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Myth or Fact: You should contact a lender

Myth or Fact: I can’t afford to buy a home so I shouldn’t contact a lender. Myth. Don’t disqualify yourself before you speak to a loan officer. Many people believe they can’t afford to buy a home but they can! There are down payment assistance and loan programs available for most situations. Call a New […]

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Lets Talk Mortgages | Navy Federal Credit Union

[MUSIC PLAYING] KEVIN: Hi, I’m Kevin. RASHALON: And I’m Rashalon. KEVIN: And we’re here today to talk about mortgages. MEMBER 1: What are the overall benefits of a VA loan? Can closing costs be rolled into the loan? And does Navy Federal offer VA loans? RASHALON: First off, yes. We do offer VA loans. And […]

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Top 10 most popular mortgage questions ANSWERED | Millennial Money

Hello and welcome to the latest video with Money to the Masses. As you may have noticed there is different scenery today, that is because we asked you to send in your mortgage questions because we are going to put them to a mortgage broker. Here we are, here we have Will. I’ll let him […]

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