Suddath proudly moves VyStar Credit Union’s headquarters to its new home in downtown Jacksonville

[intro music] Kyle: Our organization’s
rapidly growing, and it was time to find a more suitable home
to house all our employees together and so they made the fantastic
decision to move downtown Jacksonville. Ken: The move for VyStar meant a great
deal. We have to have things very efficient. We’re dealing with the public
and we’re dealing with their money. Kyle: The Suddath team worked with us to do
a lot of stuff on the front end and the back end. Crate delivery, label printing,
wayfinding signs for the move, disconnecting the equipment,
reconnecting the equipment as well as us utilizing the Tracker platform
to be able to track where all of our technology and all of our items are in real-time. Scott: Tracker takes out all the
guesswork. It allows us to track a client’s assets from point A to point B, ensure that
everything gets to where it needs to be going and it’s tracked throughout the whole process. Kyle: I would say that that’s a key
component and I think that’s a differentiator for Suddath to be able to provide
that information and for us to be able to view how many things have
been collected, and where are they at, and are they in transit. I think
that that makes it easy for us to be able to visualize where do we need
to be and when do we need to be there. Stephanie: It was very important for it to be seamless. Our members rely on us to be there. The move
seemed to go pretty flawless and I was really happy that when I came in Monday everything was here
and I didn’t have to wait for anything to arrive. Ken: The move did not disrupt anything. It was very seamless for me and when
I came into my office on that Monday morning, everything was there waiting
for me, that impressed me the most. [ending music]

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