Students Loans Are HUGE Profit-Centers For The Government

the federal government will make a
whopping $127 billion dollars of student loan debt in the next decade
that’s because the high interest rate on the student loans now I should note thats federal student loans have a lower
interest rate than the interest rate that they they would get from banks but they’re still making a ton of money
of students anyway something that makes us senator-elect Elizabeth Warren very
very upset now I this program produces a profit
because the interest rate paid by borrowers exceeds the federal government’s cost to
fund those loans and administer the program now I should note that the total student
loan debt has actually doubled since 2007 and that’s
because tuition has increased and its harder to get low-interest loans
and also still on profits are used to fund the federal government generally rather than specific programs let me
give you a breakdown of the interest rate so you understand why the
government is making such a huge profit so the average undergraduate borrower
will pay 5.7 25 percent to borrow from the federal government
now this is in 2015 and in 2015 the interest rate actually
increases these are the increase is that we’re talking about now graduate borrowers are forecast to pay
at least 7.27 percent and parents will pay 8.27 percent now just to put things in perspective
when the Federal Reserve %uh gives loans primary loans to banks you
should keep in mind that they lend that money at Point 75 percent so if you look at
the history and the Federal Reserve giving money to banks you’ll see that
years ago it was actually the interest rate was a
lot higher was about 5 percent and then after 2008 they went down 2.75 percent
and that the Federal Reserve will make the argument that pay the banks had
issues with liquidity and we wanted to make sure that we help
them out with the short term loans up and of course the banks take the
money and then they landed at a higher interest rate to the american people so that’s a little problematic but they
will make the argument the Federal Reserve will that this is
better for the economy yeah know it seems better for the banks
including hey definitely so it doesn’t seem as short term if we’ve
been doing it since 2008 at least and it through C terrible disconnect here where they say
no it’s really important to everyone that we give it to the bank said 0.75 so they could lower back to you at 567
the wind in the middle men want you just low intermediate point 75 pay know because the banks are
trustworthy book because there be default if we just give it to
the american people or to the students right no wait a minute the banks or crash in
2008 so apparently they’re not that right so the argument will be that the
government shouldn’t shoes a the winners and losers right to choose
the bank said they give the point 75 percent to exactly this is total or scrap yen but my biggest problem with this is that
the average undergrad student takes out twenty six thousand dollars in
student loan debt now that’s the average okay so we know that there’s
turns out there that take out way more upwards of a hundred thousand dollars in
student loan debt and we knew couple bad with a 5.75
percent interest rate I mean these kids are
going to be in debt for the rest of their lives and it that really harm the economy you might
think well I don’t have the dead so who cares doesn’t bother me well first of all we can get rid of the
bankruptcy and also be can actually be part ugh an economy
where they stimulated they’re not able to buy cars and houses
in certain things that help to stimulate the economy because their their credit looks bad they have
all this debt that they can’t get rid up so now would let’s be fair so for civil at least this is a rate that is lower
than what the students would get a bank now the bank can puts all this money on
top for their own profits now the other part time it is that
there’s going to be a default rate so you can just ChargePoint 75 because
some people will pay you back and you gotta take that into consideration is made everything’s and the government
for some people says he even pay me back a your according to your income level
which a bank Private Bank of course doesn’t do they don’t care what your
income level is gonna pay whatever you owe them was a government would just
how much you have to pay our in these students for their good side so
what they’re doing there’s a reason why it has to be a
little higher than them point 75 but it is officially high now that over
the next decade they’re gonna make a 127 billion dollars in profit so now that profit summer goes back to
education as they say look that way we can get more Pell grants
etcetera but the lion’s share this goes back into the normal budget exact so
then they go great we have more money for tax cuts for the rich war wars or
whatever their portion at four right but they’re taking it out on the
students pocket and giving it to everyone else which seems a little perverse absolutely
yet then again the 5.7 is not an atrocious interest rate its like
historically thought about interest rate but when DJ banks though Eve get it so much lower there’s an
excellent case to be made by people like senator warner senator
sherrod Brown from Ohio to say there’s a significant injustice here and
also you know at last year’s senator warren had proposed legislation that
would cap the interest rate to what the federal reserve lands to
banks and of course members of Congress were buying it because they’re in bed
with these big banks course there’s the campaign funding and
all that %uh but at the same time would say all right that’s a little extreme we
don’t want that there were some members of congress that
said okay at least allow the students to refinance their loans and politicians are like no no
bankruptcy no refinancing get the hell outta here
let’s go over the students let’s make sure their debt for the rest of their
lives now course still say that this because we
want them to be responsible and if that’s the money you owed well that’s
the money you owe except of course in 2008 when the banks
were terribly irresponsible crash in tired économie and we gave them in essence when you
clued the Treasury and the Federal Reserve s7
trillion-dollar Baylor what happened responsibility that

