Streaming Payday 2

I’m alive so we are technically live
theoretically live looks like I saw there all right so I see us on YouTube and see
us on which and on twitch is gonna say talk shows because I could not figure
out how to change the name and Adam did not leave me the sign-in so that’s what
that’s what happens all right then so Leif so how’s it going it’s it’s a
second Tuesday of the week second Friday of the week so if you’re just tuning in
we are gonna play payday 2 I don’t know if anyone out there on YouTube or twitch
plays payday I’m a big fan you said you played it before yeah but he has an impressive level
where I’m at zero so when I said that I was really starting from scratch I’m I’m
really starting from scratch let’s see how this goes but yes I’m gonna be
choosing two missions and so you’ll be choosing the mission let’s see if I
remember or I can figure out how to do that yeah it’s been it’s been I would
say good while since I’ve last played this I thought this would be kind of fun
to a nice co-op game and if you haven’t played this yet what would you call this
is kind of role-playing where you have each have a role but you’re doing bank
heist you’re doing your high steam your I guess so her skirt it’s a heist game
yeah and I just look at the description and the district description is all
wrong oh no it is not Peter so yes so this would be you know you
have someone that’s pretty experienced here for the spite end you have someone
who’s not experienced many years ago I reviewed this for in other sites but
like I said it’s been many years and what did you go what kind of rain did
you give I believe I gave it a pretty good rating yeah i-i’ve seen a remember
but the funny thing it was okay it’s not around anymore so I could say it was
GameTrailers and I tried to look it up but all that info is gone now so all the
stuff that wasn’t that slide is gone so I can’t even really see what I gave it
so they don’t even exist at all right I thought that somebody at archives it
because it was originally MTV but no it’s gone I suppose I could look it up
on Wikipedia and see what I’ve noticed thing this is over watching the bottom
right-hand corner and I didn’t realize that Adam had also done something will
funky with that too in any case I think you can guess it escaped out of there
and then I think we’re already in a mission start just start the heist let’s
just over to the game okay if you’re new to the game you might want to try out
our basic spices yeah I said I said no you already know what you’re doing
that’s the best that I changed to this it’s easy if we’re playing on regular
you know the risk we see at the top right through there the risk skulls very
none of them are lit up and when I was playing there was only four levels of
difficulty uh-huh and now apparently there’s six which I’ll have to ask Mike
my friends who play this a good amount what level they are what did my loadout
I’m just gonna double-check I’m going like a heavy heavy tank broker because
that’s always what I liked and every time you you you hit a hundred and you
want to reset you go back to zero and you have no skill points uh-huh so I
forget what the term is when you kind of like max out the highest level and then
you kind of start over yeah what’s that term respect parrot Paragon Paragon
I guess maybe maybe have maybe different games have different terminology or for
it so yeah Lodi I mean you’re you’re you’re not gonna have many options
because you’re starting at zero I’m sorry so alright so we ready that case
how well sorry Swayze I know I could Adam normally logs in and I do not have
the twitch login so we are we are being listed as a full nerd when we are not so
just kidding you got pranked we got pranked so yeah I I will mark
myself as ready and let’s see what we got so hopefully you you tuned in and
you saw the layout and you’re like okay this is not a full nerd you know what it
alright guys go into the full nerd – Adam is on vacation this week alright so
what was fishing I don’t you remember uh hi some stuff yeah it’s John wick look at that oh alright
the skulls out it well I don’t know where we’re supposed to go hit the
convoy oh it’s probably below us how do you crouch control okay she knows who
she is so I don’t know if we’re supposed to go
down there or not get to the armored truck so yes let’s listen uh can we go
down this way are there stairs nope I came and jumped down oh man this is
gonna be rough maybe I feels like a crazy mission oh we’re not supposed to let’s see let’s go this way
all right here stairs okay what interesting I think we’re supposed
to run okay let’s go this way I don’t know if you’re still following
