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Getting out of debt: [9 benefits we found]

so in this video we’re gonna talk about nine of our favorite benefits from paying off all her debt and so if this is something you’re thinking about it all about actually paying off your debt or if you need a little more inspiration these are some of the benefits that we have found and […]

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Should you invest while in debt?

should you be investing while you are in debt and there’s no black and white answer here but I want to look at four different things you should consider if you were thinking about investing but you actually have some debt and this actually is a question that came from a reader the other day […]

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How I got 0% on all my credit cards and car loans

okay this lesson is going to be an extra-credit lesson and I’m gonna talk a little bit about how we got a zero percent rate on all of our credit card debt as well as our car loans and it’s a little bit of a hack that we use and just like the lesson on […]

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