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Here’s a little secret I’m gonna let you
in on. There’s a lot of blogs out there that focus on personal finance content,
and they talk about how their content is “free”. So that content is free, but the
reason it’s free is because they’re making huge commissions off of the
clicks that you do on their website. So if you click on someone’s website to say,
a lender to refinance your student loans, you are giving that site probably
hundreds of dollars, or maybe even more in some cases, to refinance your student
loan, and basically because they put that link on their site so they get paid for
doing that. It’s kind of a form of advertising. It’s called affiliate
marketing. And the secret here is if you were refinancing your student loans, you
could get a cash back bonus of $200 to, in some cases, $1,000 just for refinancing your student loans. Why don’t more
companies want to give this to you? Well, let me let you in on a second secret.
The reason is because if you give a cashback bonus to someone, you have to
take that out of the payment that you get as the website for actually
sending somebody to the place to refinance. So for example, hypothetical
example, let’s say I have $400 to work with for a
student loan refinancing. Well, if I give you $300 for
refinancing your student loans, then that would mean that I would get $100.
So my profit for every student loan refinancing thing that happens in this hypothetical
situation is $100. Now let’s say I am a big personal finance blog. I
talk up how all my content is free. I give you free tools. You can use my free
calculators and resources and “refinance your student loans here”. So they don’t
mention anything about refinancing bonuses. They list a bunch of terms and
conditions about the interest rates and they give you ranges and they go into
great detail as to what kind of cosigner you have and what kind of people that
could refinance and they go into a bunch of reviews for these companies, but they
don’t actually list any cash back bonuses. So that company that might have
the $400 to work with would instead of giving you
$300 and keeping $100 they would keep all $400. So they would make four times as much
money as the website that gives you the cashback bonus. There’s huge
money in this. It’s a very very profitable enterprise to have a lot of
student loan related blog posts and to give zero cash back bonuses back to the
reader. That’s not what I want to do at Student Loan Planner. My goal at Student Loan Planner is to try to negotiate the very best deals that i possibly can, so
that you benefit. That’s why if you look at our website at
and you click on “Refi Bonuses” in the menu bar, you’ll see cashback
bonuses anywhere from $200 to $500 and they’re all over the place, but they
really go up pretty high. And the reason for that is whenever I try to, you know,
increase my volume and whenever I get a good month or, you know, the
lender is saying, you know, “would you like to get a bigger commission?” I try to
negotiate a deal where I’m taking care of you. Where I’m getting you the one of
the best cash back bonuses that I can get you. You know, sometimes there’s gonna
be websites out there that have better cash back bonuses than I do,
and I understand that’s a fact of life, you know, some websites might have an
exclusive deal, they might have a special relationship, they might have an audience
that is super high debt balance, and so they’re able to get a better cashback
bonus through their links. You know, that’s usually not the case though. I
mean really, the Student Loan Planner refinancing bonuses are really some of
the best anywhere on the entire web for for any category. So that is why I’m
passionate about it, basically. I think that it’s your loans, it’s not my loans,
right, and so if it’s your loans then I believe that you’re the one that
deserves, you know, most of the economics in most of the cases to get a cash back
bonus and try to get the best deal possible. So, you know, if you wanted to
refinance, I’d be honored. If you would use our refinancing bonuses on our website All you have to do to get it is you have to
make sure that you never applied previously to that lender, and if you did,
you can use a new email address to make sure that you’re actually getting tagged
properly for that bonus. So just click on the refinancing page, click on the bonus,
start a new application, and you will get tagged for the refinancing bonus. If you
do end up going through that lender, then within usually somewhere between two
weeks to thirty days, you will get that cashback bonus deposited into your account that you linked up for your auto pay. So,
the reason that I’m so passionate about this is so many companies out there, they
do not want to take care of you, they want to take care of themselves. Student
Loan Planner is different and that’s a passion of mine to make it different. I
want you to get the best deals. Get a cashback bonus. You should demand one. If
you didn’t get a cash back bonus and you refinanced already, I’ve got good news:
you can refinance again. You can refinance as many times as you want as
long as you’re getting a better deal. So, check out different lenders that
we’ve got on our site, probably some you’ve never even heard of, and see if
you could get a cash back bonus for refinancing your student loans today. I want to show you about refinancing student loans and why the cash back
bonuses are so sneaky. So, I’m gonna go into Google, and I’m gonna type in
“refinance student loans” and just see what Google tells me. Okay, so, you
know, got a bunch of ads, that makes sense. These are probably banks that are trying
to win my business, right? So I’m gonna skip these ads. And, well actually
maybe I’ll click on one, okay. “Ten best student loan refinance”. So I’ll click on
this and see what they recommend. So, okay number one.