me yeah I’m just following here they see you way out
you see anyway we’re supposed to go tried hitting I think it’s Eon the door
oh do you who has c4 okay we have here called s and let’s say which way to put in planta
here we go so I don’t think either of us obviously
picked c4 as a that’s an option behind you blast the doors which doors I guess you
need more c4 oh let’s see if we can find some some more doors or c4 garage doors okay we need a keycard so we got to find
a keycard oh there’s dudes all right let’s find
this key card it’s probably someone who has it kill the dudes let’s find this
key card okay I think there’s probably Keane here said the blow this l5
obviously for never let’s sing whoops not wrong well let’s
never get all the way all right okay I’m just picking it that’s true yesterday was only a half
turn actually Gordon is back in the office today
maybe we should try to grab him a little bit so Joseph I think you’ve played
payday 2 and rusty came here for the payday candy bars
wait so you got in here wait okay so you were already in here
apparently or someone was but we need to get a key you don’t have a key did you
know I’m gonna have to adjust a everyone’s here I’m sorry all right so
we got to find a key somewhere oh whoops I just killed the civilian that’s okay I
need to get down all right where is whoops okay come to the right civilian I
look like I might be running low on ammo and now okay oh sorry these are like what doors what
doors yeah this is this is the story of paydays like you kind of have let’s help
me find some doors okay I see it and I see it I see it this is not what I
expected them to be well I’m having fun rolling people down yes yes that’s half
the game right this is not subtle it pays to be a tank yeah that’s the user I
like they do all right all right good thing I have a journal
cuz good thing alright do I do that but what’s my my specialty should I yeah I
have ammo packs hey Gordon that’s Gordon people miss you they said they got
cheated out of a full full nerd yesterday because it was only a half
deal yeah how do you play payday that’s what I said I reviewed it like years ago
but let’s see if I can remember what button will give me see that’s what it
is okay my friends don’t play like co-op games and stuff I usually don’t play it
so that’s the reason I never quit playing we apparently are in a
slaughterhouse and there’s I believe either money or drugs inside this vault
and and then we’re gonna grab it and then go
somewhere with it maybe it’s like mob money it’s yeah it’s always more money
the mob the mom that’s Cho right there oh you know it was so it was a very
transport see like we had it pulled up into this as part of the trap yeah so
yeah and then I we blew the back open and then the alarm yes and then the cops
are coming after us so make sense right boy I feel like
Gordon actually you would like this game it feels like the game your life cuz
it’s it’s it’s I would say mostly casual yeah won’t you understand them it also
cute I like yeah no I’m handling the drill bit
Lafe is is shooting all the police and then we have to co-op ai this is John
wick and Scarface now you’re using a pump-action shotgun and you’re making
Johnson yeah I have a good shock in here and then I
have an even better sniper rifle that can shoot through Armour like even the
the heaviest guys in this game yeah because I’m pretty hila I’m I’m not a
maximal about 85 out of 100 for this before you you can choose to reset reset
it by the same brand although I was just watching I just love reading an article
last night that was saying for certain things you should get you should get the
cheap stuff at Harbor Freight because you just where $49.99 and we’re trying
to make millions of dollars and whoever bought this drill went I’m afraid showed
up nothing there NPC no you had to buy your drill and Harbor Freight yeah yeah
that’s a problem Joseph I do recommend this game so if
you bought it you could give it a shine they’ve been a lot of updates
oh and they’ll and all the updates are free I remember when when I think I
forgot who bought them but they’re like the LC will now be all free yeah I
remember before I used to like pay like four dollars here and there for like new
additional maps and packs and they’re just like you it everyone gets a free
now so yeah when I did played it was 2013 and it’s fun again wasn’t sure
about that when I told him was 23rd all right so it’s gold right now we wait you
must be carrying one yeah that’s like 500 pounds of gold so yeah sometimes
it’s easy it was I we got a bag all this gold and take it over there well I’ve
