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ICBA: “Wake Up” to Credit Union Risks (short version)

[MUSIC PLAYING] With the nation’s tax exempt credit unions posing significant threats to our financial system, it’s time for Congress and taxpaying Americans to wake up. Community banks are calling on Washington policymakers to stop pressing the snooze button and open its eyes to the risk posed by the growth obsessed taxpayer subsidized credit unions. […]

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Social Media and Compliance for Banks and Credit Unions

hello everyone and thank you for joining today’s session of a bank on social I’m your host Andrew Swinney and today I’m joined with a special guest Joanna Belby She is a social media and compliance expert a Forbes contributor and actually used to work with FINRA isn’t that correct? that’s right thank you. yeah […]

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Washington, DC: Community Bank Advisory Council

Welcome. Welcome to the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau’s public meeting of the Community Bank Advisory Council, or the CBAC as we like to call it. My name is Zixta Martinez. I’m the associate director for External Affairs at the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau. Today’s public meeting is being held at the CFPB’s headquarters in Washington, […]

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