Super low Payday 2 config file, FPS Boost on low end PCs (Intel Celeron + IntelHD)

Look at this, look at this game… isn’t
it glorious? Last year I did a video showcasing some of
the mods you can use to reduce your graphics and increase performance on Payday 2. Before that I made a video exploring the configuration
file to improve performance on this game, but don’t watch that, it’s not very good. What is good is this, a configuration file
that will boost performance and force the lowest graphics possible in Payday 2, no needs
for mods or any other tool and I am going to test how it does on this Intel Celeron + IntelHD
combo that I have fallen so much in love with during my last set of videos. Welcome to the LowSpecGamer the show where
I explore ways of reducing graphics and increasing performance so they can be played under the
minimum requirements. And on this episode, we are getting back to
Payday 2 to update the configuration file and get the game running. To start, this video is possible due to this
thread in the LowSpecGamer subreddit, so thank you Tak_Riuto for sharing his configuration
file. The configuration file is linked in the description. To use it all you need to do is to navigate
to your configuration file located in your hidden appData (don’t forget to enable hidden
folders), local, payday 2, and the file is called render settings. Inside this file there is a section called,
once again, render settings which you need to substitute for the one I have left in the
description. This will drop all settings to their lowest
possible level, disable a bunch of effects and lights, and also drop all texture quality
to ridiculously low levels. Let me show the effect this had on my intelHD
test setup. Woah. Ok, I just got dr- Oh, that’s in- woah! Now this is something. Well I’ve certainly never seen the game
like this before. I have no idea what’s going on, I literally
have no idea what’s going on, this looks like a complete different game. So, this is Akemi. You might have seen her name in previous videos
and now she’s a moderator for the Discord channel that you should absolutely join. Oh god, this isn’t going to go well for
anyone, isn’t it? My god! Look! This is fantastic! This is- you can tell a lot about the game
based on the quality of its trees and those are top notch, that’s really impressive. Wow, Akemi is just… hey, leave some for
me! Oh ok, now the party gets started. Oh god! There’s so many of them! Oh god, god god god god. Oh no no no no no no no no no no, this is
not how I die, this is not how I die. AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHH Yeah, while I’m suffering here, Akemi is
doing all the freaking job and just getting all the money. So many! Ok! Let’s go, let’s go, let’s go, let’s
go, I’m right behind you! Ah run! Run for your lives! Run! Well, that’s insane! That is all for this short video, thank you
to the people in the subreddit contributing to this video! And to the Patreons who donate and you, for
watching… I will see you all in the next video.

100 comments on “Super low Payday 2 config file, FPS Boost on low end PCs (Intel Celeron + IntelHD)”

  1. LowSpecGamer says:

    Thank you to Akemi for putting up with my panic and helping me record this. God do I suck at games

  2. occho uc says:

    I have use this but in a night hiest is very dark i can not see anything

  3. potatooou says:

    is this a new roblox map?

  4. zech wawaw says:

    what the hell is he opening with

  5. Fettuccini says:

    Once I find the local folder, the only things that apear are: avg Microsoft and Temp no payday 🙁

  6. TalesFromThe Wasteland says:

    My processor runs at 2.60, .30 better than recommended. Should i still buy the game?

  7. Shampoo Para perros says:

    hello I wanted to ask you if you could help me with a problem in the game because: the textures do not load and everything is white or black depending on the map and that makes it impossible to play it could you help me with that? thanks for the video

  8. Fake Name says:

    1:00 Dickbutt…

  9. Gat says:

    Try it on death sentence, with the amount of enemies its gonna be useless

  10. Panda says:

    you mada the grapichs soooooooooooooooooooo bad that my interface dosen't even load

  11. Lil Blyat says:

    Oi, if my pc can run it and yours can’t, your pc is a bit too much low spec.

  12. GAMER 2GHOST2 says:

    Might be offtopic but i wont be banned from that game for using this tweaks :/ ? will i .I am pretty new to online gaming so this kinda thing is unknown to me .i really want to play it on my celeron or labeled as cheater in red letter will i?

