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ScoreCard® Rewards Program: Robins Financial Credit Union

These days it seems like you can pay with a debit card or credit card wherever you go. Whether you’re buying online from home, buying gas, or even buying a coffee it seems the convenience of credit cards is everywhere! Fortunately, aside from the convenience, Robins Financial Credit Union actually pays you back for using […]

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How to Use Bill Pay: Robins Financial Credit Union

paying the bills is no one’s favorite activity but Robins financial credit union gives you the tools to do it easily and on time will show you how to get it set up today before you can set up bill pay you will need to agree to some terms and conditions the upper right corner […]

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Getting a Credit Card: Robins Financial Credit Union

So you’ve taken a look at how credit cards work and decided it’s time to get one. How do you do it? You’ve probably seen applications all over the place and they’re easy enough to fill out. But here’s what you should really know about the full process. Lenders consider many factors before approving a […]

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