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Myth or Fact: You should contact a lender

Myth or Fact: I can’t afford to buy a home so I shouldn’t contact a lender. Myth. Don’t disqualify yourself before you speak to a loan officer. Many people believe they can’t afford to buy a home but they can! There are down payment assistance and loan programs available for most situations. Call a New […]

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0053 Multiple Ways You Can Purchase Rental Properties

portable real estate investment dot-com a property investment guide to creating real estate income for properties priced under 30 thousand dollars hello this is Lisa Phelps and welcome to affordable real estate investments.com it’s where I give you honest and a practical guide to real estate investing at a price you can afford but it’s […]

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2018 Fair Housing and Lending Seminar

Good morning. I’m Zach Rubin. I’m the chair of the city’s Commission on Human Rights and I’m your emcee for today. So our first speaker is going to be mayor Brian Treece, so let me introduce him real quick and we’ll get the program moving along. Brian Treece was elected mayor of Columbia in April […]

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