  13. Zaki Munaan says:

    Did anyone else saw there was a folder called Dickbutt XD

  14. ChickMoonwalker says:

    Thanks 😉

  15. Primasbt says:

    I cant find the files

  16. anthonyisawesomea says:

    it makes it look like roblox

  17. Sate Gera says:

    The options just reset after pasting the settings,does anyone have their render settings with these config options? I need a link since it resets every time i try

  18. Clantick says:

    this is roblox

  19. Alejo says:

    Still works today?

  20. Mysta Sticks says:

    What software did you use to open that xml document

  21. Mysta Sticks says:

    Help everytime I change it it keeps changing it back to default

  22. Jaroslav Jancik says:

    my game does not start with this config help please

  23. MAX Max says:

    1.4GHZ, Sirven?, con 4Gb de ram

  24. TheSovietWolf says:


  25. Murat Mustafa Kardoğan says:

    It not work but i give a like.
    I see nothing in the game. but i see my character.

  26. Djalil Free running says:

    now i can't lunch my demo :'( whyy

  27. Raul says:

    Why won't it work?

  28. Boosted Animal says:

    300 hours playing like this i love you

  29. docler says:

    Does it work for AMD?

  30. Gremory says:

    what do i have open the file to be able to change it? Also, I dont have as many options on my file. It only has the max_anisotropy, texture_quality_default, and shadow_quality_default. Not nearly as much shown on video

  31. Fluxy says:

    how to you showing fps?

  32. Shocked the Hero says:

    Could you please explain how to actually do it? When I open my render settings, it just shows
    <variable value="1" name="max_anisotropy"/>

    <variable value="very low" name="texture_quality_default"/>

    <variable value="very low" name="shadow_quality_default"/>

    I can't edit it, either.

  33. Poot Is says:

    can you make a follow up to this video? i'd like to run the game at like 1 higher than 800 x 600

  34. TEX - NİNE says:

    you have a good pc my pc is trash can
    cpu :amd a9-9410radeon r5 , 5 compute cores 2c+3g 2.90 ghz
    ram :8gb ram
    display card : amd radeon r5 graphics

  35. lolkill777 says:

    dontcha think you went a lil bit "overkill"

  36. Míttơ Sơn says:

    How to setup it on game ?

  37. iInkies says:


  38. dre2fresh says:

    i though that was my wifi lol

  39. Lawrence Villasenor says:

    One question r u on drugs?

  40. Trey Brown says:

    6 gb 4 useable 🙁

  41. Royalty says:

    1:01 LOL dickbutt

  42. SabaGamer Tv says:

    even with this mod i cannot have 30fps 🙁

  43. Lucas m/ says:

    it doesn't work :/

  44. Miguel090497 says:

    Thank you bro <3

  45. Amin Ali says:

    for people how want more fps, Just change the resolution to 512 384. This make my game goes to 128 fps

  46. suga says:

    Pay day the heist pls

  47. Repoio says:

    how open the archive "Render_setting.xml" 🙁

  48. Tony says:

    for some reason, it does not save me the changes

  49. jonas meincke says:

    how do i make it normal again 😛

  50. Ân Phan Gamer says:

    Can i play on my laptop with I5 processor and 4gb ram?

  51. Eric says:

    Lol I just tried this and it won't even load the menu

  52. Nacla mek says:

    Payday 2 Nintendo 64 edition

  53. Sekrit dokument says:

    man! look at the highly detailed cars! man this looks cool! also the suit. it looks awesome! even the van! so detailed and colorful!

  54. Evan Ureno says:

    I cant wait to play payday on my laptop.

  55. Maxime33102 says:

    I always have 18 fps help

  56. Just Jas says:

    Can you please do new video about payday2 update pls

  57. The One And Only Cheeki Breeki says:

    0:40 why were you playing with a cheater? why?

  58. Vinson Li says:

    What do I do if I only have the renderer settings. Xml and not the renderer settings. Sml?

  59. pcandpsplayer International Gaming says:

    My PC covers the all the minimum sys requirements and almost all the recommended, but playing it is still shitty.

  60. Juan Lizasoain Ren says:

    Dude you are a legend

  61. Juan Lizasoain Ren says:

    Your work should be put on the news

  62. Juan Lizasoain Ren says:

    Which gen of intel hd did you use?

