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100 People Tell Us How Much Money They Make | Keep it 100 | Cut

– Oh, Shit. – My yearly salary? – Oh-(‘f’ sound) – Huh-uh, and even as a child your always taught don’t ask anybody that question, that’s a personal question. – Ah– – Do I have to tell you? – Well I’m not really comfortable with telling you anything. – That’s for me to know, and […]

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100 People Tell Us How Much Debt They Have | Keep It 100 | Cut

– [Interviewer] How much debt do you have? – None to my… Oh, debt. Yikes. Oh no. (playful music) – [Interviewer] You have any debt? – Debt? – Debt? – [Interviewer] Debt. – Debt. – Debt? – Uh… (blows raspberry) – I don’t have any current. – What? – Yeah. – [Interviewer] Everybody has debt. […]

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Kids Meet a Bank Robber | Kids Meet | HiHo Kids

– You know the car they bring money? – Mhm – To the bank? – Yes. – What part did you rob? The truck or the bank? – I robbed the truck. – How did you do that? – How did you know all the difference between all this stuff? – I watch movies. (man […]

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