100 comments on “Students Loans Are HUGE Profit-Centers For The Government”

  1. Lee Burkett says:

    Here's the thing:
    … the government is going to make billions of dollars more from college students than it will from transnational corporations?
    Yeah, that makes all kinds of sense …

  2. Koen says:

    And, once again – this is an often recurring feeling while watching this channel – I am glad I live in the Netherlands.

    – The government actually pays students to study. $385 a month for students with rich parents, and up to $750 dollars for the less well off.
    – Furthermore the government understands that this isn’t enough to live a luxurious lifestyle. In order to give us a financial boost, to allow us to travel during our many paid vacations, party, etc, we can also borrow money at 0.6% interest. We have to pay it back 30 years after we graduate. Unless of course, we earn enough money to do so, in which case we don’t have to pay it back.
    – We do have to pay tuition money, but it is only $2500 a year
    – Furthermore our minimum wages are also a lot higher, allowing me to earn $20 an hour, with my side job, from home

    The situation in the US is just incomprehensible for us Europeans.

  3. rockthestrand says:

    Gee, I started working at 13 y/o to SAVE for my education.  I WORKED 20 to 30 hours a week WHILE I went to college.  I paid my way, didn't have to borrow.  I also didn't have to buy new clothes, new gadgets, go on vacations, eat out, etc… as I went to college.

    Every college student I see today is carrying around a brand new $600 cell phone (probably $100 a month service), I see them eating out all the time, driving a decent car (I had no car in college).  And I rarely see a college student working.

    So I have no problem at all charging them this LOW interest rate.

  4. rockthestrand says:

    How about this question for you, if a kid gets a DEGREE, would you say he/she should have a lower rate?  Make it an incentive to actually graduate, not just go to college, borrow gov't money but never make anything out of it.

  5. Thurgor Supreme says:

    I'm really confused by the commentary here. How is a spoiled college kid who hasn't even gotten a glimpse of the real world yet more responsible than a bank?

  6. AvangionQ says:

    Making a profit off of students is beyond perverse, it's immoral.  Students will typically take longer than a decade to repay these loans, longer with higher interest rates, during which time, they are often underemployed, forced to seek jobs below their ability to earn initial experience to qualify for proper jobs ~ effectively, this is creating wage slaves out of college graduates, so you can understand why I view these banking practices as immoral.  If banks get their money from the Federal Reserve at a 0.75% interest rate, student loans should have a 1% interest rate, the difference to cover minimum banking costs ~ the US government and the banking sector needs to both find better revenue sources than mortgaging our next generation's futures.

  7. Blakken says:

    I have the same loan on my car as that Undergraduate.. Silly US.

  8. Gil B says:

    I will grad with planty of debt and have started spending less and will continue to do so.

  9. What says:

    the "government" is actually just a group of pathetic individuals who use violence and fake laws and manipulating fake economies for their own pathetic benefit at an extreme cost to the world itself. Please all individuals in banks and governments, dont be such a bunch of bottom feeding whores huh?

  10. cgletts says:

    fire everyone else and iust have cenk and ana do everything together you two balance eo out

  11. Kabloosh says:

    Yeah aren't they doing this to social security as well? That is suppose to be a program to help with our retirement yet it is being used for something other than that purpose.

  12. Carlo Adair says:

    Anyone else notice the trend to get us into perpetual debt?  I'm old enough to remember 18% interest on mortgage loans being "good deals" and 5-year loan terms for new vehicles being considered a crazy bad deal.  Now there are 12-year leases on cars, student loan debt that is not offset by income from higher education (Bachelor's degrees being the new high-school equivalent), mortgages with inflated rates by too-big-to-fail institutions, a general mass public with limited (by design) education/awareness/inquisitiveness, and the list goes on.  Newsworthy topic?  Too long-term trendy for our short-attention span conditioning?  Thoughts?

