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10 Must-Know Business Finance Terms

Hi everyone, I’m Priyanka Prakash, senior staff writer at Fundera, the marketplace for small business financial solutions. Whether you’re getting the hang of balancing your books, analyzing financial statements, or applying for a business loan, there are a bunch of business finance terms that entrepreneurs need to get familiar with. In this video, we’re going […]

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QuantyPhi – Balance Sheet Optimization for Credit Unions

You talk to any credit union, they talk about how many hats they wear. We’re all busy. As credit unions have gotten larger and more sophisticated within their portfolios and their balance sheets, their needs have changed. They may not have the level of expertise on-hand that they need to optimize their entire balance sheet […]

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Customized Benchmarking Leads to Higher Credit Union Performance

Your credit union is unique. It has its own unique goals, financial constraints, and membership composition. It serves a unique geographical area, serves up a distinct palette of products and services, and individually evolves as times change and member needs change. Your credit union is unique. So why use generic guidelines and guide posts to […]

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