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Payday 2 – PSA: Stealth: Visual Alerts

“What…what is that. Is that a gym bag… Why would there be a gym… I just cleaned… no, NO I’m not taking this anymore. Nope. I am calling the cops. Hello, is this the cops? I found a gym bag. SEND EVERYONE. NPC’s are severely OCD and will call the cops when they spot anything […]

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Payday 2 – PSA: Stealth: Noise Alerts

A proper criminal agent knows how to be silent. Your first obstacle for today, windows. Shoot them once, and the bullet will actually go through and hit targets on the other side. Shoot a second time, and you will break the window. You will always break windows on your first melee hit. (unless you bring […]

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We Are All Professionals Solo + Alert Range [Payday 2]

Today I’ll be covering more about Alert Range, a less known gameplay mechanic, and how it applies to “We Are All Professionals” solo. If we were to check online, we’ll see almost all such gameplays use Stockholm Syndrome. But without any in-depth explanation, it will be hard to replicate with complete success. And that’s why […]

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