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Credit Cards – 1st Nor Cal Credit Union

At 1st Nor Cal we may not know much about decks of cards Wait, wait! I can do this, I can do this No, that-that’s OK Pick a card any card But we know a lot about credit cards Hi! I would like to apply for a credit card Awesome! We offer a variety of […]

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Can’t Pay Your Debt? Go to Jail!

Hello, and welcome to your money 2.0. I’m Thomas Fox, community outreach director at Cambridge Credit Counseling. Too many of us going to jail because we can’t pay a bill sounds harsh. However, debtors prisons were a stark reality throughout most of history. Thankfully, the law is caught up with the times and we no […]

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Next Financial Crash: Buy Here Pay Here Used-Car Dealers

there is a must read article or series of articles in the l_a_ times this week if you haven’t read this this is this is gillette serb material for sure and easily series of articles on used cars and uh… what better place to write that than here in los angeles their legal really have […]

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