Synergy Credit Union – Building Relationships

It isn’t always easy running a business. While an owner’s everyday concerns may be related to customer service or staffing
or any other number of issues, aligning yourself with the right group of
advisors is key. When choosing the right financial advisor there are a number of
factors you may want to consider. It’s important to consider an advisor that
understands your business and is there through every step of the operation
right beside you as part of your team. We know how important our business owners
and entrepreneurs are to our region. We can help guide you through major
decisions. Additionally, we’re able to provide lending services on both sides
of the border. When you work with a Synergy expert it’s about more than just
spreadsheets – we consider every factor that goes into your business and come up
with solutions that make sense for you. If you’re just starting out we often
partner with local organizations to combine more services, such as the
Regional Business Accelerator in Lloydminster.
We can provide guidance when developing your business plan, which covers
everything from personal information and applicable employment history to
research on who your suppliers might be marketing plans and who will buy or need
your products or services. Your business plan will also include cash flow
projections, which will help identify your financing needs today and into the
future. If you’re still in the early stages,
generating cash flow is an issue we do see really regularly. It’s just because
of the nature of growing a business. We can help develop a strategy to balance
cash flow. If your cash flow is strong we have a number of options for you. To be
sure we cover all the bases, we regularly work with owners other advisors like
their accountants to help. We can also assist in plans to increase assets to
keep up with your expansion. We understand that there are several
factors to consider when determining the best timing to grow. When you’re ready to
expand we can help to ensure you’re in a position to have the proper financing in
place some business owners are faced with a decision whether to rent, lease or
buy. We can help determine if your business has an advantage in renting
your space or if maybe purchasing is in your best interest. We will work with you
to create a plan that attracts the best possible employees to your business. We
can develop ways to make your business attractive to potential employees,
including assisting you in developing benefit plans and RRSP incentives – then
once you have these great people in place, we help find financial solutions
on how to keep them happy and working with you. When considering your group of
Advisors it’s not just your financial advisors – your business may also require
a lawyer or an accountant, who are also part of our team. Synergy is there the
whole time, as your business grows and your strategy shifts to expansion or you
have an eye on moving on and you need to have a succession plan in place we can

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