Student Loans : How to Stop Having Wages Garnished to Repay a Student Loan

Hello, I’m Cherie Ashwood. I’m a guidance
counselor, and today I’m going to tell you how to stop having wages garnished to repay
a student loan. If you’re at a point where you’re having your wages garnished for failure
to repay a student loan, this means that you have avoided any contact with the lender,
and that their hands are tied. At this point, they require your employer, there’s a legal
action against your employer to forward fifteen percent of your income before they even give
it to you, to the lender in order to repay your debt. In order to stop having your wages
garnished, you must make contact with the lender, and make an arrangement. You have
to make six consecutive monthly payments of an approved amount. And you cannot lump the
payments together. They give you a dollar amount, for example, two thousand dollars,
you cannot send them two thousand dollars. You have to have that history of making the
payments, and making the payments on time. And then at that point, they may consider
ceasing your wage garnishment. I’m Cherie Ashwood, I’m a guidance counselor, and I hope
this works out for you.

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  1. anothaview says:

    How to stop besides agreeing to pay the Ponzi scheme push quit the current job and don't file tax

  2. Sara Rangel says:

    That was not helpful at all…

  3. AngelMac 680 says:

    Does this technique apply in every state within the US?

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