killed like a small towns worth of SWAT team members so I’m not expecting too
much for realism nights if you want to Gratz
grab some of this money and bring it over there okay but while you’re holding
it yeah you’re gonna be a moose Gold is heavy obviously yeah you go slow you
can’t run with this so this is the fastest we can go there’s no way you
could even put on your back I mean these are some you know some Eddie Bauer
backpacks or something cuz they’re like so the straps aren’t breaking it’s you
know this is like a full full warranty lifetime guarantee here it’s probably
you know all right so we let’s bring all the money to here and and then and then
let’s just bring him back and forth something like a whole bunch of short
runs and I think that drop money okay yeah see because otherwise the police
are gonna try to grab it so the what the so wait it’s police because they want to
do it no they’re they’re um normal police so uh is this so the co-op mode
is view I don’t know it’s it’s always been co-opted yeah that’s always been
co-op that’s gonna like the whole deal yeah like there’s different roles you
can play like you can be like it you know I guess I’d never got lost and then you just do heist let’s say
yeah we should get like a whole PCWorld crew or more feather we should figure
out at some point how to get like I’m sorry other players like argh
you know viewer is in on the action as a good movie Gordon and did you watch
yesterday’s full nerd I’ve only Carson to listen to it and
they’re still wrong doesn’t matter yet smack OH gang what alright
so I’ve slowly working our bags over there I’ve seen you know this is a good
practice if you like if you play this a lot you start to feel like you could
actually pull some of this off sorry then from a strategist from a strategy
level you feel like you can do it you don’t think set me know if you right now
Amalie because I have a subhanallah because I’m killing a lot of friendly
fire is off although grenades I think do hurt your teammates and they hurt
yourself hello alright so now we have all the bags over here so now we got a
let’s work it to the next locations just all that beautiful gold oh dang you know
you can see my gun like that makes so much sense
Oh watch out for those sniper rifle sushi alright I’m getting something
let’s bring out the money to the next level
oh dang maybe just throw it in here then this would prepare you for death ya know you’d be prepared for for
robbing a hybrid vehicle Gordon I have the knowledge let me see if I can find a
gasoline container there’s one over here oh yeah it’s right see I just need this crazy this crazy
gun Gordon luckily we’re playing on normal mode and
otherwise we’d be dead by now I’m looking for insulin normal very
essentially invincible and you get a lot more ammo out of it hi can you throw
those bags on the on the Rolex oh I didn’t think about that I wonder if that
would have worked I think you’re right I think that does like you’d have to turn
it on yes it does work thank you sorry those important yeah see
that would be part of the plan normally yeah yeah all right so our so we have
the money in this next slot alright so now let’s move to the next location I
think we can probably bring it all the way up to the front to the to this last
bit all right I’m getting low on health related replenishment I did not bring I did not bring a health med kit someone
else probably has it so don’t go just don’t die that’s the one problem when
you play this without with just a eyes you don’t get all the all the benefits I am I tend to be someone who is like a
heavy reloader yo I know I’ve only ever break I get I reload it’s like I only
shot one bullet let me reload alright last bag
wait no two more bags one more bag there for you to grab and then I think that’s
it and if you haven’t played it so you like what you do these missions and then
that’s how you get money and then that’s how you buy better guns and you can get
things where’s the escape it looks like escape is this way I find uh let me get the gasoline where is this castle cheese that I got and then a helicopter will come it
sounds like and come get us so now we just got to survive what should it be
tarde I put this if you need more ammo
I just put my pack here Oh I dress up another fire but we need more
gas Oh see if you can define another gas tank
there’s one you see what was up room no that’s the way we need to pull off so
we’re jugger so we gotta find a gas tank oh how AI are so useless and if it doesn’t maybe it’s I’ll cut
there and it’s marked one off deco-pack daddy hello yeah this is a sloppiest you’ll see it
just being played yeah our train controls pretty true I found
