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Can I Pay My Credit Card With Another Credit Card?

Your instincts are correct Jessica. There are no real get-rich-quick schemes out there. You could certainly get rich slowly and could get out of debt fast. Which is what Debt.com is all about, but clever loopholes for paying off your credit cards. The credit card companies are way ahead of you boyfriend, that said you […]

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How To Get A Debt Consolidation Loan By Howard Dvorkin CPA

Can I get turned down for a debt consolidation loan because I have too much debt? A reader wants to get rid of her debt but she doesn’t know how. You hear a lot of noise these days about debt consolidation loans, I even heard a radio commercial the other day that promised to wipe […]

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Ask the Experts – Managing loans and debt

Is there good debt and bad debt for a student? I’ve had letters from parents outraged that their son or daughter has been offered a credit card when they’re only a student and actually it can be quite a good idea for them to have a credit card as long as they know how to […]

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