  13. ChrisT M says:

    Seek alternatives to the expensive cost of learning what someone/s want you to know aka higher education.
    Simply put, if you can't afford college, don't go into debt for it.
    The middle class is in a very precarious position. It is you who tote the biggest bills aka taxes for the wealthy class.
    Do something better for your kids than support elitism and materialism.

  14. Shirt-Guy says:

    The government loans shouldn't have interest. The difference in tax revenue between a HS diploma and a college grad, should be sufficient motivation.

    The government will allways get their money back, by taking your tax return if you are in default.

  15. ChunkOfNorris says:

    2,5 % here in Norway 🙂

  16. Adam Taylor says:

    Solution: use ALL of profit to subsidize university education. I pay $7000 per year thanks to subsidies, why not the American people.

  17. DeVante Chisolm says:

    I graduate next month. Can't wait to spend the rest of my life in debt 😀 

  18. prmx93 says:

    Oh wait, I just thought of a brilliant solution. Make these high school teachers stop brainwashing these kids with going to college and instead tell them the reality of it so that the kids who do want to go to college can make a realistic plan within their means. This babyboomer get-in-debt-graduate-get-job-then-repay-it-all bullshit has to go. It just doesn't exist any more.

  19. Ian Warner says:

    Not that I agree with ANY charge for the human right of education but at least the profits are going back to society. In the UK they go straight into the pockets of the most evil corporations on the planet

  20. Chubearishere says:

    All the time with the implication that the Federal Reserve Bank is a government entity. Stop this! The Federal Reserve Bank is a private bank with shareholders that are mostly foreign entities and their obligation is not to "The American people" but to  their shareholders. TYT, you're an information source. Please inform and not (unknowingly or not) misinform.

  21. xxRyanxxxxxxxxxxxxxx says:

    Fuck debt man, avoid that shit.

  22. Ramon Peters says:

    It's SO difficult to get a good, higher education in this country, with the way this country is set up. I guess this would be good news to the Republican party though. Seems like they want less educated people.

  23. Gilberto Contreras says:

    Its crap when I cant go to a university because of tuition, instead I go to community college. Why? Well I dont have the money for university since Tuition has skyrocketed. FIRST OF ALL I WILL NEVER EVER GET A LOAN. 🙂 All I want to do is to succeed.

  24. ghostofdayinperson says:

    The Federal Reserve is a ponzi scheme.  The government owes all students a free education and reimbursement for existing debt.  This country is far from broke.

  25. Carlos Avila says:

    I've been paying my loans for 6 years. Mine were under $20,000 initially. I can't imagine how long it would take people with $100,000 in loans to pay them off.

  26. admrob says:

    the $650 a month I pay and will be paying for the next 24 years will keep me from buying a house or investing for retirement.

    So glad I pay a higher interest rate and don't get the write off my interest the way those home"owners" do.

  27. maku gx says:

    then I thought. I dont want to be in debt. 
    So I found the same course career in Argentina for 4k a year.

  28. Lewis Pusey says:

    I have contacted two state senators regarding the issue and was just blown off.
    Funny that my representatives don't seem to have my interests at heart as this must be one of the biggest issues for college students and their families.
    I personally hold the the government and the banks responsible, any unholy collusion of both.

  29. Christopher Sudlik says:

    I talk about these issues in a book I just published, along with questions about poverty, outsourcing, automation, high prices, low wages, etc.
    Check it out:

  30. Zod says:

    Better the gov't make it than private bankers. However to compete with China, India, Russia and Brazil we should make all education in the USA free for U.S. citizens.

  31. ClipsDOT TeeVee says:

    Don't forget colleges also sell their books for $500 when you can find the same book in places like Egypt for $50.  US education is a fucking joke.

  32. Allen Worrell says:

    the problem with the student loan interest rate is that it is a bad interest rate. Couple a 5% + rate plus the amount it compounds then capitalizes and you can understand why so many students won't get out of debt. 

  33. Daniel Cailler says:

    I was in debt for $55,000 once for loans. About $40k of that was for 1 year at a Syracuse U grad program. Luckily I am free and clear now. But shit, that sucked.

  34. Mr. Oli says:

    sucks to be a poor student in america. In the Netherlands we pay 0.89%

  35. MsMommaRose says:

    Student loans are not "short term" and they are the reason that education costs have sky rocketed. 

