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Bartender Won’t Serve Homeless Man Who Has Money | WWYD | PORTLAND

the city of Portland is home to more than 600,000 people but among them living on the streets and in makeshift shelters thousands of men women and children who have no place of the wrong to call home with so many homeless on the streets even open hearts can be tested and helping hands can […]

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Taqueria 27 Business Spotlight | Mountain America Credit Union

(bold Tex-Mex music) We describe it as fancy tacos and fine tequilas. Mexican-ish. (Kristin laughing) (lively Tex-Mex music) Tacos have an endless combination of things you can do, and the common denominator is the tortilla. (bold music) You can put anything inside of a corn or a flour tortilla. We don’t ascribe to any kind […]

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