it right what’s the key to do a barrel roll in
this game out can you do I don’t think you can dive can you it does give you a lot of help life to
do what to do so even though we have no idea what that we’re doing we can fudge
our way and to a ice yeah we kuma gordon’s may not be there but he’s
always the show alright let’s see wait for the trap this
is the longest mission ah wait for this trap reading thank goodness for my shield because
well somehow I got healed Wow must be nice oh no I said I guess I’m full health I
am I’m Joe I was looking at you for a sec you are literally on the edge of
dying I’ve been like this for a while I got I guess I got too cocky earlier and
I thought that I you know there were more health the plane on easy does it not give you a
ton of experience points yeah Sarah wait for the gold wait for
the gold I get to the escape route which looks
like let me get there we get there open up you can’t Sonny yeah I went
through here okay I get to open that and so I went through
sir right all right open this one I don’t know I’ll follow the blue
containers all right I just get in this little box
we did it actually cuz yeah like no armor or anything that so don’t see
contract paint we made like a million bucks
oh wow I don’t pay off my student when real for the month
yeah no let’s see yeah offshore account a million dollars but actual free money
to spend two hundred and forty two thousand gordon says this is not real alright so let’s say your level yeah you
went from level zero and now you’re a little six seven yeah these first ones
especially because this is a hefty omission so let’s see how many you get
up to I barely button jump budget at all but eleven twelve alright looks like I got the twelve okay
hi Santa yeah let’s see what we get what I get I don’t know what that means kind of
safe yeah this is new I don’t know what’s safe still that’s that’s nice
sounds like a good thing yeah so I want you go all this little look at you and I
want to just change your inventory out all right so that’s my character that’s
my mask we have this different skill sets mm-hmm upgradable safehouse I wonder what you
safe house is under attack interesting I can upgrade my safe house but it and
there’s trophies they’ve added quite a bit I got a I should play this a little
bit more I wish I could look at your inventory
right now I’m learning let’s say I’m gonna buy some guns maybe yeah let’s
say this is our chance okay let’s see
like s-sarah is dlc still no these must be old DLCs to a lock by the PHA to
Ultimate Edition to unlock uh biker heist we should see what’s
going on yeah there’s some interesting guns here I’m not even sure what Chuck and I have
anymore I’ll get some bolt cutters sounds useful
oh yeah a silenced locomotive has a la damage and I used to be a thing that like when
you get to a hundred you lose all your money so you buy a whole bunch of guns
and then you sell at the beginning but I don’t think I think it got rid of that
yeah that’s right don’t forget to buy some armor which I when did you get up –
I got the heavy ballistic wrist I can almost guarantee you we’re the
only we’re the only people in the streaming paititi one on Twitter unfortunately I can’t get to say that
where I even streaming twitch show the talk show alright so yes alright so
what’s your mission you wanna do look for an easy one so that one’s hard we
could try to stop it if you want smoker skewer and so let’s see let me see if I can
find one the easy ones stealth like Xbox let’s see we definitely want easy and we
definitely want no skulls but I guess if we’re selling it we can I think we can keep waiting for some
stuff to come out how alike yeah I’ve not played that bridge one that’s a
to skull one so that means it’s more difficult
I feel like gold still Bank might be and remember which one does go bank that’s a
great job break the wall into the deposit boxes and get the loot out
simple Baynes Intel said as this branch is the lowest hit rate in the country
it’s time to change that I think if we can find jewelry store yeah there was
one of those let’s say I saw one of those everyone let him in it the other
one before it updated but I did see a jewelry store on yeah go pink I think is
a little bit longer and trickier not for Cyrus yeah but yeah there was definitely
jewelry store because it so stealth one will also have like a little blue
stealth stealth the thing there all right like this one
the bank house deposit what’s that you can just roll the fault
keep those if mmm that might be a little tricky yeah there’s a lot of missions I
don’t know I guess I don’t see the myth emissions no there’s no yeah there was
