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How the British royal family makes money

There’s no question that the British royal family is wealthy. Look at their homes,  their transportation Their weddings. Their jet-setting — They live the lifestyles of the richest people on earth. So, when Prince Harry and Meghan Markle announced they wanted a new financial relationship with the monarchy… …it opened up questions about how the […]

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Hey guys, so today I’m going to be addressing Saving Marina Joyce. I want to tell you how I was feeling during the situation. I can see now that I’d changed in a way that was noticeable to you all. I did change gradually and slowly. Something happened to me which took a turn for […]

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MY AUTISTIC TWIN AND ME | Defying the Label

Narrator: Are you identical twins? Jenna: Yeah. Rachel: No. Rachel: We’re not identical! Jenna: We are identical, we are! Rachel: No! (laughter) Jenna: We look the same! Rachel: We look the same, but we’re not identical! Jenna: We are because we’re both the same age, it’s just split in two. Rachel: No, but we’re not […]

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