– Hey, what’s up YouTube fam? Brandon Weaver here, once again, and today we’re talking
about garnishments, we’re talking about
student loan transfers, we’re talking about is
it negative, is it not when it gets transferred. We’re talking about all
sorts of amazing things. Evictions, we’re talking
about public records, we’re talking about all
sorts of good stuff. So stay right here, hit the subscribe button under the bell for notifications so you know the next time I go live when I do this stuff for you live and in person, okay? Ask your questions directly to me. So let’s get right to
it about this negative transferred student loans, what
is it, what is it not, okay? “Hey Mr. Weaver, okay! “So I printed off my credit
reports with all the CRAs. “Every single CRA, all three of ’em, okay? “I’m also getting my disputes
and good will letters together “and I have a couple of questions “involving closed transferred accounts. “I know you say to dispute
all the negative accounts.” Which we do, we talk
about all the negative, unverified accounts, and
ask for verification. “But my first question is,
what about disputing accounts “that are closed, that aren’t negative. “For example, old secure card loans.” Okay. Student loans. I’m guessing a secure credit
card or maybe a secure loan, something of that nature, all right. “And student loans that were transferred “from Sallie Mae to Navient.” So let me talk to you
about that just real quick before I move on to the second question. If something has been transferred, it doesn’t necessarily
make it negative, okay? So late payments on that
charge off, delinquencies, that kind of stuff makes it negative. So if you’re just having Navient show up because Sallie Mae was
converted over to it, or they sold the stuff over there, it’s not necessarily negative. I actually have a Citi
card that was transferred into an American Express,
the Hilton card, okay? They had this Hilton portfolio, the Hilton was with
Citi, now it’s with AmEx. They’ve changed it. It’s not a big deal, it’s
not considered negative. It’s closed, but it’s all positive. It is what it is, okay? I didn’t really see much
of it affecting my score. So it’s not a big issue. So you probably don’t
need to worry about it. Now, if you’ve got some
negative stuff on there, you’ve got some late payments and you wanna go ahead and send out those goodwill like
you were talking about, or dispute those unverified late payments with the old Sallie Mae,
feel free, you can do that. And if you wanna maintain
that on-time payment history, you can do so. Now when things are transferred, and they can’t prove that, that makes a very nice situation for you. So you have a higher chance of probability of that stuff being
updated as positive 100%. But from what I understand
is that they are not negative and you should be okay and good to go. So, second question. “What about student loan
accounts that say closed “and they are negative?” Okay, here we go. “Closed and are negative, “but they also have the
same account numbers “on the current loans. “I have six active loans with Navient “and two of them are negative and closed. “All of them have the same account number. This is strange,” he says. “Please help me make
sense of this or give me “the best understanding
approach of this matter.” Okay, great. So, I’ve seen this before. Okay, they’ll give it the same
number and they just put out different disbursement dates, basically. Okay, they give it the same account number and then different disbursement dates get broken up into different loans. So it’s one big loan, so you can still dispute the late payments as if it was one big loan. Use the same account number, dispute the late payments., where you can get late payment disputes. You can put Unverified Late Payments under Provide Physical
Evidence on your 609 letters. You can dispute those, okay? You can send goodwill letters in, at the same time, too, if you want. You can do it at the same time, don’t sweat it. You can start with goodwill letters as you’re starting with. You can start with that, see what they do. Keep sending goodwill letters. Keep calling, keep disputing. I’ve did it all, I did it all! I’d do it all! To make sure that I got
those student loans updated. That’s how I really kept up
with these student loans, getting everything
on-time payment history. Thank goodness, right? Thank goodness, thank goodness. Or we can do it for you at Now, you’re gonna be okay. I know you’re concerned ’cause it’s got the same account number. But you use the same
partial account number on your accounts, on your letters, you’re gonna be A all right, okay? So let’s talk about public records. Let’s talk about some public records, let’s talk about some evictions, let’s talk about what you
do in this matter, okay? This is an interesting one. “Is any court involvement
a public record?” Is any court involvement a public record? “A collector summoned me a few years ago and I had a lawyer arrange something, “but the court lady said no matter what, “a judgment is against
you for not showing up.” So you got a default judgment
for not showing up, okay? So I’m not sure what your
lawyer arranged for you. I’m not sure if your lawyer
came in after this judgment, during the process and didn’t
fight the judgment properly, just tried to arrange a settlement for you and they didn’t drop the case. I don’t know what happened in
your specific situation, okay? So you wanna talk to
your lawyer about that. However, if you have a
judgment and you didn’t show, excuse me, if you had a court summons and you didn’t show up, and
the lawyer didn’t protect you and get the case dismissed,
and this court lady, I’m guessing a secretary of court, or somebody in admin at the court, or someone in a position
in the courthouse, told you there was a judgment. Now, you wanna be specific. This is pretty general, a court lady. You should find out,