one earlier all right yeah let’s do that and then let me get my let me change my
inventory out because now we’re stealth in it okay I think I think we decided so
you might want to get like a light you could either go to piece suit or
lightweight ballistic they’re gonna kind of affect your your stealth levels and I
think choosing which guns you do also will affect your stealth cell I think that’s one of the ones I use and
here’s my silence that’s pretty quiet mainly this this
this and that’s how that will take jammers cuz that’ll be a little bit more
useful installing it and so now I got my stealth level 2 at 10 which is pretty I
think I could get a lower and still concealment 28 see 124 yeah so that’s
like I’m super stealthy I can like pickpocket somebody you see that this
detection risk on the bottom right mm-hmm
so that’s like because of the guns you chose they’re not easily concealable
okay and they’re not silenced you know the silence are either right that’s okay
so you should avoid shooting yes exams over summary until we need to alright
hopefully we won’t need to shoot you can I think you can attack them by hand at
least all right so I think I think I’m ready to go
all right I’m not yeah yeah we’ll see how this goes says all the display case is an error
connected to alarm disable the alarm and then steal the diamond jewelry this gate
driver is a bit jumpy so keep this quiet methodical bag of everything let’s go
still is an option all right so let’s see if I can remember this one so this
one again I think this is one of the easiest ones to learn stealth on good
this one yeah there’s other original Maps so if it plays the same way we go
here to the left alright no cameras I am going to put on my mask so you need to
make shit let me know if anyone comes it’s coming so you need to stand by me
but don’t put on your mask hmm and then you let me know if anyone
is coming dude coming around how cool how’s the call today
yup right there all right yes I think I got a little bit time before I have to
they’re gonna see me yep she’s about maybe six seconds away and she is oh
there’s that dude alright cuz I gotta hide these bodies
unfortunately oh shit I forgot someone need to answer these calls so just let
me know if anyone’s coming again cuz I’m all but shoot them too ok so we’re OK
alright so far so good no one saw anything we just killed
random people and that’s all set now let’s look and see if we can find out
where the key card is there’s the badge ok so it’s in that room near the front
and well hopefully so it’s hey I’m coming this way I’m
saying so I’m gonna kill up here no room so I’m gonna pick this lock so I’m
watching ok and then let’s see if I can find out where the security guards are so it might even make sense for you
actually since you don’t have a sense or stolen you can walk in here alright so I
go in and tell me look for the Casa dudes I thought that he might come out
here so that’s ok because you’re still in your um all right look tell me if I
need other security guards coming alright that’s a full store down here is
there anyone in the rooms upstairs I’m looking no one in oh how do I have no
more bags no wonder that room here ok there’s no one in these rooms no I
think I mean someone’s gonna come ok unfortunately I don’t make bags to move
nobody killing you it still nope maybe I guess yeah I need a keycard wait
wait they don’t security going that’s
security guard yes there’s one more on the floor he’s not going he’s useful
trolling divorced oh alright there should be a girl who come or do you see
it is there a security badge up here see a badge on the falling lucky oh okay
I almost got saw there almost got seen don’t we can’t do the drill yet so keep
an eye out for this security guard because they’re security guards gonna
come up here it’s gonna kind of be in a rotate rotating move security guards
behind the front dos is there only one security guard yeah there’s only one I
think you’ll be all right alright got the key so now I can disel
disengage the alarm all right so now there’s no alarm security orders that
you went to the back you know which back in sit down there don’t man
alright so come on come to me right and now like put on your your gun and your
mask alright and now we’re gonna go in and we’re gonna shoot the cop and then
we’re just gonna scare all the civilians alright ready yes alright let’s find
where he is where is he oh there’s another security guard
somewhere oh no we I forgot we have to answer the
pager so whenever you kill a security guard yes you have to answer no
something sauce damn it so civilians outside can see what’s
going on – which is what happened they did be subtle about it just call right
