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ClearScore TV ad 2017 – Better Score, Better Deals

Wat doing? Wat doing? Wat doing? Moose! I’m just checking my ClearScore because the better your credit score the better interest rates you can get on loans credit cards and mortgages. Better score, better deals! Oh, ok. Better score, better deals! Better score, better deals! Better score, better deals! Yeah, Moose! See how your credit […]

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OnPoint Community Credit Union | Good Morning, Portland

We want to show our appreciation to the community with some free coffee for the morning commuters, and give them a chance to win a $500 Visa Gift Card. Yep. Downtown has been great. We’ve had a lot of members who have come in and say that they love having us here. They’re excited, they’ve […]

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How To Overcome Debt Problems [3 Cash-Flow Secrets To Conquering Debt]

– Debt problems. Well, they can destroy families, they can destroy lives and totally destroy your financial future. They can cause tremendous amounts of stress and leave you wondering how the heck did I ever even wind up here? In this video, you’re not only going to learn how you wound up where you are, […]

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