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Credit Union Benefits

Hello, and welcome to Your Money 2.0. I’m Thomas Fox, Community Outreach Director at Cambridge Credit Counseling. In our last episode we discussed the overall benefits of using a credit union versus a bank. If you recall, credit unions are founded on the Seven Cooperative Principles philosophy. These principles, which include open membership, democratic control, […]

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Credit Unions are Different from Banks

Credit unions offer the same consumer financial services that you can find at a bank. Checking accounts savings accounts CDs, auto loans, home loans, debit cards, credit cards and more. So you can find the same kind of accounts and loans at a credit union as you can in a bank. But credit unions are […]

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Is a Credit Union Right for Me?

Elderly Man: Hello dear, looks like you are having a tough start to the day. Young Women: Hey grandpa, I can’t seem to concentrate after graduation and my new job starting soon. I need a more reliable car to get there. Most places I tried for a loan are not willing to help. Elderly Man: […]

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