Student Loans : How to Go to College Without Student Loans

Hello, I’m Cheri Ashwood. I’m a guidance counselor,
and today I’m going to tell you how to go to college without a student loan. The easiest
way to do this would be to have well-to-do parents that can afford to foot your whole
college education. Winning your state lottery may also benefit you, but if you haven’t been
fortunate enough to have these things befall your life, possibly saving money like a bandit
from the time you were born, if you haven’t been able to do any of these things you still
have a couple of options. Going to college is still a very viable option for you. I would
say be an academic beast. Work as hard as you can in school, get the highest grades,
be competitive. You will most certainly be offered academic scholarships based on your
academic achievement. You may also be an athletic beast, and work hard and play hard, and if
a school has a reputation in the sport that you have chosen to excel in you will more
than likely be offered an athletic scholarship. There are also several federal government
scholarships and grants based on financial need. If you were not lucky enough to be born
with a silver spoon in your mouth the government may offer you a few dollars to help pay for
your college education. There are also private organizations. Check your local guidance counselor’s
office, or college and university financial aid offices. There are hundreds of scholarship
opportunities and grant opportunities. Some may require you to write essays or fulfill
different requirements, but you can definitely go to college without taking out a loan. I’m
Cheri Ashwood. I’m a guidance counselor, and your future starts today.

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  1. kallisti8 says:

    She's so awesome.

  2. Water_Chant says:

    Wow she is bitter !!!

  3. ip maan says:

    Well I'm screwed.

  4. Ashley Madea says:

    This is so untrue she does seem bitter

  5. 2007jawz says:

    Beautiful Israelite Woman

  6. Charlie Richardson says:

    This video is so irrelevant. Most students carry debt.

  7. says:

    This lady…. If you don't have parents to pay for your degree, or have won the lottery? What the? Winning the lottery odds- One in 175 million are the odds to winning. Your an adviser at what school? I'd fire you if you made a video like this. Your video just turned talent away from trying.

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