  36. moderateatberkeley says:

    Please go take a class on Macroeconomics before making clueless statements about the Federal Reserve. But yes, as long as the government refuses to further subsidize higher education, middle-class American students will continue to fall behind the rest of the world. 

  37. Na Vrh Brda Vrba Mrda says:

    Its better for everyone but students,I mean american gov is sooo cruel that they actualy take money from their own citizens/future anstains (that is why they dont have any anstains , they have to pay them to come from overseas to fix many problems, and while every civilized country has free education,in usa students suffer , their families suffer,everyone suffers (poor ppl)

  38. Philip Havey says:

    To this we can add the idea that the government cliams the cumulated student debt as a positive off set for a totally incomprehensible budget that nobody can get a handle upon even-though a vast amount is uncollectible.

  39. Crotalus Atrox says:

    Govt's love the desperate and the gullible.

  40. Freely Liberal says:

    So the elite are now trapping upcoming generations in debt as early as possible.  A huge loss of freedom before they even begin work.  And they think this won't result in eventual revolt.

  41. KoopaXross says:

    I think it's twisted that old people who have already built up a lot of capital through work, get free money for the rest of their lives, doing nothing but what they want, while students who haven't had the chance to work yet has to go broke while doing the full time work of studying. The fact that pension money actually increase depending on how much capital you've made while working, thus locking itself for monthly payments, is also sickening  Society logic.

  42. Cronus Lord says:

    Just another demonstration of the fact that the government is not there to serve, to govern, or to administrate. They are there to rule with an iron fist. They are predators, and they don't give a fuck what the people actually think or how they suffer so long as their pockets are lined with gold.

  43. The Illuminated One says:

    ana sure likes red lipstick.

  44. The Illuminated One says:

    Khan Academy…FREE for public. Funded by Bill gates. Founded by Salman Khan

  45. The Illuminated One says:

    America, that country where a micro-cellular biology graduate is working at your local walmart or mcdonalds.

  46. Crotalus Atrox says:

    Also the federal reserve is a bunch of private banker, not part of actual gov't.

  47. romanmir01 says:

    3:31 – BUYING shit does NOT 'stimulate the economy'. Obviously the majority of USA population should have SKIPPED on college entirely, which is evident based on the nonsense like what Ana is spewing here that these college graduates keep regurgitating. The economy is PRODUCTION. Consumption is a trivial consequence of production. The reality is that there shouldn't be any central bank printing money and giving it out to ANYBODY, including banks, and the banks would not have behaved the way they did if there was no FDIC and Fed standing behind them with bailout money ready.  There shouldn't be ANY government created liquidity, because all that is, it's just pure inflation, which is why the prices for college education are going up (plus, the government created an enormous FAKE demand for these college degrees based on all this fake money thrown into the system to hand out as loans).  Most of these students shouldn't even go to college, those who would, would be paying much lower prices for it in today's age of high technology if there was no inflation created by the gov't and if there was no fake demand created by the federal reserve.

    Anyway, as always, government propaganda 1, reality 0, the complete lack of economic knowledge strikes again as is evident from TYT and its viewers commenting on this nonsensical video.

  48. EmanH2S says:


  49. ShadowArtist says:

    ilke leeches, they suck it all out and give nothing in return, NO improved education NO job creation in the US FOR graduates, making people in debt for life. Go ahead and try to suck water out of desert sand greedy f**kers, your still not going to get any water…

  50. Bankside1997 says:

    The Federal Reserve and the Federal Reserve Banks are owned by private banks.  Literally.  So lending money to their owners will have to be at almost zero percent.

  51. Elon Musketeer says:

    Government makes profit off the middle class and give it as charity to big corporations and banks. 

  52. MaJieMao says:

    Glad the government is making lots of money off student loans. I won't feel so bad about not repaying any of my loans because I can't find a job.

  53. geopa2149 says:

    After grad you can not find a job or make enough to pay up that loan and other monthly expenses!! It's horrible!! SMH

  54. Cilogy says:

    these are the kinds of stories that should be on TYT University as well, instead of "trendy or trashy" or whatever bullshit

  55. thearchitect27 says:

    Revolution time!!! American Spring time!!! 