these are your rights. These are your court summons. This is your life, and
your financial situation. So you wanna make sure that you know precisely who you’re talking with. I spoke with Ms. Jeanie
on such and such a date, at such a such a courthouse,
and she said X, Y, and Z is showing up on my record right now. Specifics. If you’re speaking about someone that, oh well I didn’t show up. Yeah you probably have a
court summons, judgment. And you’re not sure, and you’re not sure, you should find out from them. You can call up the
courthouse and find out what judgment is there for what and how. Okay, I need to file a motion
to vacate this judgment, which you can get at You can file a motion
to vacate a judgment. You can talk to your lawyer about filing a motion
to vacate the judgment. You can have the lawyer file a motion afterwards to dismiss the
case and the proceedings because you weren’t
given proper validation, or you settled out of court, or something of this nature. You also wanna check your bureaus. You’re not sure, you have
to check the three bureaus. See if there is a public record there. Check your LexisNexis,
pull your LexisNexis. See if there is a judgment in there, okay? You have to see if it’s in there. So, is any court
involvement a public record? Only if it gets submitted in, and it passes through,
and a judge deems it so that you are in, you know, on the guilty side, basically. And by doing so, not showing up, they automatically win. So the winners win. So, unless it was settled, take a look at those places that I
told you to take a look. The same thing with evictions. So we’ve had a customer
client who didn’t realize, in the state, they had
to give a certain amount of notice, okay? Normally it’s 30 days, but
in that city it was 60 days. But the eviction hadn’t shown up anywhere. So he didn’t have an eviction. You don’t have an eviction yet, you need to talk to them and work that out and see how they’re gonna report. ‘Cause you’ve got the letter, you know, the five-day quit notice or whatever, but it’s not an eviction yet. And just because they’re going that way doesn’t mean you automatically
have an eviction. The same thing with this public record. It’s not automatic. The specific steps have
to get, go through. So you wanna talk to them and see where they are in
the specific process of that. So if you have to pay a
certain termination fee or if you can get out of it and say, okay well I’m leaving such and such because the lease was broken because they’re on a
month-to-month, right? So actually, this was a
violation of X, Y, and Z of your lease. You’d be surprised how easy it is for them to violate your rights as a tenant. You can get, you can
find those very easily, very, very easily, okay? Very, very easy if they didn’t provide all the resources that they were supposed to in the timely manner that they’re
supposed to on your lease. So they might actually have
been the ones to break it. So take a look at that, all right? And if you need us to help
you find these violations,, okay? Now, this is another question
here we’ve got, all right? This one has to do with
notarizing letters, okay? So, this individual was
paying for another company to help them out and they
decided to do it on their own, which is fine. You can do it on your own as
well, All right, and they wanna know. They wanna know. “The company never sent out
certified mail or notarized. “They never had an issue with it, “but I wanted to know if
I should do it this round, “as far as certified mail. “Do I need to send the green
slip, that return receipt?” So I believe that notary
is very important, okay? It helps make it a legal affidavit that must be responded to. It confirms you are who you say you are so they can’t shuck and jive and say, oh well we got some
suspicious stuff in the mail. It’s usually fine, you
don’t have to always, but it definitely helps. Certified mail, I would say,
if you can do it, do it. Do certified mail. It’s very important, okay? It’s very important to build
your case, it’s very important. Return receipt is great, if you want to. That’s not necessary,
that’s more optional. But it’s very helpful to see that someone picked it up, signed for it with the collector, or you get that stamp from Equifax Experian and Transunion. All right! Let’s see, we have one
more here, ID theft, okay. I got a question about ID theft. “Filled out ID theft report and wondering “what the next step is.” Okay, so if you have your police report and you’ve filled out
your ID theft report, with the FTC and they wanna know, “Do I have to file dispute, “I don’t remember having
given them enough information “for the FTC to send the stuff over.” So, don’t ever assume somebody is going to do something for you, right? So even if the FTC has said, oh we’re gonna look into it,
we’re gonna do this and that, send your affidavit in
and your police report in with your next run of
disputes to the credit bureau so they know that you are
the victim of ID theft, and they have to have to
have to remove that stuff. Fraud, ID theft, mandatory removal, have to remove within 30 days or that’s a violation, all right? Okay, good guys, very good. Now I’ve got some more
videos coming out for you, some bonus stuff about inquiries. Somebody got all of
their inquiries deleted from Experian and Transunion, all right? So that’s fantastic. Some more stuff coming
out about inquiries. We’ve got more lives coming up, all right, so hit that bell for notifications. Hit the subscribe button. When you smash that subscribe button, put down below Subscribed Tribe. You can email me with all your questions that you might have, all right? If this video helped you
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you on the other side! Take care!


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