Credible, “visit site”. all right. Earnest, “visit site”. Common Bond, Splash, SoFi, LendKey, Laurel Road, wow they have a lot of different partners, wow.
You know, that’s great, right? So they’re recommending all these
partners. So let’s let’s click on the “visit site” and see what they give us. And okay two minutes, “get my rate”, okay. “Trusted by thousands of places”, so, you
know, nerdwallet, credible, lendedu, credit karma, all these different places.
So, that’s all well and good, but think about this: nowhere on this page is there
any mention of a cashback bonus. Oh, look at this.
“Disclosure: We receive advertising revenue from some partners.” Okay, “Learn More”. “These are our partners…we offer premium or additional placements on our
website…partners may influence their position on our website… we may receive compensation…” So all
these different things, right? So okay, well, you know, we know how it
works, big whoop, right? Maybe that was just that one place
because it’s an ad. So let’s click on this one. Second one on the list of
refinancing. Maybe this is different. Okay. We’ve got rate ranges, we’ve got
different variable terms, different eligible loans, okay. So this column says
the exact same thing for all this. This column says the exact same thing,
right? And this says mostly the same thing. This says the same exact thing. So
really this information is not telling me anything. It’s just basically designed
to get you to click. Okay, so let’s click on this one. Maybe this is
different. Maybe this will give me a cashback bonus. Okay, and no cashback
bonus. Okay let’s look at another one. How about this one. I’m literally just going
down the list of different places they want me to refinance. So again, they give
you rate ranges. We can visit them, but there’s no cashback bonus anywhere on
here. Okay, so if we go to, we’ll see if that’s the
same. So to get here, if you’re on, all you got to do is click on the “Refi bonuses” part of the menu bar. So, okay, we go
here and, okay, CommonBond. Let’s click on CommonBond and see what they give us.
Okay. “Exclusive $500 welcome bonus”. No bonus at all. Okay, what about Earnest? Okay, $400 bonus. No bonus. Okay, I could go through this now. Some of the places
don’t actually list the cashback bonus on the landing page. You still get it. So
you shouldn’t feel, you know, like you’re not getting this necessarily if it doesn’t say this. But if it doesn’t say it on the website,
like this, you’re not receiving it, right? Another kind of interesting thing, is if
you click on, you know, a blog post and you go to the bottom of a blog post,
sometimes you’ll see cashback bonuses at the bottom of a blog post. You know, there
are places out there that will do the same thing, but instead of it looking
like that they won’t have any cash back bonuses listed because they keep the
whole thing. So when you’re refinancing, I strongly suggest that you go
through a place that gives you a cashback bonus because you deserve one, and
if you’re not doing it, then you’re basically going through a site that’s
keeping the whole bonus for their own profit. They’re making maybe three or
four times as much as we’re making and that’s fine, you know. I want to be
the Walmart of student loans to get you the best deal. That’s my goal. I don’t get
really excited about making huge commissions off of things. I want to get
you the best deals that I can try to find. Now, I’m not gonna have the best
bonuses like I mentioned every time, but, what I can promise you is I’m always
trying to fight for you and your interests. That’s my goal. That’s my big
focus, is you. Now, hopefully you know, hopefully you kind of see why the
student loan world is a little, you know, sketchy out there, and, you know, a lot
of these sites will kind of hide behind reviews, and free content, and
different kinds of things to distract you from the fact that they want to keep the
entire bonus for themselves. So don’t let that happen
when you don’t have to. Get the refinancing bonus and maybe take
yourself out for a nice dinner, or better yet, pay down some more of the
principal balance so you get outta debt sooner. And keep in mind when you
refinance, once you can refinance again, every time you can find a lower interest
rate and you can pick up an additional cash back bonus, it’s kind of like credit
card travel hacking. So, I definitely suggest not giving more money to
for-profit entities than you absolutely have to by getting the best deal you can.

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