point for the sake of being stupid

  67. 6lue Already Dead says:

    8:26 YEA U COULD'VE NOT DROPPED A FUCCING GRENADE & and you tied up / shot the civilians like you're supposed to NON OF THAT WOULD'VE FUCCING HAPPENED U FUCCTARD MORON🤬🤬🤬🖕🖕🖕🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️😑😑😑😑🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️🤣😂🤣😂😭😭💀💀💥💥💣💣🖕🖕🖕🤬

  68. 6lue Already Dead says:

    Oh and for everyone wondering after he came back from pausing it and he killed those two cops he restarted the game and read did it the right way when you stealth this Heist cuz if you notice when it said the vote was open the alarm wasn't going off cuz after you kill the first two cop cars that takes maybe a minute or two and then the entire f**** police force shows up and you can tell he restarted because AI doesn't even have the mask on and that's the first thing they do when it goes well they put their masks on the start shooting and none of the AI has their masculine or guns in their hands so he restarted it just to make it look good for the video and I'm not going to lie around the eight and a half minute mark this stupidity did go from Annoying to slightly amusing so it was kind of of funny

  69. 6lue Already Dead says:

    And the funny thing is he not only restarted it after he two cops but he actually replayed it on a harder difficulty because if you noticed when he goes to act like he's sniffing the flowers or whatever the camera he looks up at is a Titan camera which is only only harder difficulties and before the bank had the regular cameras that you can actually shoot out oh… So at least I got to give him props for actually doing it on a harder difficulty when he restarted the highest instead of an easier one👏👏👏👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻

  70. 6lue Already Dead says:

    And this is the first time I've ever noticed that Hila it's almost as Godamn ugly as Nancy Pelosi 💯💯👏👏👍🏻🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂😭😭😭💀💀💀💀💀💣💥

  71. Dr. Phantom Gacha says:

    John wick has entered the chat

  72. thefifth dollar says:

    Inexperienced heister:

    “All I have to do is drop a grenade in the lobby and I’m good”

    Experienced heister:

    “Nope. Hold up.”

  73. Thirdy Molina says:

    I don't feel safe control I think that we need to ditch our guns for SWORDS Great SWORDS Wouldn't it be badass?

    Pager : Alright I see I SEE

  74. Kalisper whispem says:

    Harvest & trustees:*Ah Sh*t here we go again*

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    Me: that an’t it chief

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  90. Tyler Steffen says:


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    Is that hila from h3h3 podcast ?

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    This is GTA IV

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    Us payday players
    think this guy is pathetic

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