Stuffed Animals for Kids – Pay it Forward | Mountain America Credit Union

(light music) We’ve just worked together ’til she retired. Diane Gleason and Rolene Thompson are great friends and retired nurses. You have to care about people and try to help them. The women use that nursing philosophy to make blankets and stuffed animals for children in poor countries. We split this between Guatemala and Mexico. They send their creations with dentists and other organizations who go there to help people in need. They don’t have anything. These are their houses. They hear how much the children appreciate what was made especially for them. And these stories they come back and tell us are just really important to us. The stuffed animals are a symbol of their love for kids. It’s so important to have something that says, “Life can be good and life can be wonderful.” The ladies spend hours on each item that they make. I do the basic sewing and the stuffing, and she does all the decorating to make them all look wonderful. And enjoy the time they spend together. And we just have had so much fun. Just fun. They have a stash of fabric they use for the animals and they buy what they need for the blankets. Well, I love what you’re doing here. These are marvelous! So, here is Sterling Nielsen from Mountain America Credit Union to help pay it forward to Diane and Rolene. Well, we have $500 here. All kinds of supplies can be purchased with $500. Oh my gosh! And we know how to shop with coupons. Well, thank you for what you’re doing!

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