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New Money (2019) – Jim Rogers Full-Length Documentary Bonus Interview

Here is a glimpse of China today after years of lightning fast growth. Investing legend Jim Rogers has been here all along and watched that explosive growth happen firsthand. First came here in 1984. I was terrified because I’d been listening to American propaganda. The Chinese were evil, vicious, dangerous, bloodthirsty people. Didn’t take me […]

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Why is the CHINESE Economy ADDICTED to DEBT? – VisualPolitik EN

We can´t hide it, here at VisualPolitik we love Asia, and that’s partly because, we believe that the world’s centre is already on this continent. But in the last few decades, one country has stood out of the crowd, and that is China. For its huge size and the speed at which this country is […]

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China: facial recognition and state control | The Economist

Improving lives,… …increasing connectivity across the world. That’s the great promise offered by data-driven technology. [Protests] But in China, it also promises greater state control and abuse of power. [Protests] This is the next groundbreaking development in data driven technology:… …facial recognition. And in China you can already withdraw cash,… …check-in at airports,… …and pay […]

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