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How to Shop Online | Navy Federal Credit Union’s Member Mall

Welcome to Navy Federal Member Mall. A great way to get shopping discounts and earn more rewards using your Navy Federal Credit Card. You can search for online deals and see the rewards you’ll earn from purchases. You can browse merchants and product categories, shop for seasonal items, buy gift cards and more. To use […]

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Navy Federal Credit Union | MakingCents: Chip Card Security

What’s the latest and greatest in anti-fraud technology? EMV chip cards. Chip cards look like a traditional credit card but in fact there’s a small micro chip on the front. Using cutting-edge encryption technology the chip offers protection from fraud by creating unique data for each transaction. Traditional magnetic strip cards store static data which […]

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Navy Federal Credit Union | Celebrating Our Members

For over 80 years Navy Federal Credit Union members have been sharing stories about their experience with their friends and families. Stories like Kelly’s. I became a member of Navy Federal in 2014 when my husband and I got married. Shortly thereafter we realized that a home we walked by many times was on the […]

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