  56. man of Christ says:

    if your a student or anyone looking to make money in order to pay off bills loans etc. please get in touch with me. i am looking for 10 to 20 people who are serious and teachable. email me at [email protected] peace guys 

  57. ssallen1s says:

    I had a student loan debt of $110,000 and paid it off a few months ago.

  58. hohnsenhoff says:

    Isn't the Federal Reserve a private institution? Can someone point me in a direction for the best information?

  59. Daniel Manahan says:

    It doesn't matter how much interest the government charges for student loans, because the real crooks are the schools taking stupid amounts of money for tuition for an education that doesn't get them work in the end.

    what we need are educational programs ran by the companies that train you for your career with the promise to work off that education and are guaranteed a living wage. we need less risk to the students who pay too much money to schools.

  60. Davis R Callaway says:

    In England you don't have to pay back student loans until you make at least 21,000 pounds a year (~$36,000). If you don't pay it off in 30 years, they just write it off. 

    Argentina, Sweden, Scotland and Norway have public colleges with free tuition. 

    Then you have the US where Student Loan Debt is over 1 Trillion. 

  61. ItzMorphinTime22 says:

    33k 🙁

  62. Fawn Strickland says:

    Doesn't the government make a bigger profit taxing college graduates than they do by charging for college and issuing high interest loans? So if college was free therefore more people attended those graduates would pay more in taxes than a homeless person and our community would be infinitely more productive and capable.

    I'm baffled by national profit motive. Don't handicap our progress for a few billion dollars. I think in order to be in charge in this country you have to have no foresight and you cannot be aware of the larger picture.

  63. endfite says:

    Thats capitalism for you Cenk you are the idiot who defends it

  64. Juan Diaz says:

    Krony capitalism at work , this is why I'm a socialist Marxist

  65. kurd55 says:

    What asshole administration decided that bankruptcy doesn't apply to student loans? Pigs.

  66. T Yousaf says:

    UK student loan rate is 1.5%, repayment is dependent on whether you can afford it!!!

  67. Funke Motor says:

    If banks were people they would have affluenza.

  68. try meout says:

    govt shouldnt be printing money out of thin air in the first place…shouldnt be in the business of funding banks or "helping" college students because I never heard that giving people debt is a compassionate act of love…but what do I know? I'm just the piano man.

  69. The Predator says:

    I don't agree with Ana. I have student loans. I consolidated them all. I am able to finance a car. Granted, the extra debt does make things a little more difficult each month. But because I went to college, I have a good job and it pays pretty well.

    I have never been late with a student loan payment, no matter how hard times have been. Actually, in recent months I have been paying double so that I can get them paid off quicker. Less interest paid in the long run.

  70. chasemebaby says:

    When I was in 3rd grade my teacher talked to the class about college. She said it was 4 more years of school after high school. I said "why would I want to do 4 more years of school?" She said because you should if you want to have a good job when you're a grownup. In 2014 more than 50% of college graduates are unemployed or under employed (considering the field they studied in). Moreover, they are swimming in debt. I seriously hope that the teachers of this generations  kids will equip them with all the  information they need about college in our current times. Before coercing  them into volunteering for more school and never ending debt. Because heading off to college is just not what it used to be. Except for spring break. That has remained perfectly intact.

  71. kharnak crux says:

    Ron Paul was right…   it was a scam.   Me going to UM was a huge mistake.   I have no degree, no co-signers, and im on foodstamps.    no bank account, no assets.   5 figure balance.   What the Fuck was that all about?!

  72. mistaseeforce says:

    They can pull my student loans from my cold dead hands…i will never pay them unless i get rich past that fugg them and my credit
    , i consolidated and got scammed and they refuse to let me pay less than 250-350$ a month for each of my 2 loans. They should a never let private companies get involved

  73. Philosopher Prince says:

    I've formulated a plan to use CLEP Tests, and community college to reduce the time and cost of my education to a minimum. I've been saving to be able to pay for it up front without having any debt.

    It's not as lofty as going to a 10-30k a year institution and incurring the debt, but I'm sure that there are a number of individuals that might be willing to consider a "life hack" type approach like this one.

  74. Leif Peterson says:

    Fuck, those Interest Rates are horrible. My PRIVATE student loan has a smaller interest rate than the Grad rate.  

  75. cne08 says:

    Everything are huge profit centers for the government.

