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A Coming Debt Jubilee (w/ Larry McDonald) | Interview | Real Vision™

If you look back through the history of capitalism, there are what’s called a debt-jubilee period. And there’s a number of people that have been starting to– Ray Dalio is kind of hinting at this. But you’re right, the left is rising and the right is rising, and the left, especially, is very anticreditor. So […]

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personal finance 101, personal finance basics, and fundamentals

this video will outline a way of thinking beyond the Paycheck that enables some more productive and less fearful approach to money we all work for multiple reasons making an impact in the world following our passions expressing creativity and of course earning a living interestingly many people are willing to talk about their weight […]

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Why The Payday Loan Debate Matters | The Knock-On Effect #19 | Real Vision™

If the Republicans maintain control of Congress, it will become easier to buy stolen goods by accident. OK. So Republicans maintaining control of Congress means that I could accidentally buy stolen goods. That’s right. “You never know who’s going to walk through the door.” Welcome to the Knock-On Effect where we start with the thing […]

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