  63. Caillou Real No Fake says:

    Thank u man, my computer has a Intel HD graphics 520 and everytme i play the game, overheats itself and i'm very angre because that, but you are making me happy again with your tutorials to tweak the games

  64. Matias Lovato :3 says:

    Ami el menu del juego, las armas y todas las texturas se me ven Blancas, tengo las texturas bugeadas :,v

  65. ShadowDyeman says:

    I was able to get the file working and got a pretty decent FPS boost. However, I can't recommend this file to people who like to try to do stealth missions. With the changes made in the config file, it makes it nearly impossible to do some stealth missions because some of the textures just merge into each other making it hard to spot guards and cameras even if you right next to them. Another thing to mention is that I did this one mission with a guy where we were supposed to rob some sort of art museum and I kept walking through lasers I legit could not see at all thanks to something in the file. we restarted like 5 times before the guy kicked me. I know this video is well gone and done now but I would like it if someone could look into fixing this so we still get a decent FPS boost but can at least tell the difference between a guard and a plaster wall.

  66. Empanada Cósmica says:

    Hey when I put the renderer setyings and save it it dosent save

  67. Appleseed702 Tc says:

    I’m on Linux plz help

  68. Deryanurdarcan Darcan says:

    can't see the config file on pastebin

  69. TeeQho says:

    wat thats roblox server ?

  70. Monkey Killer says:

    Looks like Fortnite, but way better than Fortnite.

  71. Nightmare says:

    I've Tried It & Then The Game Won't Start At All ( I've Been Clicking On The Play Button Like Twenty Times & Still Nothin' )

  72. Toddrick Metzger says:

    0 difference whatsoever

  73. Kerem Oyunda says:

    Thank you LowSpecGamer, Very Cool!

  74. Fusion64 says:

    i miss watching the low spec gamer, but now i have a beefy pc, nvidia gtx 1080 ti, intel i7

  75. the one and only duck says:

    it looks like a game that was made by one person and just got greenlighted

  76. EndermanGamer says:

    i dont have the "ssd1" folder

  77. Link322kp says:

    The ducky kid pirated the game lmao

  78. B4shar says:

    8GB DDR3 is a medium PC a low end Is like 2GB of RAM

  79. Namou King says:

    It didnt work for me:(

  80. Jack The Knight says:

    you can play payday 2 on the lowest settings, trust me

  81. Watermelooun says:

    this config actually makes some missions impossible to pass. as the golden grin casino, you can't see the numbers from the briefcase.

  82. L4wless174 says:

    want my old i7 8700k? i feel bad for u

  83. Jpixel says:

    thanks, now my game won't open

  84. BFGmaster says:

    I just used Radeon pro and boom

  85. Matias Lovato :3 says:

    Lo unico que no me agrada mucho es que se vean los personajes muy oscuros en la sala de planeacion xdxd

  86. BillyWilly says:

    Intel(R) Celeron(R) CPU G1820 @ 2.70GHz 2.70GHz
    6GB Ram
    Windows 7
    Nearly 1TB of space

    Is it good enough to run without this crap?

  87. Паскаль Паскаль says:

    Thaks, worked

  88. splasheyyy says:

    I can't find ssd1 and I enabled all the hidden files

  89. BEST LOSER11133 says:

    does this work on demo ver

  90. sonico geimipleis says:

    ps1 payday2 port? cause i think yes XD

  91. Darkness says:

    1:00 There is a folder named "dickbutt"

  92. Advent Chandra says:

    When i try to open the render settings file it didnt open like yours did, it opened notepad how do i get it to open like yours?

  93. simpel says:

    good my game is completely broken now, menu won't load and if it is it will only load my low end character and not the lines, i love these shits

  94. MetehanGamer TR says:

    My potato now can run this game

  95. Coolkiller 71 says:

    what to do if you dont have ssd1?

  96. California Highway Patrol - Santa Cruz Police says:

    It will refesh all of your setting you copy in Render_Settings, so dont forget to copy and paste it again and again each time play

  97. 루푸터 says:

    I can't find renderer_setting file in my computer dammit.

  98. Sans says:

    this config turns out all lasers for every single map, and weapons. how do I fix that? because I can't see laser that I put on my weapons and like for an example, you can't see lasers is art galerry and you accidently alk through it.

  99. Eleazar Garcia says:

    but if i downloaded with steam :(, does that folder exist?

  100. BFGmaster says:

    Doesn't this core use only 2 cores?

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