One hundred videos for the Latingo Community!! Thank You! Using my time. Please use your time And believe me, you will see The difference in your life! So we have about five minutes of traffic So we can talk about what a day, the weather or what not…or…. I can find Giselle’s profile who is following me through Latingo View profile And look what I learn, she also went to Queens College Me too…so now we have something in common. BOOM Message This is a great opportunity to network and get connected with her, look: Hey Giselle, How are you!? I am so glad that we are fellow alumni of the CUNY community in New York Thanks for following Latingo, Greetings And thank you for giving me the chance to add value in your life Bye, Hugs!! … BOOM Connections, connections, connectionsss!! SENT, BOOM, and now, we have arrived. So we are at SURA Which is one of the biggest companies here in Colombia (Insurance), so I am really excited And… we are ready… With this bamboo…. How are you not going to feel ready for a business meeting! Look at that beauty we have here Don’t you think? Its super We are here, at SURAMERICANA Lets Go This is great! How are you?? Good than you Hey Carlos How are you brother? So we are filming this documentary of my trip here in Colombia, will it be cool if my camera man follows me? Or is there a problem? Because it is, there is no problem with that Perfect do not worry, we will only film the entrance and he will shut it off. That is ok So we cannot film in here, this is a super private meeting!! So here in Colombia, there are a lot of Businesses that are thinking the right way In the future of Storytelling. This is one of the best, most prestigious here in Colombia, one of the top recognized brands And the conversation we had here has taught me that Colombian Entrepreneurs are on the right path And for that I am ecstatic because They are thinking exactly the way they should in the importance of storytelling And the importance of a professional and personal brand In a company that is already a leader brand in this country And that also has the capacity to be a global leader So I am super excited about the opportunitties arising For the entrepreneurs watching this show I want you guys to also think about how you are telling your story, The story of your business Because this is super important… I want you guys to think in: The attention that your audience and your public is putting on your story/message And if that message feels a little outdated or.. That is lacking a little emotion You have to start thinking on how to improve that message And how can you add more value to your community In a way that you think out of the box Because that is…: Something that has to be done if you want to be relevant in this new economy. PLEASE SUBSCRIBE AND WATCH ALL LATINGO LIVING EPISODES!!!!

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