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Mark Cuban’s Top 50 Rules for Success (@mcuban)

I’m gonna give you Mark Cuban rule number one and whenever you forget this rule, you’re already out of business. There’s Nothing, you can’t accomplish in life with the right amount of work The challenge is you know, are you willing to do the work? You don’t have to look the part? I mean, I […]

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Richest People In Different Countries

Hear at the Infographics show, we’ve mainly discussed what life might be like for the extremely wealthy and even discussed some of the world’s billionaires, many of whom live in one country, the United States. But there are approximately 2,043 billionaires worldwide, with a lot of countries having at least one billionaire. China is home […]

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Bill Gates Chats with Ellen for the First Time

I am so happy to have you here. This is the first time having you on, so thanks. So I know you were nervous about the entrance. I think people feel like they’re supposed to dance. And I was really surprised because I was here earlier today for your rehearsal and then you abandoned it. […]

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