  76. John Stoner For Life says:

    This level of corporations Fn up in the ass of government and consumers/students.
    No boundaries of reason and greediness with the banks in US

  77. Dubious! says:

    Higher education is rationed by the establishment as the one thing they fear is a fully educated voter/consumer.

  78. hallavast says:

    Where is that asshat, Mankiewics in this video? Surely he would like to come in and bash junior and community college graduates for seeking a less expensive education within the context of this video.

  79. CryptedSky says:

    Time for a huge student movement in the USA

    Pass out some red squares like in Montreal

  80. CryptedSky says:

    The answer is simple DON'T STUDY IN THE USA. Go get a degree in a foreign university and find a way to stay there, America is fucked, don't raise your family in America.

    I see a future where people flee the US in search of freedom.

  81. SciGuy says:

    The amount of loan debt I'm currently racking up will guarantee that I will be living with my parents for quite a while, even while having a job.  

  82. DdiVine1 says:

    The banks and the Government are not getting anything until their is jobs available to pay back the debt. it seems that banks and corporations are taking a firm grip on the american people.

  83. Games N' Stuff Guy says:

    The United States government…taking money from the nation's children to pay for their own agendas.

  84. Aasamapto2 says:

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  85. Kevin Burgess says:

    It's not a 'profit' center, if people cannot pay them off, either over a lifetime, or perhaps never.

  86. Finiras says:

    Dutch student loans are directly linked to the interest percentage that the government pays for the loans they take out… 0,xx interest rate ftw

  87. Anton Hopkins says:

    are you unaware of all this let me guide you the best platform its panxcash the best

  88. Derek Thomas Lirio says:

    I'm 25 years old, and since the age of 16, have worked for me. I've always given the orders, I've always been in charge, and everyone who has worked for me, has profited.  I don't care if no one will hire me as an employee if I have no degree.  I market my skill, I handle customer relations, and I have networks of affiliates.  People call me a genius, but the truth is, I just didn't go to school and follow directions.  I figured out, on my own, what I needed to do, I learned to do it, and I did it.  That's it, it's not complicated.  The federal government is a brain dead lump of submissive, self interested prepubescents. 

  89. Dev Das says:

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  90. Dev Das says:

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  91. psusac says:

    As the baby boomers retire, the youth are expected to create the productivity that will suport them.  BUT our youth are so saddled with student loan debt that they cannot sustain their own debt, much less the productivity needs of their parents generation.  So at what point do the young simply say "screw this, it's not worth wroking for a living?"

  92. Yev Redil says:

    It's 2014 and NOW the liberals are realizing the Federal funds rate is 0%? They've literally had libertarians on THIS show like Peter Schiff discussing this very problem, and only NOW they're aware of it. Liberals ARE delayed. Unfortunately they're still clueless as to what the actual problem is.

  93. MrSlowestD16 says:

    I'm not even saying education should be free – but at least loan it to students at DOUBLE or TRIPLE the interest that they provide it to banks at….why not?  That will more than sufficiently cover defaults….7.5x the interest rate is simply not required for anything but making rich men richer.  Definitely has nothing to do with anything else except greed…that'd be a decent place to start, but it won't fix everything.

  94. Rhino Lin says:

    Still, I think the 0.75% interest rate should be allowed because students need it to get rid of their debt, I mean I don't want so many people to get into a lot of debt for their lives and get stressed out and also I don't to see another great depression. 

  95. Commercial MarketPlace says:

    Getting a student loan was the BIGGEST mistake that I made in my life. In fact I am 100% sure of it beyond a reasonable doubt.

  96. Yautja Prime says:

    Moral of this story, no one should pay for education. Anyone who goes to college and pays someone to read to them is a moron. I can learn more about any subject in a few hours than weeks of classes. Those who seek knowledge, don't need a degree to better themselves. If you think college makes you a better, wake up…

  97. harsha ch says:

    2 million subscribers and 50,000 views. This is getting more and more sick. Dear youtube, please stop such acts and let the truth come out. Such acts would only discourage these people who work hard to unravel the facts.

  98. You're Welcome says:

    you guys should probably just go abroad for education…

  99. Ahmed Yusuf says:

    to do list: sue the government for my retarded loans AND find another Armenian babe to tell me what else to do

  100. shan.i says:

    They are talking about a study from 2015 but the video came out april of 2014… time machine anyone?

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