cell now we’re gonna have to get all this money to a van but unfortunately
the Vans now farther away because jumpy yeah yeah so I was bag up everything so I shoot it and then hit F on it and some
stuff will have to be bagged or at least you can tell us I’m pretty far but now I should throw a jammer on there too
when she called yes I forgot I could have done that almost we almost did it do we know where the van is yet
no how long period you okay so this is one of the missions where you can make
so much money you don’t get a lot of experience but you can tell let them
steal our bags car should comes pretty soon I think so steal and secure the jewelry so that
the truck must be somewhere because we only have to get four
yeah I think let me see where it is friends coming to everything I guess we
just like he’s a guy to kill enough people I got comfortable I just had to
take a little bit of time I think all right so let’s get the bags over there oops let’s just fill those bags and then I’ll
throw them back down to the middle if you can keep running room is a shield and we own them all oh shoot at the cavalry over here I should be able to head to you in a
second there’s two more bags to bring to the middle and then I can help you over
there of course have no yeah hey there’s a shield all right last bags so let’s just head
over and stay in the thing all right let’s go just stay in this little square
there we go we almost get pulse we almost got it and still so we made let’s
see how much money we made this one 411,000 I was just office a jewelry
store robbery and a similar amount of cash but a much quicker mission so you
probably won’t get nearly as many levels maybe Oh jump like 16 or 17 let’s see so you’ve a lot a bunch of items and
weapons moving on up hilarious so we don’t have the choice password yeah yeah
16 all right 16 so this is also how you unlock some like
the action will add on stuffs so like you know you can’t the silencer and like
you’ve extra clips and all I can kind of good stuff
oh good yeah maybe we call that here alright we do two missions
you played payday 2 which you haven’t played a long time what are your
thoughts oh yeah it’s fine I mean yeah especially you know a little bit more
practice and the you know stealth and stuff now that I have you know basically
once you have an idea of what you’re doing the first time around it’s a lot
easier and yeah that’s like I immediately recognize that mat once that
was on it and yeah that’s a classic so uh so yeah yeah definitely I could see
you know the you know the roleplay like you’re the stealth guy or that you know
I could definitely see that being very appealing and sometimes if it’s like a
really hard one well price of a okay I’ll go fully decked out but just hide
in the background and if you guys fail the stealth then I have at least you
know armor and ammo and guns in case it gets crazy like so um yeah well this one
playing this week it was fun yeah any uh you excited for any new upcoming games
god July us are dead there’s not that much coming out at all I mean you know
all the stuff I’m looking forward to is way in the future like cyberpunk and
stuff so so what oh yeah yeah yes what are you uh what I mean I guess you you
primarily play pub G no be- non plug G what is the game you are playing the
most right now I’ll be honest with you I mean Elder Scrolls online as I just made
my sorcerer 50 yeah so that’s my third level 50 wood and I have like 300
champion points so which means you know I yeah it’s basically in time but now
that I’ve done that I’m like man but that was always kind of the idea so I
can kind of relax now cuz I’m at the lower once you max how you can just like
okay like put that for an energy into maxing out and then it’s like okay yes
I might want to you know well this is a PC when I was thinking about what it is
on PC I was thinking about playing hollow Knight which you know has gotten
a lot more it’s getting a lot of attention against this it’s a bat out on
the switch now but okay it’s been on this team for a long time yeah I noticed
I was looking at your twitch account or your steam account so you have
Battletech mmm did you end up Lane it or no I no I did not just curious
yes and we’re gonna do it for the show about half way I think through the game
I got it I got to put some more time in there uh-huh
and I feel like I want to I want to see that one through I do enjoy that game
actually uh-huh yeah alright well with that why don’t we say
goodbye and have a great weekend everyone all right
yeah thanks for joining us sure we can alright part two

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